Contractor Dispute Resolution

Shannon Finsand
2 years ago

I just finished a variety of home remodeling projects working with a general contractor. Everything came out great except for the kitchen backsplash. Both the tile store and tile manufacturer weighed in and said that it wasn’t installed per TCA handbook guidelines. The grout line should have been wider to account for the variability with handmade tile.

I met with the contractor and she is willing to replace the backsplash, but she wants me to cover 1/2 of the cost, if she pays for all of it she won’t make any profit on the project. If I don’t agree we will have to go to arbitration per our contract. There were

other stipulations, she wants me to not use handmade tile, and she wants to use the same guy to install it (he did re-tile my fireplace and it looks beautiful). She also wants him to do the demo, because it would be too expensive to bring back the demo crew she previously used just for the backsplash.

I am looking for feedback on how to handle this. Is arbitration worth it?

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