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Hydrangea - West Facing is Dying

June 20, 2018

hello, moved into a new house with a hydrangea plant on the west side of the house. It gets hit brutally hard with sun from around 12-6, way too much I'm thinking for this plant. It's looking to be in pretty rough shape. No matter if it gets a good amount to drink the poor thing looks parched and floppy. I'm wondering do we just pull it up. Can you move it successfully? Thoughts on any way to keep it? we are zone 8 in Portland.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    You can certainly move it..........but now is not the best time :-) Any chance of working up some sort of temporary shade structure until later in the year when it can be moved?

    FWIW, hydrangeas are often exposed to afternoon sun around here. As long as they are well-established and receive some extra water, most seem to do quite well. Any chance of a photo?

  • luis_pr

    The only time that I have been able to get a hydrangea to work on he west side was when it also was on the east side of a tree that provided the west side with shade.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Luis, we do not have hot summers :-) And because most of the PNW is so far north, the sun intensity is lower than most other areas of the country as well. It is not unusual to find bigleaf hydrangeas out in the open in full sun all day long. When well established, they usually do very well although appreciate some extra watering. Not an ideal siting but doable.

  • luis_pr

    I know, I am just saying... isn't that incredible though? For example, your Lil' Honey Hydrangea can stay yellow over there for a long time due to the weaker sun but over here, it turns greenish about now. What a world we live in!

  • cefandl

    I will certainly take a picture! After some good watering, it's looking a bit better. It is on the Northwest side, but it gets pretty darn hot up there on these warmer summer days. They planted two trees up along the street and I do think it is to shade the front of the house eventually when they get big enough.

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