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Backsplash mistake to ceiling or hood?

Brian M
May 31, 2018

We just had some backsplash put in today and I'm very unsure about it.

with the trim lines and crown at the ceiling would you go higher up.... like all the way to ceiling ?" Or woild you stop just short of ceiling.

my ceilings are only 7 n half feet tall. Does the reveal of too much wall kind of give a sandwhixh look?

I wanted to get something that wasn't white on white backsplash

honest opinions appreciated

Comments (23)

  • rmsaustin

    I think I would take the backsplash to the ceiling --maybe someone w/better computer skills than I could mock it up for you?

  • drsaj
    Yes, take it all the way up!
  • PRO

    To complete the desired finished look-you need to take the back splash to the ceiling.

    Brian M thanked LampsUSA.com
  • jennifer

    Thank you for posting the picture...I have 7' ceilings and will be doing this soon...after seeing this look I will definitely go all the way up!! good luck!

    Brian M thanked jennifer
  • heathermartin13
    I would agree with the others and go all the way up for sure. It's looking like a great kitchen overall, well done!
  • Brian M

    HOws everyone feel about the color??

  • jennifer

    don't ask us that now LOL should have asked us yesterday : )

    It looks great : )

    Brian M thanked jennifer
  • Wildcat Blue
    Take the backsplash to the ceiling and it will be fabulous!!
  • Brian M

    @jennifer I'm the type I would have it torn down tomorrow and put new one up lol

  • drsaj
    Brian, the color is a little dark for my taste, but I think that's just a matter of preference. The tile seems to blend well with everything.
  • Brian M

    @darsaj I agree also, the only problem is my wife does not feel the same way!!! This was before backsplash

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    ceiling!! looks fine.

  • Karla Tamez
    @Brian M what kind of tile is that? It’s pretty! I got a sample of a glass subway tile in taupe and it looks kind of similar
  • rmsaustin

    What was the thought behind the choice of grey backsplash w/the island color? Not sure it works, but hard to tell from photos.

  • estyhan2
    Defiantly go all the way up
  • tedbixby

    Are you saying your wife likes it or not likes it? Happy Wife, Happy Life :)

  • greenfish1234

    Definitely to the top. Color seems to go with counter AND island. Can we see a pic that includes island to confirm? Wht is wife's concern?

  • Brian M

    Would anybody try to paint the wall above to match the tile or will that be a mistake ??

  • Joan D
    Ceiling. I like the color and your wife may, as well, once everything is finished.
  • tedbixby

    Brian-mistake to paint the wall. It will look like you ran out of tile and couldn't get any more. Run it to the ceiling.

  • AC LB
    I love the color backsplash you went with! It looks fantastic. I too would go up to the ceiling with the backsplash.
  • pdjh
    Up to the ceiling! The colour is fine-especially if you’re adding under cabinet lighting to brighten it up.
  • waverley66

    For what it's worth , 8 months after the fact, I think that color gives a nice focal point and I would have taken it to the ceiling. What did you decide on?

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