Problems with Rubio Monocoat

Debbie Black
2 years ago

We had our 40 year old red oak floors professionally sanded to 100 grit and then pole sanded with a 120 grit screen. We applied Rubio Monocoat Bourbon with a buffer and red pads and seemed to get all of the excess off with a buffer using white pads and following up with the white buffer pad with cotton towels. However the end result is very blotchy. It does not seem to be cloudy as many people report but it appears the wood itself has shinier spots than others and seems related to the grain of the wood. We don't know if it is an unevenness in the wood fibers/grain or possibly uneven sanding. Possibly parts of the same board taking up more finish than other parts? We are wondering if applying a second coat of rubio would help or hurt the problem. Does anyone have suggestions as to what the problem is and how we may correct it? Currently it is difficult to get a picture showing the issue but I will try in the daylight. Thank you for your input and help in deciphering this problem.

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