dogwood leaves drooping for 3 weeks, please help

2 years ago
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My dogwood tree was planted in mid march, and had been healthy, growing leaves/flowers, until about 3 weeks ago, some leaves started drooping:

at first I thought I water too much so I stopped watering for a week, but the leaves just getting worse:

few days later I bought a moisture meter and found the soil is all dry:

so I begin watering and kept the soil in the Moist range, but 2 weeks in, the leaves still didn't show any sign of recovering:

I am wondering how long it would need to recover if the drooping was due to underwatering?

and is there anything I can do to save my dogwood tree? ex would it help to put some fertilizer?

any comment is appreciated,


ps: I have a sprinkler installation around 5/23, but the trenches were not too close to the tree:

ps2: below is my soil when it's dry, not sure if it's clay soil:

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