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Kitchen Reveal

Cheryl Hewitt
August 30, 2017

I've been holding off on my reveal until a cabinet panel was corrected and we got something hung on the art wall, but months have gone by. We are still waiting for the cabinet maker to correctly make the panel - maybe the fifth time will be the charm! And we seem to be lacking momentum with getting art selected, so what the heck! I had the day off (just returned from welcoming a new granddaughter into the world), so I snapped some pictures with my cell phone. Please forgive the lack of picture quality. I'm kind of bad at it! The wood coloring/grain looks blotchy in my pics, but does not in person.

We gutted our kitchen and dinette October 29th/30th, 2016 with the help of friends who like to smash things! :) Work started the second week of November. We were back in the kitchen mid-February, with several outstanding items uncompleted.

Here goes! So much (all) credit goes to GW for this kitchen. I can't thank you enough!

The materials list:


Perimeter: American Black, suede finish, aka leathered

Islands: Blue Ray, stained granite, polished

Cabinetry: Woodland, Caramel Stained Cherry

Range hood: Vent-a-hood JDH142/C2 SS 42", Lip treatment Finish: Anitque copper, 300 CFM

Hardware: basic modern bar pulls

Clean-up sink:

Elkay 33" x 18-3/4" x 9 1/2", E-granite, LKS35BK, Black

Insinkerator food waste diposal with Air switch STS-SOSN

Faucet: Delta Essa Collection (9113T-DST) 16" high

Drinking faucet: Brizo cold water tap, 9-1/3" high

Soap dispenser: Brizo, 2-3/4" high

Prep sink:

Elkay 16-5/8" x 16-5/8" x 8", E-granite, ELG1515, Black

Soap dispenser: Brizo, 2-3/4" high

Faucet: Delta Essa Collection (9913-DST) 14-1/2" high


Sub Zero 36" Built-in Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer, Panel Ready

Sub Zero 36" Integrated Double Refrigerator Drawers, Model: ID-36R

Wolf 36" Induction Cooktop, Flush Installation

Wolf 30" M Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven, flush mount

Wolf 30" M Series Transitional Single Oven, flush mount

Bosch Benchmark 800+ Series (SHV7PT53UC) Built-in Dishwasher, Panel ready

Sharp Microwave Drawer: SMD3070AS


Island light fixture: Parallax-Eleven Light Island

Light switches: Maestro C-L dimmers

Backsplash: FireClay Glazed Thin Brick, 2-1/2" x 8-1/8", Snow, Gloss finish

Flooring: Mannington - Meridian Stucco 6" x 48"

Windows: Pella 8'W x 4'H, and Pella sidelight by patio door

It's a long room, so first two pictures that show the basic layout.

Eating island with MW drawer and double refrigerator drawers. Ovens to the left.

The cooktop wall. Appliance garage houses our coffee maker and KA mixer.

Our induction cooktop is mounted flush with the granite. It's incredibly easy to clean.

We love this drawer under the cooktop. Our kitchen company wasn't going to do it until we inquired about the possibility. The Wolf induction cooktop has a very low profile, so it was easy to do. We needed to have the cabinet installers scoop out the back corner for electrical. They also lowered the sides of the drawer by 1/2"-3/4".

Spice drawer to the right of the cooktop.

The kids call this the Sandwich Drawer. We keep butter knives in the drawer for convenience, especially handy when making school lunches. (This drawer is directly below the spice drawer.)

Chef's drawer to the left of the cooktop. I love this drawer!
We put in an 8' wide window to brighten up the space. Our house has deep soffits, so it's rare that any room feels bright and cheery. We put in a LOT of canned LED lights, too.

I love having a single basin sink. I used magnets to hold the sink organizer in place, because suction cups won't work with E-granite.

I love the feel of the suede/leathered granite!

(Continuing below.)

Comments (150)

  • Jennifer Paul


    Cheryl Hewitt thanked Jennifer Paul
  • Elizabeth M

    I can't pick myself off the ground. I am bookmarking this. The hood, flush mount induction, the stain on the cabs, I could go on and on. Congrats!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked Elizabeth M
  • Cheryl Hewitt
    My partner posted this to Facebook and when I saw it, I thought it was an image he had found and posted for the holiday. It took me a few seconds before I realized he took the picture and it was actually our cheeseboard, in our kitchen. Pinch me.

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Cheryl, what an amazing spread! Invite me next year! LOL! Seriously, that's such a lovely plating... I bet it was very empty afterwards!

    BTW, we've all taken a vote: You're coming to all our kitchens and organizing our drawers and cabinets. I'm first. : -)

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked 2ManyDiversions
  • beth09

    *elbows 2many out of the way*

    No me first!

  • 2ManyDiversions

    No, I called shotgun first beth09! Cheryl is mine, MINE, I tell ya, mine!!! {evil laugh}

  • beth09


  • 2ManyDiversions

    ^^ Yeah, you're laughing now, but when you see my amazingly organized drawers "Drawers By Cheryl" (that's the branding I'm giving her), you'll be green with envy!

    Cheryl, seriously, you have amazed all of us.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked 2ManyDiversions
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    You two have me laughing. I hope you both had a lovely holiday. :)

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Thank you Cheryl!

    We would've had a lovely holiday... but my drawers were so disorganized I found it nearly impossible to cook. I fell into a dark despair about the time I couldn't locate my whisk... and when I finally discovered the potato peeler in the office I broke into uncontrollable sobs... we decided to eat bread with water, but the glasses were so jumbled in the cabinet I couldn't decide which to use... so we just cupped our hands and used those as drinking vessels.

    So, I'm still FIRST, right? : - )

  • beth09

    Cheryl, yes, we had a good day. I have much to be thankful for. I hope yours went well also. (We KNOW you didn't have any trouble finding anything!)

    And um, someone's nose is growin..... jus sayin.

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    2many, you may need to jump to the head of the line. I mean, the desperate living conditions certainly seem urgent.

    beth09, I may not have had trouble finding things, but I kept having to stop what I was doing to give kitchen tours to newly arriving guests. My youngest son brought his girlfriend to Thanksgiving. It was our first time meeting her. When he and I were alone he said that she and her mother both like to cook and that when she walked into the kitchen she said, "Yessss!" I think I'm going to like her! LOL

    The biggest thrill of the day though was having the Wolf CBO cook the 18 lb turkey in, drum roll, please....ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES! My sister said it was impossible and that we needed to double check with another thermometer, which we did. Done!! We let pulled it out and tented it with foil and let it rest. It was done way too early. When I carved it, it was so moist. It was perfectly done. My brother-in-law was like, you know your sister wants one now. Oops!

  • skmom
    Wow, awesome kitchen! I loved all the explanations about your thought processes. My kitchen is *almost* done, hubby has designed and built our cabinetry and he's working on some of the last drawers now. It was a complete gut job that involved removing part of a wall, moving appliances and a gas line and it was started over a year ago. (But I was completely without a kitchen at all for only a couple of weeks, I just had to deal with not having doors or drawers for a long time. Those would've been done sooner but hubby had a lot of travel this last year and took months off from working on the kitchen.) Anyways, I've gone through many of those same thought processes when thinking of how I wanted my kitchen organized and how it can stay well organized in the future when our children have all moved out. I appreciate all of the thought you've put into your beautiful kitchen!
    Cheryl Hewitt thanked skmom
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Skmom, thank you! I am so impressed with people who have the skills to make their cabinets. Wow! I bet you're loving the new kitchen. I really hope you'll do a reveal post. GW really helped me sort through things to create a working kitchen. I'm so grateful to everyone that helped either directly or indirectly by posting questions, solutions, creative ideas, etc. This place is the best resource on the web, imo. I was telling my mom's cousin that this morning. She wanted to know if we hired a designer or if I had some it myself. Answer: Garden Web!

  • beth09

    I think I'm going to like her! LOL


    My brother-in-law was like, you know your sister wants one now. Oops!


    75 minutes? Wow. That, is impressive. Wonder what a measly chicken would take... 20-25 minutes maybe? lol

  • skmom
    I was thinking I will do a kitchen reveal when it's all done. :) Houzz has helped us SO much both with this kitchen and with a couple of bathrooms we've gutted and redone. We'd done one of the bathrooms and our laundry room before I was studying so much on this site, and they're really nice, but I much prefer the ones we've done since I've been on houzz obsessively. LOL!
  • skmom
    Oh! I forgot to mention, I'm totally taking your idea of the little trash can under the sink for dirty rags... genius! I mentioned it to my hubby and he thought it was a good idea too. I'll use it for my dirty dish towels because I don't like washing them together with my other cleaning rags and that's where my kids keep dumping the dish towels in with and I keep pulling them out to separate, but I didn't have a good spot for them. It'll go under my island prep sink, I don't have a bunch of stuff under there so it's perfect!

    And yes, I do love using my new kitchen, the layout is SO much more functional now! :)
    Cheryl Hewitt thanked skmom
  • C Pen

    Thanks for the full reveal with all the pics and all the details! I saw a few pics of your kitchen quite awhile back on another thread and looked desperately for a full reveal.So happy you put this together. Your kitchen is true perfection! Unique, gorgeous, and meticulously planned. If you weren't so dang helpful and humble, I'd be envious!

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    C Pen, thanks so much! We are loving our kitchen. Thanksgiving was relatively easy even with 25 guests. I'm still walking on air over the wonder of it all.

  • C Pen

    Hi again, Cheryl, wondering if you could give some insight/feedback on your drawer handles. Looks like possibly a brushed finish? Do you get your clothes caught on the ends? I'm looking at chrome handles, but the tester I bought on Amazon shows fingerprints.


  • Cheryl Hewitt

    I'll have to check, but I believe you are right that they have a brushed finish. They do not show fingerprints. (Talk to me about fingerprints and smudges on polished granite! Sigh.) The only time I get caught on the handle ends is when I'm wearing a sweatshirt with a front pocket. Then I am constantly getting hooked and stopped in my tracks. Thankfully I rarely wear them.

  • chicagoans

    SO pretty! I can tell that you put a ton of thought into all the details. Enjoy!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked chicagoans
  • wentzylvania

    Beautiful! We have a similarly sized kitchen that we are planning now. Could you tell me the distances between your islands and the between your islands and each cabinet run?

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Prep island

    Seating island, aka Roger

    There is approximately 40" between the two islands.

    We skimped a bit on aisles out of necessity. Living with it we've found it's rarely an issue, but in the back of my mind I'm worried that someday, like 30 years from now, one of us will be in a wheelchair and we won't be able to easily navigate the kitchen as is. I could be mistaken, though, because in my mind's eye I'm thinking of my niece's wheelchair which is fully motorized and rather large, but not all wheelchairs are so large, right? But this is all what-if worry, not something that we are actually facing. I guess if and when that day comes we'll be facing another remodel. The rest of the house is barrier-free and we plan on aging in place in this home. Other than in my hypothetical doomsday mind, these aisle widths work for us. More space would be sweet, but this kitchen is too narrow to accommodate, so it is what it is.

    Floor plan w/dimensions

  • floey

    I'm so glad I found these pictures of your kitchen. I was looking for pictures of the Adura Max Meridian Stucco flooring. Even the flooring store had no "real" pictures. You sold me on this floor. Everyone said to get LVT in a wood look but I thought it was too much wood with the cabinets and hardwood floors throughout the house. I was going back and forth on the Porcelain color and the Stucco. Stucco is warmer and matches better. I love love the pictures of your flooring and you have made me decide this is what I will pick. Everyone said everything I would have said about your kitchen. Very thought out. I also love the picture window and the drawer below the cooktop. Love everything. Is there anything I need to know about this floor? How is it holding up? You have no idea how happy I am that I found these pictures. Thank you for all your hard work and answering everyones questions.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked floey
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Thank you, floey.

    We still love our LVT flooring. It's holding up really well. One negative is that it shows dirt, but inversely that's also a positive as you know when the floor needs to be swept or mopped.

  • floey

    Yes, you can keep on top of it. Did you buy your flooring locally or online if you don't mind me asking?

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    We bought it locally. There were several flooring places that carried it in our area.

  • Karen Rose
    Beautiful! Love the sandwich drawer!
    Cheryl Hewitt thanked Karen Rose
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Thanks, Sara Sitardites. It's a handy drawer for sure. :)

  • vicbayside

    Great family kitchen, so well thought out, congratulations and enjoy! I love your flooring choice, I may be using a LV in an adjoining den to kitchen, kitchen has existing wood.

    I used a double Wolf gas range in my last kitchen and switching to induction this time around...why was Wolf your choice? I haven't really shopped yet, just checking on what others have chosen and why. Thank you!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked vicbayside
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Vicbayside, we chose Wolf and Sub-zero appliances for several reasons; reputation and features were leading factors, plus it's a local company, so service is readily available.

    The Wolf induction had five hobs, four bridges, and three boosts. It is low profile and we were able to have it flush mounted and use the drawer underneath due to its low profile. We absolutely love that it's flush. Not only is it sleek, but it's really easy to clean.

    I also wanted a combi-steam oven and they have a nice one.

  • Marci

    Cheryl, could you tell me how deep your broom closet is, and is it sufficient? Thanks for the detailed pictures. It is so helpful seeing real "stuff" in the cabinets.

  • yeonassky

    It's wonderful to revisit this kitchen. Still - Love!

    (Re island names I've always been an advocate for 2 or more names and when they grow up to choose their own name as well. (That's what we did in my family.) Lovely to meet Oahu Roger and Jessica Kauai. ;) (Just kidding: or not if you like to name inanimate objects like cars etc.))

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Marci, the cabinet is 9" deep. Yes, it's sufficient for our needs. I have been trying to figure out if that's because we have a lot of other storage space and maybe I have put things in other locations which makes this seem adequate, but after some contemplation, I don't think that's the case. It doesn't hold the vacuum cleaner, but it has a broom and mop, and such.

    yeonassky, Oahu Roger and Jessica Kauai, nice! We had to have multiple names for our kitten. We settled on Maximilian Augustus I, aka, Max. Our cars have names (Skittle and Storm), but that is due to Ford forcing us to name them in the mobile app, rather than our desire to name inanimate objects - not that we're opposed. :)

  • bbtrix

    Love your kitchen! Love how you took an awkward space and turned it into a functional beauty! Love how it doesn’t follow all the rules because the space doesn’t allow it to but it works wonderfully! Love the melding of beauty and function in a space where you wouldn’t expect it.

    I have a favor to ask. You posted pics of a party buffet spread on another post a few months ago but they disappeared. I’d love to see them again. Eye candy!!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked bbtrix
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    bbtrix, thank you so much. We really love it and appreciate it every day. It wouldn't be as functional or pretty without the influence of this message board. I bow down to the kitchen gurus on this board.

    This pic?

  • bbtrix

    Yes! Great use of an island!! It’s a great space to entertain!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked bbtrix
  • waverly6

    Resurrecting this beautiful reveal of an amazing kitchen. It came up in my search for Wolf 36 inch induction. Well done, I could spend hours repeating every well deserved compliment already mentioned above. Just going to keep it brief,Love your attention to detail, your beautiful finishes, your well thought out organization and storage needs and for keeping it true to your own needs and what works for your own family. I have taken some great ideas from here. Thank you and well done.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked waverly6
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Thank you, waverly6. I'm glad you found ideas you can apply to your situation. This forum helped me create this kitchen, so it makes me very happy that in turn my design can help you.

    Happy designing!


  • 2ManyDiversions

    Thanks for pushing this reveal up Waverly! I visit Cheryls's kitchen reveal often as well. Also one of my top favorite kitchens, from style to layout to organization! I'm also borrowing several of your ideas. Thank you for being to generous with photos and ideas : )

    Cheryl, might I ask, in the last pic above (and in the Happy Thanksgiving pic), did you happen to make your own charcuterie board (and if so, what type of wood did you use?) or purchase it somewhere? Great size for a big spread and I agree, total eye candy on display! Seems I remember the technique for making the designs in the wood, but can't recall what it's called.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked 2ManyDiversions
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Thank you, 2Many! We did make the board. I bought a sanded 18" x48" panel from Menard's. I believe it was birch, but that's a guess. We did a lichtenberg design on it and treated it with food grade cutting board mineral oil. We reapply the oil as needed. It's berry stained, but we still love it and use it often when we entertain.

  • bbtrix

    Cheryl, yours is one of my favs too!! I used your charcuterie pic as a styling base when I did one on my island during the holidays. It was a big hit. Love seeing your reveal come up again!

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked bbtrix
  • floey

    Cheryl, I wanted to let you know I put in the floor you have in your kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m so glad I found your posts. I went from a dark floor to a very light floor. It’s so easy to clean and yes, you can see the dirt the dog brings in but you can keep on top of it and therefore it’s much cleaner. (Don’t judge the rest of the kitchen as I didn’t get new cabinets as they’re 40 years old) But just wanted to show you the floor.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked floey
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    bbtrix, thank you! Pinterest has started sending me ideas about "Grazing Tables" as a hot new idea, which is basically a new label for an old idea. We're so on top of this. Look at us being all hip and trendy. ;) lol

    floey, oh my goodness! That flooring looks fantastic in your kitchen! Love it! Don't apologize for your cabinetry - your kitchen is beautiful! :)

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Bringing this thread up caused me to read through everything again and I thought there were things you might like an update on now that time has passed. (BTW, rereading this thread filled me with gratitude for you all, all over again. Such kindness.)

    1. This past winter my partner painted the top bricks that turn the corner in the bump out window so that they have a finished look to match the other bricks. It took approximately 30 seconds + two years of procrastination. LOL
    2. We had film applied to the 8' window by the clean-up sink and added a deep blue top-down blind installed. The film is reflective on the side facing the street and offers a lot of privacy until evening and then we drop the blind and it's like having a wall there. No more fishbowl.
    3. In the end, we decided against adding dividers in the drawers for utensils and flatware. Dividers take space, but more than that, we don't need them to keep things organized. We simply put things back in their place. Easy peasy.
    4. In February of this year we FINALLY installed a Stas picture hanging system on the art wall. Surprisingly, at least to me, it's really economical to buy such a thing and easy to install. The impetus that moved us forward was that I started painting last fall and we finally had art to display. Using this kind of system allows me to change out the paintings without putting hardware into the wall. Woot!

  • floey

    Love the art work especially the top right picture. I’m saying it’s the ocean but maybe it isn’t. Looks like that to me. An angry ocean. Ha ha. Very nice

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked floey
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Thank you, floey . To me it looks like molten lava, but I can see an angry ocean, too. :)

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Thank you Cheryl... yes, that's the term I had forgotten - Fractal Lichtenberg! Always nice to meet/know others who love to try new things and are creative - I didn't know you painted - love them and the way you have them displayed... and the middle one is my favorite : )

    I did not need to read it took your partner 2 years to paint the thin bricks! LOL! We are putting in brick veneer on a few walls, and later I'll antique them just a wee bit. That project has been put on hold and my fear is... not for another 2 years!

    "No more living in a fishbowl" did you say? Ha! 12+ months now since we took all window coverings from our windows (the bedroom being the single exception), and I've gone well past "I just don't care who sees me in my jammies" phase! Loving the natural light, ready for privacy though! Your solution sounds perfect and very attractive.

    Cheryl Hewitt thanked 2ManyDiversions
  • Cheryl Hewitt

    2ManyDiversions, don't follow our timeline! LOL. I cannot push that man.

    I understand your "I just don't care who sees me" frame of mind. That's how I was, too. I kind of felt bad for the poor souls who accidentally made eye contact. Uncomfortableness all around!

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