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Need suggestions for backyard plants to replace the dead ones!

4 years ago

Hello gardeners!

I would love your suggestions for plants that are low-water and low-maintenance to plant in my yard. I live in a rental house and, over the past few years, we have accidentally killed nearly all the bushes and landscaping :(. I am in the SF Bay Area, and during the drought I couldn't bear to pour so much water into the ground and I think this, along with forgetfulness, is what killed everything. Despite my water use sensitivities, I feel like I need to reinvest in the landscaping because we've killed so much!

Can anyone suggest bushes or plants that I can buy and put in along the perimeter of the grass perhaps (then it will get some water from the sprinklers!) or along that back fence (where there used to be a lot of tall and bushy tree-type plants/bushes). Maybe vine-y plants, or easy-care bushes, or something else? I would really appreciate any suggestions!

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