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Camellia winter protection needed?

November 30, 2017

New to owning and taking care of a camellia. Apparently, they are pretty cold hardy, but in my particular situation...it's a sasanqua, and just put it in the ground a couple weeks ago, so no developed root system...does anybody think some protection this first winter might be a good idea? I'm not thinking anything major, just some basic wind protection by putting some stakes around it and making a cylinder of burlap, and possibly filling the cylinder with leaves.

Comments (6)

  • Embothrium

    Is it mulched?

  • headmotty

    Yes, have a couple inches of mulch around it.

  • luis_pr

    Mulch is typically all that you need. Stakes might be useful in windy location with tall specimens or transplanted shrubs/trees. I have never used stakes wuth 1, 3 and 5g pots though.

  • headmotty

    Well, the stakes wouldn't be for support (sounds like that's what you're saying, Luis). They would just be something to wrap the burlap around to create a wind barrier, for a measure of protection against drying winds.

  • Vicissitudezz

    Wind protection sounds like a good idea for a new-in-the-ground plant of any kind. Actually, if you can come up with a more permanent wind-break, your plant will be at less risk of drying out, a situation that camellias do not appreciate. Wind-breaks also mitigate temperature extremes.

    Good luck,


  • headmotty

    Virginia, thanks for the comment and good wishes. I went ahead and did it, just today in fact, to the sasanqua and to a couple hydrangeas that I also just put in the ground. I want them to get a good start, and figure better safe than sorry. We've got at least a week of pretty cold temps coming soon, so I'll rest easier now.

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