How would you design this toy room?

2 years ago
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Dimensions 134x228x144x163" (window wall, blue wall across, office wall, closet wall)

I need major help designing this space. I have spent FOUR YEARS trying to make this room come together, but it keeps accumulating more clutter instead. It's currently a toy room, computer room, office and guest space. I have itemized what I need this room to function as below. I am looking for a neat, organized space with clean lines and LOTS OF STORAGE since we do not have much storage in this house. (We have no attic space or basement, just bedroom closets.)

This room doesn't need to be fancy but practical, cute, modern and fun!

This is what I need:

1. Toy Storage:

-Easy access to toys for my 6 and 3 year old boys

-I thought of doing a IKEA Billy Bookcase hack along the blue wall for toy storage and our books, awards, etc. But I cannot decide how many to use and we are not that handy. I need storage that can hide things as well as display. Boxes and bins that are deep enough to store large train tracks and towers, but not too heavy that the kids can't move.

2. TV

-Where do I put the t.v.? Either on the blue wall between bookshelves or above the desk space on the shorter white wall with the desk. How big and where is the question?

3. Office Space

-I need desk space for two large monitors, a printer, laptops and space to work with room for storage underneath.

-Where do I start the desk space? I thought of getting two L-shaped corner desks and putting one on the closet wall and one for kids on the other side of the wall (that connects to the blue wall)

-Or I can create a U-shaped desk space that connects from the closet wall to the blue wall. Is that too much? (Then I could mount a TV in the center on the wall above the desk. Let me know if this is confusing.)

-ergonomic desk and keyboard tray is a must

-Can the filing cabinet or current bookshelves stay? Probably not the bookcases.

4. Seating

-Not a lot of people come up here but I want to have a space for a few adults to sit up here from time to time. I keep going back and forth between making this a really fun toy room with kids seating or a office space with toy storage and adult seating. Anyway here are the ideas for seating:

-Have a settee and two arm chairs in front of the windows.

-Have a small couch in front of the windows

-BUT, if I put the TV in between the bookcases on the blue wall can I put a small couch in front of the closet wall? Will the couch be too big here or too close to the desk space?

I really need someone to sketch out the design options for me.

***THANK YOU!***

Individual pics of room in comments below!

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