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My kitchen always looks messy!

June 6, 2013
Any ideas of how to wrangle the "message center"? We can add cabinets or shelving, but there is no other spot to put these things in the house. It's an open plan as well, everything is visible!
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  • groveraxle
    MHO: I love the kitchen. I would not paint lower cabinets, nor obscure the glass in the uppers. They are already obscure enough and they are beautiful. BUT, if you want this kitchen to look like the beauty it is, YOU MUST GET THE CLUTTER UNDER CONTROL. Sorry for shouting, but the crux of the problem is all the stuff out on your counters and you have to make a choice: keep it this way, or find a solution to make it go away.

    Perhaps you can steal some space somewhere for a floor to ceiling pantry. It wouldn't have to be deep, but would need to have enough square inches to hold everything that needs to be put away. Then with some judicious rearrangement--things you use every day close at hand, seldom used items in least accessible spots--you could clear those counters and your kitchen would be a knockout.

    Anecdote alert: in the process of gutting and redoing their kitchen, my friends discovered they had EIGHT cutting boards. Now they have two. I'll bet if you empty your kitchen, you'll discover all sorts of things you don't need.
  • Vivian
    I too am a clutter addict and moved into a very small retirement house. Take everything out of upper cupboards and sort into four piles. Use Daily, Weekly, Monthly and a few times a year. The bottom shelf is for daily, second shelf for weekly and top shelf for monthly. Arrange in patterns that look good when you close the doors. Throw out the idea that glasses go here etc. Make a coffee center and use the cupboard above or below for "coffee or breakfast things. Organize by function and you are more likely to put it away immediately. I would paint the grey squares (if they are window clings better yet) on the wall behind the glass shelves and put up 2 or three heavy duty glass shelves all the way across for a linear look unless you open the window. Put your dish detergent in pretty bottles and find a solid color ceramic container in the grey or white to hid your scrubbers etc. Easy to reach and off counter. Close to stove use metal spice racks or hang metal utensils as art. Cannot see that wall. Ugly bulky things go below and put the seldom used stuff to the back of bottom cupboards. I like to use the cloth cubicles because they are easy to pull out. Message center should be all chrome or stainless steel. Bread box for paper etc, jars for pencils chrome frame for cork board and paint the cork black. Office supplies have a variety of holder but you need lids so that you can hide things.
  • jclindberg
    Maybe you could use something like this on the wall shown in your second picture? I use a file for each child's paperwork and then one for me and the household. I got it from Ballard Designs, but Pottery Barn and others have similar ones in different styles.
  • astor818
    thank you for the helpful suggestion JCL and VIVM. Also thanks to Grover for the compliment on the cabinets. They aren't really mismatch it was very intentional, but alas they are 10+ years old. I might buy new fronts for the base cabinets. Also, so you all know I chose pics that were handy. My kitchen isn't quite as horrific on a daily basis. I've already moved the cork board out of sight and ordered my husband to empty the drawer under the tray. I will purchase some things for hiding daily used items. The squares are plexiglass "curtains" for privacy covering windows. The windows are one of the reasons we don't have adequate cabinet storage. All will be remedied I hope by a second rehab. I appreciate all of your input.
  • hollywaterfall
    Astor-if those squares can be detached from the window then imho do so. But if they cannot maybe a curtain or other window covering can be used. They don't look at all cohesive and unifying. Your kitchen is not bad and I think it mostly just needs to have not so many colors and textures. If you change any of the cabinets I think it should be the top ones and the bottoms are all the same. The top are both horizontal and vertical and a mixture of chrome/glass. If you rather prefer the chrome/glass look then I don't know what to say. Stainless steel would not work in a cabinet and your counter is already black so painting them black would be too dark. Btw, I like the organizer JCL posted and the canisters above that as well.
  • jclindberg
    I actually like your kitchen a lot. I have been staging homes for the last 10 years and if I were helping you get your home ready to sell, I would advise painting your kitchen walls (especially behind the range) a silvery gray and applying frosted window film to your kitchen windows to give you privacy but still let in lots of light. Then, your windows would look more cohesive with your upper cabinets. Finally, I would have your remove everything from your kitchen counters and start adding things back in one at a time. The look of your kitchen is modern contemporary and it needs to be streamlined and uncluttered to show it off to it's best potential. It just involves some editing. The PB organizer I mentioned earlier is made of galvanized steel and a little industrial looking, which I think would look great. Then maybe add a magnetic chalkboard where you had your former cork board. You could also add some accessories in a fun accent color like orange. Just remember to periodically edit your stuff so your kitchen doesn't get cluttered again! It is a diamond in the rough waiting for a little polish. Totally do-able!!!
  • groveraxle
    astor, I took the liberty of cleaning your kitchen a bit so everyone can see how beautiful it is. I would encourage you to look for a way to create enough storage to keep your counters clear rather than rehabbing the whole thing. Nothing wrong with ten-year-old cabinets, especially when they're classic shaker like yours. You might consider painting them, though I like the wood.
  • astor818
    Wow that is so cool! Thank you!
  • groveraxle
    You're welcome. Just so you know, I don't do windows.
  • astor818
    Very funny, good thing my neighbor does! He has a window cleaning business that doesn't use chemicals.
  • astor818
    I've been busy today. I think it looks a little better!
  • mkmort
    You did a great job. Can you come do mine now? I think sometimes we forget we live in our homes and they are not always showplace ready. I think your window looks great too. Did you change it? Or was it just the lighting in your previous photo that made it look dark?
  • astor818
    The window is exactly the same. It must be the lighting. And thank you!
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Remove all items from counter leave only things you use every day like coffee maker. Yellow tray should be stored until needed. Lose stuff on walls you have a small rm any clutter is going to stand out.
  • astor818
    I use the blender, the coffe maker, and of course the fruit every day. We use the glassware on the open shelves on the wall every day too. Unless I put an awkward cabinet there, there is no place for them to go. Oh we use the paper towels too. I look at the clock many times each day, we don't have one on our stove it's a Bertazzoni and very old school. Not sure how I could get through the morning routine before getting myself and family ready to leave for work and school having to drag a blender out of a cabinet. Maybe I need a bigger American style house!
  • mkmort
    If you have a bigger kitchen it is just more to clean.
  • groveraxle
    astor, it looks great. Maybe rather than a makeover, you just need to be more diligent about putting stuff away. I know: easier said than done. But if you could keep it looking like it does now, you'd be calmer and more satisfied. Honestly, I like everything about it; I wouldn't change a thing.
  • smdrovetto

    I read through the comments, and there are some very good ideas! What I was looking for was actually stated by you. You said your office is the same way.

    What I see is that you are a visual person. That's why you have so many materials, colors, textures, AND all your '"stuff" out. I am the same way, and I LOVE your kitchen. If I don't have a lot of visual stimuli, my eye gets very tired. On the other hand, visual people often get overwhelmed by the need to have organization, and managing life can be overwhelming.

    I did a personality assessment years ago, that had 4 basic types. The analysis was very interesting. It said my type often lived out of a shopping bag, and their desk is not necessarily a work place, but a recepticle for all the stuff in the shopping bag, and will be covered from one end to the other.

    I had done the test at work, and had walked into work with a shopping bag, and was looking at my desk, that had become covered with stuff in about 3 minutes. It was kind of eerie.

    My office mate and I sat back to back, and of course her desk had a tablet, with a pen neatly placed on top.

    I'm not good at having a drawer, with small compartments that are meant to store the scissors, etc. They will NEVER end up there, because I KNOW I will not put them back, at least not right away, until everything has piled up on the counter.

    One thing that DID work for me with storage, is I took a 3x5 notecard (before computers) and listed everything in the container and taped it to the container stored on a shelf where I could easily read it.

    I have a spare room, and bought those wire rolling carts, and bought storage DRAWERS, NOT BINS. If I have to move a bin, to get to the other bin, take the lid off, and dig through the bin, it will stay that way..................at least for a long time.

    Another thing that worked for me, was actually using the large plastic drawers (Sterilite) for some of my clothing. I used one for bras, one for undies, one for sox

    It is a big cart, and the three drawers were at just the right level. There was enough room for me to easily put clean items away, and nothing was mixed up, even with one other thing. Because there was so much room, and everything was separate, I could keep it up. It was great in the mornings to have the basics, which is what I often spent time searching for, right at hand.

    I think you know yourself, and what you would keep up. I know, I know, I have wanted to believe I could change, too, and I have a bit, and you ARE dissatisfied with the kitchen, so you are motivated.

    However, it really looks pretty organized. There are no dirty dishes, with the pans hung neatly over the stove, the scissors are all together................You mention a job and family You may just need more space, and are just very busy. Maybe some of the suggestions to create more space will work. I know, especially if you have kids, the kitchen is use for homework, school projects, etc.

    It kind of looks like maybe if you had more space to separate the two, (office, and kitchen) it might be okay.

    If there is space, a paper towel dispenser, or 2, would help.

    If you are a visual thinker, you may be inclined to save too many things that you don't really need. I go through paper often, including CATALOGS AND MAGAZINES!!!!! DO NOT SAVE THEM FOR ANY REASON! NEVER! I MEAN IT!

    If documents, addresses, etc are a concern, think of how you could use the computer to get rid of paper.

    The wall "envelope" might be good to drop mail in immediately when you come home, and a slot to put outgoing mail to grab in the morning, and maybe one for monthly bills...................

    Don't feel bad. Katie Couric is NOTORIOUSLY disorganized. She told a story years ago about being in college and having to hide the dirty dishes in the trunk of her car when her parents came to visit. She just did a show where she had an expert at her apartment, and she still had drawers full of stuff.

    I know the examples are not about your kitchen, but I hope something may connect and be translated into your needs.

    You will find what works for you!

    P.S. I didn't remember that you said you don't have an office space, etc. I got carried away writing "War and Peace! I just took a second look, and can see how well you are doing, with the amount of counter space you do have!
  • einportlandor
    For what it's worth, I don't have a space in my home for an office or message center either and everything winds up in a stack (or stacks) in the kitchen. I've never successfully maintained an efficient filing system -- paper seems to reproduce while I'm sleeping at night. And I despise clutter. I finally created a system in my kitchen that sorta works for me and might work for you. I put a nice basket on a shelf -- it's for things that need action, mostly bills. Another cute little basket with a lid is for things with wires -- phone, computer and camera chargers, and it lives near an outlet on my kitchen counter. I dedicated one large kitchen drawer to files that I need to access with some regularity (bank stuff, insurance, etc.) and bulky supplies. I moved my junk drawer stuff into two small drawers -- one for junk and a second for office supplies -- pens, post-its, scissors, tape, checkbook, stamps etc. Now I can usually find paper and pen or scissors . . . unless someone "borrows" them and neglects to return them, at which point I get cranky. For the most part I've managed to corral the clutter and I can usually find what I need, although I'll admit that the basket is on the verge of overflowing, and the drawer is getting kind of hard to close. So in summary, surrender to the reality that your kitchen will be your office and dedicate some storage to it. Toss that ancient Tupperware and the bunt pan you never use to free up a couple of drawers, buy a couple of cute baskets and boxes, and hide the mess in style. Good luck!
  • PRO
    LB Interiors
    It's a great kitchen!. I admit, I haven't read the comments. I feel that everything you have in the kitchen needs a special place, a home where it rests when not in use. In addition it needs to be concealed, in a drawer, cabinet, container or put away out of view. I don't have paper towels out because it takes up counter space and becomes used many times unneccessarily. But I'm picky about clear counter tops. It seems you have enough storage.

    Sometimes we just have to clean house. There are many items we all collect and never use. Find 3 boxes. Label them - Keep. Donate. Trash. Don't try to do it all in the same day. A couple of drawers or cabinets at a time. This helps alot. I have to do it myself periodically. It becomes overwhelming and creates anxiety. Proven fact.
  • ruthmand
    Here is my solution. We have our phone with A/M, container with pens and a notepad, and a tissue box all in the same corner as your message center. We also charge various items at the outlet there and this has been annoying me for a while as you can see the stuff from the dinging/living area. Well, my brother sent me this wonderful family photo in an 8x11 frame that matched my kitchen cabinets. I set it up on the counter, facing the living area, and voila it hides the phone, etc. perfectly and adds interest to my counter from the other side.
  • PRO
    LB Interiors
    'Ruthmand' Glad you mentioned that. I did a similar idea on one of my cabinets. I don't like seeing my phone in it's stand either. The cabinet it is on, faces the entry and the dining room. I have a scripture in a frame that was given to my hubby, by my sister. It means a lot to us. Completely hides the phone.This works for me as well.
  • PRO
    Alicia Heyman Studio
    ok here's something from sort of left field...I noticed the teal accent color on your stove wall. I have almost that same color as an accent wall in my entry (which is really just a wall in the room since I don't have a formal foyer...old 4-square cottage). LOVE the color.
  • PRO
    Alicia Heyman Studio
    oh...I looked at painting the window trim black but didn't like it. I have a small guest room (TINY) where I painted the walls a gold color and all the window trim black (bed is black). turned the room into a jewel box.
  • PRO
    Alicia Heyman Studio
    sorry too much coffee already. someone mentioned using the translucent window film. I use that stuff on 2 interior glass panel doors (scavenged doors). let in the the light but you can't see through. GREAT stuff and easy to do.
  • jclindberg
    astor818, I just saw your new pics and you did great!!! It looks wonderful! I'd still recommend frosted film on your windows for privacy with light (if you do it yourself with film from Lowes or HD, it will run you about $30 and can be taken off if needed in the future) and grey on the walls. I would also paint the vertical part of your tray ceiling to draw attention to the extra height in the room. It looks like you already have started using yellow as an accent color in some items around your kitchen which would look great with the grey. Keep up the good work, your kitchen is on the way to awesome!!!
  • jpp221
    As others have said, there's just way too much stuff for that area to ever look neat. So throw things out with a ruthless vengeance. Kitchens are for cooking. This one looks like a repository for everything.

    Secondly, there's too much contrast in colour, finish and style. Shaker doors in natural wood but high tech uppers. That cluttered window covering. Open glass shelves.

    Paint the lowers grey. Get rid of the wall clock (the stove, phone and probably ten other things are there to tell the time). Frost the upper cabinet doors more heavily. Put ONE pad of post It notes by the phone (scissors? When is the last time you took messages in cut out origami?).

    On the left, it looks like those stacked upper cabinets are set askew. I would line them up again.

    The window covering adds to the clutter. Instead, a simple, black mesh roller blind coming from the top will do.
  • astor818
    JC, thanks for the encouragement. Also thanks to the others who are positive. I will not be moving cabinets or painting the lowers. At the most they will get new doors. Love the painted version, but I can't do all blue! I may go grey...
  • groveraxle
    With all due respect, jpp, I think you're missing the charm of this kitchen. (You also haven't read the comments since you don't know that is her only clock.) The uppers and lowers are both modern and complement each other in an unexpected way. Also, the arrangement of the upper cabinets is abstract, another unexpected and lovely quirk. I think the simple lines of the cabinets offset the busyness of the rest, but that busyness requires that clutter be banished. Otherwise the space gets overwhelmed. It's a very workable kitchen with lots of counter space and lots of interest.

    astor, I can't speak from experience, but a lot of people on houzz have recommended Fly Lady. She has a website and apparently has a system or systems for getting organized. People swear by it.
  • jpp221
    You're right. I am missing the charm of this kitchen. I see no charm presently. I do see potential, though.
  • onthefence
    astor, I'm one who loves the charm of your kitchen! You'll get to where you want to be - it's just going to take some tweaking.

    Regarding your doors - I think you have an ikea kitchen, correct? If that's the case you may want to replace your doors sooner rather than later. I read an article a few months ago that Ikea was changing it's kitchen system. I think it happened in April. I recall mention that lots of new door styles would be out and they'd be discontinuing old ones. I recall some discussion as to how long replacement doors for the original kitchen systems would be available. I can't recall whether the new doors would fit on the original boxes - but in case they can't you may want to get your doors asap.
  • astor818
    PLEASE NO MORE POSTS THAT ARE NEGATIVE: Thanks Grover and Onthefence. Yep, it's IKEA! It is over 10 years old. We've already run into the door snag with the horizontal cabinets. As I've said, they may all be gone due to pending construction. Waiting for architect plans which hopefully will address the kitchen. jpp you don't get contemporary design IMHO. I live in a large city with small European built homes but in the USA. If I told you what a home like mine costs you'd be sick. It's valued, even with my kitchen that lacks charm, at about 325 dollars a square foot. So... I have seen ugly kitchens in homes nearby that sell for amazing prices. For a kitchen that cost me 3k 10 years ago, I think I've done well.
  • onthefence
    Oh astor, I'm sorry to hear about the doors!

    I think your kitchen rocks at any price! I like Ikea kitchens - I like the modular mix/match aspect of it and think you've executed that really well! My area is a fairly expensive one as well. When I read the guidelines telling people they should spend 25 - 30% of their home's value on a kitchen remodel I just shake my head. Not going to happen ;-)

    Hopefully your new architectural plans will address your current storage issues. If you end up staying with what you have, perhaps modification of a cabinet with some pullouts could help with some of the things that need to be in the area, just not immediately accessible.
  • astor818
    OTF, I was just looking at pullouts! I want the ones for the sink so I can hide the sponges. Undersink is a no-go as we have a double bowl so the pipes are in the way.
  • decoratinglady5
    Do not worry!!!...It will all come together..Good Luck..Nothing more to add..some good ideas were already given.
  • onthefence
    I think pullouts are about the second best thing ever. First best thing is all drawers in lower cabinets ;-)

    I really like the idea of a tall cabinet on the wall where your message center currently is. My only hesitation with that is a personal issue - if it's on the wall facing into the kitchen, I'd find a lot of the area to be difficult to reach. You'd be reaching over the countertop and then many items would be up high. If you're tall with a good reach, no problem ;-)

    I really like the suggestion earlier of the Ikea tambour door unit. I think that's an aluminum tambour, right? If so, it would match the frames of your upper cabs perfectly.
  • tamaral
    Why is it, Houzz goes on a blitz asking people to post their home problems--presumably because they are slowing down--and then a whole bunch of snotty bullies come on and trash a person's taste/style/decor/personality? Does Houzz not recognize the reason people resist putting up their questions is often because they're terrified of the nastiness. I know I am. Initially, I joined Houzz thinking it was a community, but the meanies (and the sellers 'buy my art' types) are slowly taking over. I do hope Houzz thinks of a way to move away from this trend. It's ruining the fun of the site!

    With that off my chest... Astor, I think you have a cute kitchen, and you recognize you need a bit of streamlining and that's why you're here. Kudos for both. I like the choices you've made so far. And I love that teal, and the clock. One wee suggestion, if you have to keep the cups out and don't have a place to put them away, is to put them on the right open shelf where the tray is, and take down that open glass shelf, maybe bringing the clock down and giving that corner some visual space.

    As for your original question: I have just bought a condo, with a wee open galley kitchen and limited storage. It's been a real challenge--and continues to be--paring down and giving away the dishes and kitchenwares I don't need, plus create a 'landing pad' / message centre. I have two drawers only, and one must be a 'junk' drawer with scissors, pens, rulers, etc, while on the nearest wall I've hung a smart-looking cork board that only has important and current to-do lists on pretty memo pads and a few cool looking cards that might pass as art. It's only visible when one is *in* the kitchen and so less messy-seeming. I only have 8 cupboards total in this kitchen, and that includes one for food storage, spices, pots/pans, dishes, etc. Every few months, I go through them and reassess what I'm using/really needing and purge. I do tend to let things collect! I have a shelf under my kitchen sink where I put all my soap/etc. It's a mere extra step to open a door to get everything, and in there I don't have to worry if it's a bit tatty looking :) If I left everything I use everyday on the counter, I'd have no room on it, as I only have one full-length workspace. I love a few open shelves myself because I have some pretty sweet storage containers I use every day, but I try to keep my 'out' storage to a minimum now. This new home means that I have to live a bit differently and break some bad habits, but then in the end it's *my* space, and thankfully, I won't have any of those nasty-Houzzers over to pass their snooty judgement on me for not living like a photo from House Beautiful is going to show up in a half-hour!

    Best of luck with your renos. By the way, my sister and BiL went with the pullouts, will never go back. All the plates are on the bottom, and it's better ergonomically designed. They completely took out the cabinets over her island and opened up the space with beautiful pendants and a deeper countertop. They opted to replace the translucent upper cupboards they had with solid doors, and I must say, it really helped to make the kitchen seem less busy.
  • jclindberg
    astor1818, I got this at Lowes or HD, can't remember which, but I keep my sponge, disposal stopper, windex and counter wipes in this handy little unit. I think it was around $25 and worth every penny!
  • jclindberg
    PS... I also wanted to say that I actually like the clock and the glass shelves! Both are handy and practical. And just for the record, it is YOUR kitchen and the beauty of that is that YOU get to decide what stays and what goes!
  • boobooweebs
    I think you have done a fabulous job of taking the clutter out of your kitchen. Your revised kitchen pictures look great!

    I have been reflecting about your dilemma for days and thinking about how I cope in my own kitchen and thought I would share my success. Since I needed more storage in my kitchen than I had, I took a good look inside my cabinets and decided I had lots of lost space. To reclaim the space, I replaced the half-depth shelves in my lower cabinets with full-depth shelves and arranged the contents by function and size so that I was also able to install additional shelves in some of the lower cabinets. In some cabinets I only have one shelf, like where I store appliances, but I managed to place three in the cupboard with serving plates, bowls, etc.. The added benefit to the extra shelves is that I am no longer over-stacking fragile items and the weight of a single pile has dropped making it safer and easier to remove things. Seldom used items sit in the back.

    If you choose to follow this option and don't have fully adjustable shelves make a template with graph paper marking the current shelf spacing holes. Position and tape the template to the inside of the cabinet and mark up or down as necessary for your new holes ( a mark with a small nail and hammer works well). Find a drill bit that matches the size of your new shelf support brackets. Since you want to control the depth of your hole so you don't come out the other side, measure and mark your chosen depth on the drill bit by placing a piece of masking tape around the drill bit at the measure mark. When your drill bit has sunk into the wood and the tape is flush with the cabinet wall surface you will know you have gone far enough.

    I am much calmer now that things are more organized. I hope this might work for you.
  • Judy M
    Wow, fast turn around in how the kitchen looks, now it is easy to see what a wonderful kitchen you have.
  • marciemaxine
    I think if you could clear the counters off as suggested by another post it would help tremendously. Or, if you really want it all out, do the breadbox idea (which is what I do). I have a wooden breadbox and a ceramic one on my counters to hide most of my clutter. I, also, use magazine holders (cardboard ones) to store important papers, etc., in two pocket folders that go on the shelf in my front closet. I think folding the dish towel in threes and hanging it off the stove would look nicer too. I think your cabinets are great. Love the wood and glass combination of your cabinets which is why I think your counters should get cleared off. Also, if you have space in a downstairs closet for a plastic three (or more) drawer cart to store items that would help clear off the counters. I use shoe bags in my closet to store phone books, pencil holder for pens and pencils, etc., works well in the closet and helps keep the counters clear. You can use shoe boxes to store receipts in, etc., and put them in the shoe holders. I love the vibe your kitchen gives off.
  • smdrovetto
    Wow, Astor! You did that whole kitchen for 3k from Ikea? That is amazing! It looks like much more expensive.

    I am pretty new to the site, and I agree there was at least one comment that was undeniably rude.

    I think people are sometimes not as tactful in written form, as they might be speaking face to face. Also, my friend and I have talked about how we ruminate about how our e-mails may be interpreted. I really don't use e-mail very much with friends, and closed my Facebook account in March.

    I've also seen people on Houzz, comment on other commentors spelling, or use of language. A commentor used "rod" iron, instead of "wrought", and a commentor corrected her in a very abrupt way. Honestly, I thought, "What a royal pain in the ass!" She's correcting a TOTAL stranger in a chat room! She must be a barrel of laughs to live with!

    My sister is a writer, and taught that, and rhetoric, (basically grammar) at college level for years. The first day of every class, she talked about how her hope was that her class would be life enhancing, but made a point, that even if you have learned to better express yourself, either in writing or verbally, you NEVER correct someone else. Language is powerful, and runs very deep. It is literally learned a our mother's knee, and ciriticising someone, especially publicly, can be devastating.

    I wondered if the person who's error was pointed out, would be afraid to comment again.

    I think if you have the opportunity to offer critiques, acknowledgement is also important , if you want the receiver to embrace, or even consider your point of view.
  • onthefence
    astor, can I back the discussion up a bit? Your initial question was about your message center. In your first pic I can identify quite a few things. The second pic though is a bit blurry. Can you maybe give a bit more detail about what is included in the message center and what needs to be there?

    I know we're all randomly tossing out suggestions but looking at your question again, i realized that I didn't have a real firm grasp on what needs to be corralled!

    FWIW, I'm a big proponent of 'point of use' and easy access storage. As long as the glasses on the wall are easily accessible to those who need them, they're in a great spot. And I LOVE the clock. Looks like you can see it from pretty much anywhere - and so can others ;-)

    Sidebar: @smdrovetto - I agree with you for the most part re: language and writing. I do think though that sometimes people are just lazy. They know how to write and spell and simply don't bother. To me, if I want my thoughts to be seriously considered, it's worth my effort to make my written word clear.
  • smdrovetto
    Hi OTF! I'm not sure what your point is. You seem to be very clear, without being rude in your comments.
    I'm not sure if you criticised the way someone spoke, AND called them lazy, it would go over very well, though.:)
  • ruthmand
    Ladies, ladies, let's stick to the subject on hand, please!
  • astor818
    I will post new pics in a couple of days. Work, grad school, architect, hair cut, homework, doctor, blah blah blahhhh!
  • groveraxle
    Oh, astor, if you are in grad school with kids, you are automatically absolved of any responsibility for a messy kitchen. It's a rule. It ought to be a law.
  • mrsmeow
    I love the blue accent wall above your stove! And the black counter top.
  • mkmort
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