Problem with TOTO toilet flapper

4 years ago

I've hated my Toto Ultramax toilet since I got it 8 years ago (and would never buy Toto again); among its problems is the fact that I only get one year out of its very expensive and hard-to-find flappers. (My other toilets' cheap flappers last a decade or more.)

Now I have a bigger problem: The flapper for my toilet was discontinued, and Toto replaced it with a generic one for all their models. Less than two weeks after I put it in, it started leaking occasionally. Now, after two months, I'm having constant problems with it failing to seal properly. Since this is a new flapper, I am at a loss as to what to do. Do I have to call a plumber? And what would he do?

Is there something I can do to make the flapper seal properly?

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