Do Not Buy Whirlpool AquaLift Range

May 23, 2017

I bought a Whirlpool AquaLift Range. It was advertised as a self-cleaning oven on the Home Depot website. The cleaning feature did nothing at all except leave 1 1/2 cups water in the bottom of my oven for me to mop up. When I called Whirlpool to complain I was told this was how it worked and it was a "assisted clean technology".... meaning I have to get on my hands and knees at age 61 and scrub it out manually. Even the repair tech confirmed that the feature was not self-cleaning. Right now, neither Home Depot or Whirlpool will take responsibility for this horrible product. I am livid. Any advice on what I can do would be appreciated. I would not have bought this appliance if I had known it was not really self-cleaning... and I really feel both Home Depot and Whirlpool are thieves.

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  • armjim

    Hi SEA SEA. Great seeing you here, but sad we are sharing this in common. I understand your regrets. Sometimes the good old days were indeed the good old days. Paying this amount of money for a a range with a major feature that does not work aggravates the crap out of me, particularly from a brand that for decades was very noble.


    Hi armjim,

    Sorry to find out you are dealing with this issue as well. Ugh. At least we are happy campers with our washing machines! lol I have a 2015 Whirpool dishwasher that I adore. I can't find a negative about the dw. I felt pretty good going into my purchase of the Whirlpool range. If I only had known...

    When I get time, I am planning on taking a before photo of the oven, then an after photo to see for myself if the above directions from my client will work. I'll share the results here. The problem is time. Who has time to add this into a schedule? It might be a while.

    Anyhow, I've recently taken to laying tin foil in the bottom of the oven. The manual states you can't do that--which is absurd, but this whole thing is absurd. At least the tin foil blocks my view and catches any new messes. If it ruins the oven, I really can't care anymore. I already am not allowed to use oven cleaner on it per the owner's manual, the scrubby brick is stupid and useless...what the h#ll. I'm using tin foil like a normal person.

    If you come up with any 'hacks' do post them here. Sorry you are going through the same thing. :(

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  • dadoes

    SEA SEA,

    DO NOT place foil on the bottom of the oven if the bake element is concealed beneath the oven floor. The element's direct heat radiates through the oven floor and can cause the foil to melt and/or adhere to the porcelain. An alternative is to place a large cookie sheet or disposable (shallow) foil pan on the lower rack to catch drippings from food baking on the rack above.


    Dadoes, thanks for info. Good grief. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with this news. Ok. I trust you. I'm going to the grocery today. I'll look for a disposable foil pan to place on the bottom of the oven instead. %$#&

  • jwvideo

    Sea Sea -- just to be clear, place that foil pan on the bottom rack, not the actual bottom (floor) of the oven.


    Thanks jwvideo for the clarification. I just got home with my two new disposable tin pans for the bottom of the oven. I was going to put them on the floor of the oven, but I'll do like you said--on the bottom rack. Grumble grumble.

  • dadoes

    Whew, fortunate you caught that JW.

    Don't place *anything* directly on the floor of an electric oven with a concealed bake element ... not foil sheets or pans, not silicone pads. That's essentially the same as putting said material directly onto the element. Also reasonably applies to gas ovens, which have the burner under the oven floor and may have vent slots around the perimeter.

    Damage would occur for certain during a super-high-heat self-clean cycle if the foil wasn't removed first ... but I *would not* chance it even at normal baking temperatures. The element gets red-hot during operation, much hotter than the target bake temp. Such damage is operator misuse, not covered by warranty, and the only fix is to replace the oven floor (if it's a separate section) or the entire oven cavity if it's one piece.

  • armjim

    So now the porcelain in our wall oven-which is self cleaning-is cracking. The interior itself still looks new, so I wonder about the overall quality of WP/KA. I am running an acqualift cleaning cycle on the range as I type this, which is useless. SO disappointed in these appliances.


    Sorry to hear this armjim. Did you try the Dawn scrub out method post-aqualift cycle? I'm wondering if it worked. You must be upset. In the big picture of life, these issues with our Whirlpool ranges really are not qualified as important, but it's still a sizable disappointment nonetheless, and will certainly give me (and likely you and many others) cause to not purchase this brand again. While I await the day I have nothing better to do than mess around with my yucky new oven for several hours, I try to tell myself the above sentence about priorities in life, then tell any guests that are curious about the new range that our camp stove is not available for inside viewing anymore. It's funny how with my last range--circa 1995, no one ever had a need to look inside the oven, even when it was new. This one, you would think I kept interesting curiosities in it.

  • sweettwist

    My Kitchen Aid has Aqualift, the oven just started to flame

    2 hrs ago, some element must have caught on fire.

    I have a post from 2 years ago about this Kitchen

    Aid product. Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool are the same company.

    I posted how the back peeled away on the knob area.


  • sweettwist

    I am adding a link about Kitchen Aid to this thread. This is a bit older, but more info and keep the discussion going.......


  • sweettwist

    The saga continues, my appliance center called to set a repair date for my Kitchen Aid (range and oven.)

    After asking me about how I would like to have the service done, ordering parts

    1st or examined, I said that I thought that was a strange way of asking, are not

    you and your technicians the ones to decide how? With a few more questions,

    I said I am not happy with this discussion, and I know there is a lawsuit regarding

    the aqualift method and this unit is piece of junk. OK, phone person scheduled me

    for this Friday. My warranties are good for another year.

  • sweettwist

    The link above for aqualift lawsuit does not work.

  • HU-789058947

    Is this class action lawsuit in Canada?

    I have a Kitchenaid range with useless Aqualift!

  • HU-641662138

    hi, i would be happy and do anything to get the stains off myself, I cannot even clean this whirpool oven with a scrubber, the stains go into deep to the enamel and doesn't come off and are blackish and looks terrible. My ovens before look like brand new for years when I cleaned them myself and this one after a year is ugly, glasstop is fine. I am wondering if anybody know with what I should clean it, as the stains go deep into enamel and after 5 cycles nothing works only refresh that you know you desinfect it or whatever.

  • HU-796875415

    I’m very happy to join this conversation. I bought a Whirlpool oven about a year ago and used the AquaLift a few months ago. It took three times to clean a slightly stained oven with some additional scrubbing . Tonight I made an apple pie that drip all over the bottom of the oven. UGH!! As I’m writing this, AquaLift is on for the fourth time . This is going to require a lot of elbow grease. AquaLift is terrible. And to add salt to my wound, there is a very visible drip mark between the glass on the oven door which I can not get to. I tried to use the link for the class action but it didn’t work . Does anyone know how I can register ?

    Appreciate any help or update.

  • gillc

    I am having the same problem as everyone else on this forum. We bought the stove Sept. 2017 for our new house. Unfortunately we didn't research this purchase as we usually do which I now regret after reading all of these complaints. I tried the aqua lift technology on Boxing Day after cooking a roast (we don't use the oven very often so it was not that dirty). I was so disappointed to find that it really did NOTHING! I ended up spending hours scraping, scrubbing, and wiping the inside of the stove. Today I did a live chat with Maytag who said:

    If you clean the unit yourself and then run the cycle every time you use the range and see a spill, it works great.

    I responded by saying that I shouldn't have to run the cycle each time I use the oven and also that Whirlpool should get their act together and fix this problem or make it very clear to consumers that this cleaning feature needs to be used regularly. I am super disappointed in this appliance and would never have purchased it if I had known.

  • HU-880313482

    Well with less than 1 week of normal oven use I tried the new tech....not impressed....I spent more time on my knees than the old way....and its still not clean...after dredging up the liquid in the bottom tray and using every tool provided...still not clean..hmmmmm. ...

  • sweettwist

    Late here: my oven was replaced with a new element just before Thanksgiving.

    I do have warranty coverage from my supplier. The person who fixed it said, "These ovens

    do not last like the old ones." Ha. not funny though. I will post if I find out about the


  • slivergirl

    Anyone know if there is a Canadian class action yet for Aquaclean technology -Jenn Air/Whirlpool? Gas range 2018 purchase- horrid support from company; does not clean/work or do anything but leave same spills even after 4 x by extended repair rep. Shame on whirlpool corp!!!

  • HU-227450994

    I finally got a new kitchen, new appliances. i knew I wanted a self cleanIng and ended up with an aqua clean. What a piece of junk. Is there a class action suit, should be.

  • Patti Lamprou

    Well what a cruel joke to play on the consumer. Im livid that the steam feature doesn't do any cleaning other than heat up water which then has to be removed manually .Any serious splatter or spills will not soften up enough to remove even after three cycles. You are not to use any abrasive type sponge or brillo. No chemical oven cleaners either. Whirlpool should be refunding all our monies as false consumer advertising is fraud. The only thing that gets lifted with AQUA LIFT technology is your money!!!

  • chapman_jean55

    I too hate aqualift! Does nothing to clean the oven. Wonder what would happen if I turned the temp up as high as it goes and let it bake for several hours like a normal self cleaning oven does? Has anyone tried that?

  • dadoes


    A "normal" (pyrolytic) self-cleaning oven reaches more than 900°F during the self-clean cycle. Unlikely your AquaLift oven will get that hot.

  • karinperrott

    I haven’t carefully read the posts, but my experience is that aqua lift does almost nothing. I’ve had my oven for a few years now and today I have resorted to spraying Easy Off on the sides, bottom and door. Not totally clean after 2 hours, but the grease on the sides wiped off easily. I’m applying another coat of it and think the rest, including a big baked on stain on the oven floor should come off in a couple of hours. My experience with Whirlpool customer service, regarding a dishwasher I previously owned, makes me never want to talk to them again. Future appliances will be brands that have no association with Whirlpool. Just saying. I don’t think they care, but....

  • sweettwist

    Just wondering if anyone has followed through with the lawsuit.....probably not enough money

    for the attorney's?

  • Craig Kupras

    Yup, bought a house that came with a Whirlpool oven model WFE540H0AB0 and tried cleaning the oven. The AquaLift technology does absolutely nothing. Anybody have any idea how to clean this thing without chemicals? I'm all ears.



    ^^Upthread it was recommended to me by Dadoes to place cookie sheets on the bottom rack as I was getting fed up with this uncleanable oven and going to line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil and call it a day. I was told foil on the oven bottom is not acceptable.

    I've done that and it works pretty well as far as the splats land on the cookie sheets and not on the bottom of the oven itself. The roof and side walls of the oven are going to be soiled for the rest of its life. So is the bottom of the oven as the soils that occurred before I put in the cookie sheets are forever. I'm a good cleaner and I couldn't make anything budge using the things we are allowed to clean in this oven.

    I mentioned upthread that I call this my camp stove because it looks like it is kept in the back yard and no one gives a fig about it. An embarrassment to say the least. I do like the cook top though. High BTUs compared to what I had prior, and I enjoy having the simmer burner. I use that several times a week. ...still trying to see the bright side on this one!

  • HU-108026504

    Aqua lift Self Clean is a lie and a joke. I have had this whirlpool gold series range for 2years and have been disappointed with it from the beginning. It’s white but within a couple of months the top of the oven door discoloured and is stained as if it is burnt. Whirlpool told me I didn’t know how to cook or clean. Offered me “Affresh” to clean it! The technician I had come to look at it said it’s, sadly, the new normal for Whirlpool because that

    piece is actually plastic, not metal. The aqua clean is exactly as everyone describes, useless. I’m 65 and am now back in the dark ages of spraying the oven with easy off and scrubbing for hours. Even then the dirt doesn’t come off. I’m angry at The Brick for not explaining it and not warning me as well as Whirlpool for their dismissal of my complaint and refusal to take any responsibility. The most expensive purchase mistake in my life! If I could afford it I would trash it and buy a new one but, alas, I am stuck with it till it dies, which, given the poor quality of this range, won’t be long. I can’t even sell it, who would be crazy enough to buy it with permanent yellow brown stains and I would have to be honest about the cleaning. I have more scruples than either Whirlpool or the Brick.

    julierossmyers thanked HU-108026504
  • HU-587957801

    Today was the first time I tried to clean this oven. It’s on the fourth time and still no good results. The bottom is spotless but the sides, back, top and door are a mess. I guess tomorrow I’ll get some Easy Off and try the old fashioned way. Very disappointed in this product

    julierossmyers thanked HU-587957801
  • HU-441164557

    I understand, and I think the technology that a company used in there product manufacturing. It should be understandable to user very well if the repair process is critical then we need to hire mechanic. So the company switch to design smooth and it might not need to expense if the issue is simple.

  • mradkie

    Don’t buy Whirlpool ANYTHING and that includes Kitchenaid owned by Whirlpool

  • dadoes

    Whirlpool has owned KitchenAid since 1986.

  • julierossmyers

    The class action lawsuit against Whirlpool failed for purely technical reasons https://casetext.com/case/schechner-v-whirlpool-corp No justice at all. Whirlpool knows it cannot be held accountable because people buy through a third-party like Home Depot. It is a game and cheaper for them to fight lawsuits than to make a decent product. So they continue to sell this miserable, useless technology. Because the oven doesn't heat up it can qualify for an energy savings rating. It is all a big fat joke.

  • jwvideo

    I'm not disagreeing with your opinions at all. However, your link took me to an earlier court ruling from 2017 which limited the kinds of non-fraud claims that could be brought against Whirlpool. Those rulings did not address the class action aspect.

    Did you mean to link to that ruling or did you mean, maybe, to link to the later ruling which refused to allow what remains of the case to go forward as a class action -- a ruling that can be found at this link?

    Somehow, that ruling was revised in some way. A year later (in February of this year) there was another decision about what evidence will be admissible to decide the now apparently un-decided question about class action remedies. The link to that decision is here.

    Just to make things even more convoluted, the Schechner case seems to have been consolidated or linked with another federal court class action case that was also proceeding against Whirlpool over Aqualift. A few weeks ago, the judge who now has both of those cases issued another ruling about what plaintiffs would be allowed to try to prove Whirlpool might be liable for. As best I can decipher what he said, it seems that the judge thinks the plaintiffs have the right to sue Whirlpool on a dozen or so legal theories of deceptively advertising Aqualift to consumers but that seven of their other legal theories (breach of contract, breach of warranty, and rights under couple of consumer protection statutes) don't apply to this situation. Here's a link to that latest decision.

    Something pretty similar went on for six or seven years when Whirlpool was sued over the dishwashers that caught fire. IIRC, It took seven or eight years of this kind of prolonged legal maneuvering before the case finally got close to a trial date and Whirlpool agreed to a settlement.

    That the Aqulift proceedings are so prolonged and so complicated, rather makes your point that it "is a game and cheaper for [Whirlpool] to fight lawsuits than to make a decent product.," eh?

  • julierossmyers

    If you have a more recent one great.... and bad news for us consumers who obviously get screwed.

  • julierossmyers

    Oh your link is to the Michigan state class action. My link is to a case with multiple jurisdictions.

  • jwvideo

    This stuff sure gets confusing, fast, doesn't it?

    For the sake of clarity, it was your link in your first post above which had the the link to the McEachern case which is the one that is in Michigan state courts. I completely overlooked that link and aplogize if I added to the confusion by overlooking the state court case. The McEachern case was filed about two months ago, so we probably won't see any rulings from that judge before at least another couple of months at the earliest.

    My little dissertation above was in response to your second post where you had the link to the "Schecher et al. v. Whirlpool" case. That is the multi-jurisidictional class-action case in federal court which is assigned to a Federal district court judge who also has his courtroom in Michigan. Just when you thought things couldn't get any more complicated, there is another federal court, multi-jurisdictional Aqualift case called "Danielkiewcz et al." which also has been assigned to the same federal judge in Michigan.

    As best I can decipher what the federal judge said in the published rulings in the two federal court cases, it seems that he thinks the plaintiffs have the right to try to prove Whirlpool deceptively advertises or advertised Aqualift to consumers. The judge dismissed seven or so other legal theories which were breach of contract, breach of warranty, and rights under couple of consumer protection statutes.

    In other words, the federal judge dismissed only parts of the cases. Both the Danielkiewcsz and Schecher cases still seem to be proceeding on claims about deceptive advertising.

    Just for further clarity, the federal judge has not made any determinations yet about whether Whirlpool's advertising was or is (or was not or is not) deceptive. As best I can tell at this point, it seems like there also are still open questions of whether class action remedies will be allowed over Aqualift and what kinds of damages or other remedies the plaintiffs are allowed to ask for if and when the cases ever go to trial.

  • sweettwist

    Chapter 2 of the Aqua Clean Kitchen Aid Piece of Junk.

    My info started above on this Thread.

    My door handle on the front of the oven just fell off on the left side when I was pulling the door to open it to insert food. The handle swung and scratched lightly the near by cabinet.

    My warranty with the appliance store has expired.

    Contacted my appliance store and they said it would be $300.

    My son-in-law, a welder, fixed it in 3 minutes and said this is Just Plain Pathetic

    they would ask that much. He reattached the screw by aligning the layers of

    glass and tin.(?) between the glass doors. He said the screw loosened with use.

    I may post pics, or send the pics and ask my store if that is how they like to

    treat their customers. Somewhere on my profile you can find the store if you

    are interested.

  • armjim

    I can not remember if I posted this or not, but what I have had success with cleaning this dreadful oven is with Mr. Clean Wipes. They do a decent job as long as the grime has not been so baked on that you could not clean it without steel wool. To have to use Easy-Off is just not acceptable. I don't understand why when I bought these appliances in 2017 our wall-oven has the traditional Self Cleaning feature but the slide-in-range has the AcquaLift "feature". Totally separate topic is these ovens are not properly calibrated.


    "Totally separate topic is these ovens are not properly calibrated."

    Just want to make certain, do you mean in terms of oven temperature? We have a heck of a time baking things in this oven. The temp will say whatever we choose it to be, but finish times are way off what they should be. We've taken to adding 25 degrees to whatever the recipe says, but bake time is still amazingly variable. Almost as if the temp varies through the baking process. My Christmas cheesecake took almost three hours to bake. Never in all my days....

  • karinperrott

    I suspect my oven temperature is not accurate either. I’m planning to get a thermometer today and checking

  • armjim

    Hey SEA SEA. Yes, the temperature. Like you we routinely add 25 degrees for most uses. Sort of like the reverse of using the convection. You had to of been frustrated trying to get your Christmas baking done. Like Karen posted, I have meant to get an oven thermometer and just have not done it yet.


    Hey armjim.

    Ok. It not just us then. Ugh. This oven.

  • Craig Kupras

    Take a look at the User Instructions booklet that came with the oven. (You may be able to download a copy from the Whirlpool website.) For my model, on page 8, under Electronic Oven Controls, there is a section "Oven Temperature Control" and a subsection "To Adjust Oven Temperature" that describes how you can adjust your oven up to plus or minus 30 degrees to calibrate the digital display. I had to adjust mine a plus 30 degrees. Also, I always use the convection oven. Using just the bake cycle took way to long for the oven to get up to temperature. Do a little internet search to determine which method is best for what your baking. For most things, convection is the way to go.


    Thanks Craig. On it.

  • dadoes

    No one reads the manual and people seem to by-and-large be afraid of convection.

  • armjim

    We had a convection oven in our previous home. That oven was a mid-range Kenmore; what it lacked in space it made up for in being precise. I really like our KA wall oven, and the range itself is fine. The manual for the KItchenAid gives instructions on calibrating by baking canned biscuits and timing them per the instructions on the can and then adjusting the temperature based on the time it took to bake per the can instructions and the actual time it takes to brown the biscuits. Have mercy.


    I am a manual reader and studied this one many times. It was a pamphlet so there wasn't much to read. I wonder if I only got the quick start version and not The Manual. Same for the manual for my Whirlpool dishwasher. I get more of a manual when buying a hand mixer. I threw the manual/pamphlet out recently since I've lost respect for this appliance. My old range was a Magic Chef no frills that was very accurate as well armjim. And did a proper self clean cycle. I'd like to reiterate that the sales literature for this range advertised it as a self-clean oven. Pop 'n Fresh dough...wow.

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