A few pictures around the garden

Lisa Adams
last year

I keep planning to take pictures during that magic hour between 7 and 8 pm, when the sun isn’t so bright and is isn’t blistering hot out. Of course, that’s about the only time I can stand to be outside doing the necessary chores, so I generally forget to take pictures. I have taken a few over the past few eveninags, and a few this morning. I figure if I post what I have now, I might remember to take more this evening. I wont bother trying to post a single photo here. They will follow in a comment. Lisa

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  • Lisa Adams

    Ahhh..... Thanks Carol. You’re so sweet to try again, after losing your first comment. I just hate when that happens! I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately, and I felt like I put a rather abrupt end to the comments, after my little sob story. It was “one of those days”, and I probably should have waited for a few days before answering your question:) The heat keeps me indoors, and that’s never a good thing for me. I don’t think I could live in a climate that has real winters. I don’t know how you do it. I will check out the link you posted. Thank you! I hate to admit it, but stepping over 10” hurdles sounds like sheer torture to me. Just lifting my left leg to step into shorts is very painful, and lifting the right leg hurts too, just not nearly as much. I was not aware that I could do anything to improve my balance, myself! Why don’t the neurologists tell me these things?!?! It’s wonderful that your exercises have helped you so much. I could definitely benefit from some core strengthening exercises, for MANY various reasons:) I do have sunglasses, but I keep them in my car. That’s really the only time I wear them..

    97F??? That’s unreal for you, isn’t it? That’s about the same as it will be here, tomorrow. (I guess, it’s already tomorrow. I’m having some trouble sleeping.) Your roses won’t know what hit them! Seriously though, they should be fine. I’m sure the heat won’t last long, and as long as you keep them well watered, they should be just fine. You might have some fried blooms, like many of us, but that’s just cosmetic. Do be careful. I imagine those temps would come as a shock to more than just your roses.

    My roses are really slowing down now. There have been too many days of heat in a row. There are a few things still trying to put forth some effort, and I appreciate them all the more for it.

    Joan Fontaine is absolutely loaded with buds and blooms. I really love her creamy, petal packed blooms. I think she’s as pretty as any DA, and her blooms last far longer, both on the bush and cut.

    Duchess de Brabant is still budding and blooming. Her blooms are a little smaller, but she has plenty of them.

    I’m hoping that delphinium will open before the sweet peas stop blooming. I’d like to see them together. I can hardly believe the sweet peas are still blooming.

    Leveson Gower still puts forth a few pretty blooms.

    Mystic Beauty seems to love this heat. She hasn’t skipped a beat!

    Irish Cream has a few. They’re nicer in cooler temps, though.

    I let Millie come out with me this evening. She loves catching moths. No matter what kinds of silly noises I made, she would NOT look up from her “hunting”. Lisa

  • maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10

    Lisa- everything looks so fresh and lovely. Hard to believe they look so good in so much heat, or were you taking photos at 2 am when you posted....

    Joan Fontaine always looks beautifull. Don't see it much, but those that do grow it usually have nothing but good things to say. Another for my list??

    Good to see you are well protected - obviously Millie takes her moth patrol seriously.

    Carol- I appreciate your balance tips. I know it's something I need to work on. The exercises shown with that balance pad look intense - especially considering the exercises seem static. Think I'll have to re-start walking the kitchen tile(vinyl) lines again.

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  • rosecanadian

    Lisa - you have some beauties there!!! Irish Cream is soooo beautiful!! I've heard such good things about Mystic Beauty...yours is certainly gorgeous! Does it have fragrance? I love your moth hunting cat!!! That's a cat to take camping...all the moths that follow the light at night...meow!! Darn...I didn't realize you are in that much constant pain. Swimming may be good for you? For the foam could start out with just standing on it. I found that challenging at first. Then you graduate to rocking forward onto your toes, then back on to your heels...After that, I started lifting a foot up. That's still challenging for me. Then I lift my foot forward to 12:00 position, then to 3 or 9 (depending on the foot) and then to 6, I find this really challenging. If you decided to go this may just do the rocking back and forth. it's challenging. The heel toe walking is a very good (and cheap) exercise. You can do it anywhere. :)

    Speaking of sleeping..I couldn't get to sleep until 5 a.m. I should have come down to my computer, and we could have had a nice chat. LOL Yes, this heat is going to be very surprising! I don't know if it was even that hot when we went to Mexico. This may be the hottest weather I've ever encountered. Yowzers!

    Maryc - the exercises I do are not intense. LOL...check out what I wrote for Lisa. The hurdle exercises you start with merely stepping over foot at a time. Back and forth. Then you step over and stop and start with the opposite foot that you used to get in there. Repeat til the end. Then you step outside the hurdles like you're walking bow-legged. Then you walk sideways through the hurdles. I started out barely able to do anything. But it gets easier. :)

    Carol...wishing everyone good balance and no pain. :)

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  • Krista_5NY

    The sweet peas are so lovely with the roses, a great accompaniment! Delphinium interesting as well, great pics. I hope you get a break from the heat soon...

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  • Lisa Adams

    LOL. No, I took the pictures around 7:45pm. That’s the perfect time of day. The “Millie picture” was taken around 8:30pm. She hates being cooped up because of the heat, so it’s a real treat for both of us to get out in the evenings. Sebastian enjoys it, as well. Dexter enjoys it a little too much. He promptly jumps the fence, leading to a full-on search party with flashlights, until he’s found. No more evenings in the backyard for Dexter, poor guy. He doesn’t understand that it’s for his own safety.

    My “oddball” roses really shine in the spring and fall, in the cooler temperatures. The cool temps really bring out the neat colors, and I enjoy making arrangements from them. I have several now, so I can have enough of them to fill vases.

    Here’s Joan Fontaine in the bright daylight.

    Mel’s Heritage blooming in the heat. That’s just a small part of him.

    I’m hoping for a break from the heat, too! It’s really showing in the garden and it’s really sapping my energy. Come on FALL! Lisa

  • Rachel Ohio-Zone6A
    Lisa, you have officially enabled me. I purchased The Fawn and William Morris from Heirloom. I’m just going to pot them up, and then over-winter then in the garage to make sure they make it through winter.
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  • Lisa Adams

    Yay! I’m excited for you, Rachel! I think you will love The Faun. Mine is still putting out a few blooms, even though we’ve had horribly high temperatures.

    This morning

    Abraham Darby has three perfect blooms this morning too.

    My “I think it’s Grandmothers Hat-not Louise Odier” keeps blooming in the heat.

    I went out front to take some pictures for Jin the other evening. I should go out front more often while it’s still light out. I didn’t even realize Felicia was still blooming!

    The pink scabiosa were recently all cut back. Now they are all filled with new buds again! I like that! Lisa

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    More lovely pictures, Lisa, and this time I'm eyeing Abraham Darby for myself because it's a gorgeous rose that would probably get tall enough to thwart the wabbits. I had ordered another Baronne Henriette de Snoy but I wonder whether I should substitute AD since ARE also carries it. Your picture certainly makes it tempting. Joan Fontaine is another rose I hadn't even considered but now I am because it does so well in your heat. I've ordered Madame Joseph Schwartz but I doubt that it would perform this well, or look so fresh and perky.

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  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b
    Those are gorgeous pictures Lisa! I agree with Ingrid, those Abraham Darby blooms are making that a tempting new addition! I actually have a question for both you Lisa and Ingrid. For any new roses you buy this time of year with this incredible heat, do you plant them now and baby them with extra water? Or do you just hold them in their containers and wait to plant them, and if so, when? Thanks for any feedback if you happen to see this. I wasn't sure if I should hold out until January to order anything more. Happy Friday!
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  • rosecanadian

    Lisa - oh swoon!!!! I love your Abes...they are incredible!!! And your The Faun are scrumptious!!! I wish I could grow Abe like that!

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  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    Yeah, Lisa, I am going goo goo gaga whenever you send me pictures. Hahaha, absolutely love it. You should put those pics in the forum. It is a vase you had a few days ago..they we're so, so, So Beautiful. Yellows and pinks...Lisa. The one with Meadow Rue Flowers and lavender on top.

    Her Felicias are gorgeous and also Darsey Brussels .I just regret not getting Felicia Bec it was out of stock but the second one, DB, I never got it cause vendor forgot ...grrr. This time I have to order it. Mel's heritage was my fault for not meeting Pam as I cancelled it in January. I am glad that I did bec I never knew it got so big. Now, I am still working on a corner chopping bushes and what not. Still have long ways to go. Hopefully in Fall or winter it might be ready just that I have many invasive plants that grows from roots. Palmetto plants is very hard to kill. It took me 2 yrs to killed 7 of them in one area.

    Both me and Lisa keep teasing each other with brings smiles to my face more than I can tell you .


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  • rosiewells7b

    Lisa, how big is your The Faun? I just purchased one this year and was hoping to get some feedback before I decide where to put her. Your pictures are scrumptious and I can’t wait until mine produces blooms like that!

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  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Lisa , I just love your garden so much and also I love how this forum has given us friendships and kindness between people such a distance apart! What a gift every single person here is !

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  • Lisa Adams

    Sorry to be so slow to reply, I had a long day out yesterday, and it totally exhausted me. I’m spending my day resting.

    Ingrid, in spite of all the ups and downs people have with Abraham Darby, he can make some of the most beautiful blooms to be had. I normally prefer ownroot roses, and it’s a shame about RMV. If it wasn’t for RMV I’d suggest a grafted Abe Darby to you, as they really take off quickly, and seem to have extra strength, at least in the beginning. He sure likes his water, though.

    Tiffandrew, I have done it both ways. Last summer I planted Lady Ashe in the summer, straight into the ground. I needed to shade her with a plastic milk crate, and water her a lot. This summer, I’m keeping my new roses in the shade on the side of the house. I have to water them often, but at least they’ all in one area, so I don’t miss anything that’s struggling in the heat. I decided to wait until it cools down, for their sake and mine! So, I know they CAN successfully be planted out, but it was a lot of work, and Lady Ashe gained nothing by being planted during the summer. She didn’t grow one bit, and waited for cooler temperatures to do anything. I think I used more water on her in the ground, than if I had left her potted until Fall. November is usually about the time I start planting them out, and it takes me until April to finish sometimes.

    Carol, you’re always so encouraging, and make me appreciate my roses all the more!

    Jin, you also are always so encouraging. I see the bad, while you always see the beauty in my yard. I tend to feel dissatisfied with my roses at this time of year, and grow tired of nursing them through these hot months. Once the weather cools off, I enjoy the garden for another 8 or 9 months again. It happens every year.

    Here’s the bouquet of Poseidon, dahlias, scabiosa, and meadow rue, you liked so much. Surprisingly, it still looks fresh and pretty.

    You do need to get Darcey Bussell, Jin. It’s a shame they forgot yours. I’m not a fan of reds, but she’s alone in a little bed, so no clashing:). I need give her a summer trim but, as usual, she won’t stop blooming long enough to give me a chance. She blooms more than any other DA I grow, and she’s not even on the drip system. I keep saying, “ As soon as these buds finish, I’ll cut her back”. By the time those buds open, she has a bunch more new buds, and the pruning is delayed again, and again.....

    Rosiewells, my The Faun is about 3F? high by about 4F wide. I’m not the greatest at estimating sizes, and it’s hard to tell where it ends and Mel’s Heritage has mingled in on one side. It’s a low growing rose, and it took a few years before it started standing upright more. Now it easily holds all its blooms upright without any nodding. At first I thought my The Faun was destined to crawl along in the dirt, which wasn’t so bad, since I have it on my slope. It was looking like a ground cover rose in the beginning. Either maturity, or the drip system has made it grow upwards this year, and show me what a lovely rose it is. It’s probably a combination of both maturity, and the regular water. I was having a very hard time keeping up with hand watering, as I acquired more roses, and my balance and hip got worse. Now that many roses get water all at the same time with one turn of the faucet, I see more blooms from many of my roses.

    Lilyfinch, I love your garden, too! You grow so many different beautiful roses, and have such a beautiful, big space to do so. I enjoy my “rosie friends” here, so much. Who else would understand this passion? I find the nicest people are often gardeners. Often I notice people with a love for growing and nurturing plants/nature goes hand in hand with being a kind and empathetic type person.


  • rosiewells7b

    Lisa, thank you so much for your comments about The Faun. Very helpful in helping me decide where to put her. And I love the vase of flowers you posted. Poseidon looks so beautiful. Hope you are better rested soon!

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  • Lisa Adams

    You’re welcome, rosiewells.

    I just took a few pictures while hearding up the kitties to go inside for dinner.

    These blooms of Mel’s Heritage are just glowing in the sunset. It’s too bad I’m too tired to climb up and get a closer picture.

    Evelyn is blooming very pink this time. It’s been windy today, so I had a hard time catching her standing still. Thankfully, our temperatures went down today. This wind would have been very dangerous with the high temperatures we’d been having.

    A very pink Evelyn

    Lady Ashe, with her big layer cake blooms.

    Joan Fontaine still has plenty of buds and blooms even though I cut about 15 a couple days ago.

    A smaller version of Joan Fontaine is Cream Abundance. It makes a nice, compact shrub. It’s blooms aren’t quite as full nor as large as Joan Fontaine’s are, but they are close enough in color and form to use in a vase together. The stems are pretty short, unfortunately. It’s a very low maintenance rose, and it’s blooming happily in the heat.

    Moonlight Romantica decided to open several blooms at once today, instead of the “one at a time” thing, it’s been doing so far. Newly planted in February.

    Poseidon is SO much better this summer than last. Last year the blooms fried immediately in the summer sun. This year, it’s finally mature enough to really shine. I’m very glad I didn’t give up on it too soon!

    Oops, too dark outside! Flamingo Gardens Tea with her clematis partner, Mme Julia C......?(I forget the rest of it, and I’m too tired to go look it up.)


  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b
    Thanks for the feedback Lisa, that sounds like a good idea to hold and keep in a shader area until November or so when it's cooler to plant. I appreciate your comments so much, thank you! Btw, that picture of Evelyn is so beautiful! All of those pictures are absolutely lovely!
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  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Lisa, thank you for all the eye candy. I am particularly enamoured of Mel's Heritage (my goodness, it's huge!), Joan Fontaine and Moonlight Romantica. How good (and surprising), that Poseidon doesn't need to be shaded now. I love your companion plants too. That clematis with FGT is glorious. It makes me realise too, that if you can grow them, I should be able to. I tried Montana (supposed to be easy), but it died, and I've not tried another since.

    As a result of Carol's mentioning Omega XL, I googled it, and came across a review by Joint Health Magazine. Their first choice is something called Flexoplex, but the top 5 have pretty similar ratings. I take Theracurmin (a similar product makes it in at number 5), which I import from the US. I do find things hurt more if I forget it. And I hadn't realised that they promote tissue regeneration, and strengthen the immune system. Trish

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  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    So many spectacular roses. The Faun is so glorious. I almost ordered it last week but because of its spread I was afraid that it wouldn't have enough room in the space I have for a new rose.

    I keep drooling over Jian Fontaine. What a pretty rose.

    I decided for my 3 rose new planting bed on Sophies rose. Short and bright.

    I think I am also going to plant an Anne Boleyn in Beverly's spot.

    It is going to be a huge rose shuffle lol. Ok, all roses move one spot to your left ha ha.

    Lady Ashe does have that delicious wedding cake look. I love it.

    I was going to pull these out to nake room for a rose but dang it, all of a sudden they took off and look so awesome. My perfect plan, down in flames.

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  • Lisa Adams

    I know how that goes Kristine. I’m always looking for space, but loathe to remove anything. Just when you think one ought to go, it suddenly shapes up.

    You remember my hideous shade structure for Poseidon last summer, Trish? That thing was awful! Thank goodness I don’t need it this year. This summer I probably wouldn’t have put it up anyway. I’m just not feeling up to the extras.

    Several of my roses have finally matured enough to really show what they can do. Joan Fontaine, Poseidon, Mel’s Heritage, Duchess de Brabant, MAC, and even Baronne Prevost bloomed for months.

    I only took one new picture this morning. I didn’t get up early enough to beat the sun.

    Queen Nefertiti

    Great fragrance in lots of shade. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    Oh, why not add a few more that are still in the shade for a few more minutes....

    Duchess de Brabant just keeps blooming along. She’s getting to be a big girl!

    Love Song loves the heat.

    My once barren slope.

    Two pictures of Paul Barden’s October Moon. It’s blooming now that I removed the spent annuals that were blocking the sun.

    Cornelia has been surprising me with her rebloom this summer. Another one that just needed time, and the drip system helped too, I’m sure.

    Joan Fontaine again, with more blooms open. Last year her blooms were often ruined by thrips. This year, Joan Fontaine is thrip free. I’m not sure why.

    They really are gorgeous, and well scented.

    A close up, just because she’s so pretty right now. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    Trish, I meant to say. I think the Omega Fish Oil does help! I didn’t take it for a few days, and my hip pain was worse, even though I wasn’t doing anything to aggravate it. I’m so glad Carol mentioned it. Lisa

  • rosecanadian

    Lisa - I'm so glad it's helping!!! Omega XL (made from mussels from New Zealand) really is a life saver for me. :) :) Your bouquet still looks lovely!! What a wonderful combination!! Mel's Heritage looks it! I love your Joan Fontaine!!! Swoon!! What a lovely hibiscus!! Your beautiful Queen Nefertitti (sp?) looks a lot like Jean Giono. :) Youor roses are all so lovely...what a lovely conversion of a slope!


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  • Lisa Adams

    Thanks, Carol. The self sowing plants and Mel’s Heritage have covered most of one side of my slope. I realize that next spring I’ll have to pull many of these volunteers. Even this year, I had far too many. I can’t imagine how many there will be next year!

    I read that about your Omega XL being from New Zealand mussels. Mine isn’t, but still seems to be helping now that I’m taking two, instead of just one. So, I’m very grateful you mentioned it! Lisa

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Wow, Lisa. Your DdB looks wonderful. I had three, backing my veggie plot, but have cut all of them down, as they were so diseased - and my ex-neighbour planted Golden Cane Palms a foot away from two of them -literally. I didn't get around to poisoning one (further away from the fenceline), and it has shot up, with lovely healthy growth and loads of buds. I've planted Octavus Weld (Angel's Camp Tea) in that spot, and am in a quandary now! Nowhere else for OW to go either - usual story! Also, I cut it so roughly, and there are a couple of thick dead canes above from where new growth has sprouted. Do I try to cut them back? Dilemmas, dilemmas! Another dilemma I'm wrestling with, is do I remove an old cane (a couple of inches in diameter) from Mutabilis. It will then be a third of the size it is now, but hopefully it will respond by putting out new basals. The cane in question is split in places, and rather gnarly generally.

    I love your Queen Nefertiti - what a gorgeous blend of colours, and sumptuous shape. I've never seen it before. It almost makes me want to try Austins again - blackspotted messes in my garden. And October Moon - love the name too.

    Yes, I remember your shade structure for Poseidon. So glad you don't have to do that any more.

    Great that the Omega XL is working for you. And so good to see Millie. Is she living with you again? You drew such a picture of her waiting impatiently to get out. Sebastian looks hilarious. My Rosie (rescued dog), is snoring gently under the doona, jammed against my leg, as I write this. I want to get up, but am loathe to disturb her!

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  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    Lisa, your Queen Nefertiti is so gorgeous. I had it once (oh, how many times I've had to say those words) and it was a gangly, bare specimen, and the flowers did not look well among the pinks, although it was nowhere near as beautiful as yours.

    Your picture of Poseidon is breathtaking. That color is so incredibly beautiful, one of my most favorite colors of all. I don't even have the heart to think of buying it. The rabbits are reaching up ever further into the rose bushes; it almost breaks my heart.

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  • maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10

    You and me both Ingrid. I keep coming across references to so many roses that have come and gone. I meant to keep better records but never got around to it. I bet it i could take an inventory from each and every invoice, I'd be horrified. So maybe it's a good thing I never followed through. I console myself that though my retirement fund might be richer, my quality of life lived would be impoverished.

    I have to laugh at myself. A week or so ago I was investigating companion plants. I think it might have been a pelargonium because it was something ridiculously easy to propagate. And the thought crossed my mind -- I can start a whole bunch of these and send them to Ingrid to put in a bunny garden so they will have enough to eat. Mary

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  • rosecanadian

    You're welcome, Lisa :) And with the Omega XL I think you can take up to 6 pills/day...but 2 works for me like it does for you. :) You can phone them and put a hold on them mailing you their product..I've done it for 4 months at a time, because I used to not need them in the summer. I do now, though.

    Oh, that's so bad Ingrid about the rabbits eating your roses. There are so many challenges that people face when it comes to growing rose.

    Mary - yes, I don't want to know how many roses I've gotten rid of...$$$


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  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    Mary, you are a genius. That is a brilliant idea for Ingrid to get a pelargonium which is easy to propogate. That way, she won't lose her roses due to rabbits. They can grow pretty tall too :)

    And Sheba has a rose that is exactly what Ingrid needs Gruss an Coburg. ;)


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  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    All Wonderful rose photos in this thread! :-)

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  • Lisa Adams

    Thank you all for your kind comments! They make me feel better about the state of areas in the garden that I’m not showing pictures off. In fact, I’m actually hiding some pretty ugly spots, with the heat and my inability to do much lately. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s temporary. I’m keeping things alive, right now. At some point, I’ll “get ‘er done”.

    I hope I didn’t speak to soon about Duchess de Brabant, Trish. This morning I noticed her leaves look very “folded in” , even though she got an extra deep watering last night. She’s still covered with buds and blooms, but she always has been. Can anyone see anything to be concerned about, here?

    I took an absolutely ridiculous amount of pictures this morning, since I finally got out early enough. By 8:00AM, it’s just too bright for good pictures.

    I think I might as well go ahead and call my “not-Louise Odier” by the name ‘Grandmothers Hat’. No wonder she’s been such a superstar in my garden! LOL

    This sweet pea is DEFINITELY a superstar! I don’t know how it can still be blooming. White delphinium and an Abe Darby bloom are also shown.

    Boscobel has a smallish bloom today, probably because it formed during our heatwave.

    The following two photos are of St. Elisabeth of Hungary. I’m really liking this one. I cut these after taking the photos. I’ll see how they hold up in the vase. These are the first I’ve cut from St. Elisabeth of Hungary.

    The ‘Florists Pink’ Scabiosa are beginning to bloom again. The bees are as happy about it as I am.

    One bloom today on Hommage a Soupert et Notting.

    One new bloom for Perdita today.

    First bloom on my own root ‘Mary Rose’.

    Houzz says I’m at my photo limit, but I took lots more. I’ll take a break, and then add the rest. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    I’m back from bringing all the kitties back inside, save one. One can never get enough outside time. Who can blame her? She spent her first months in a tiny cage at the clinic. She agrees it’s too warm in the sun, but she begged me to let her lay in the shade, under my patio chair.

    Clotilde Soupert is still blooming pure white.

    Cornelia may win me over, yet!

    Lots more coming on Cornelia.

    The Faun is finishing up this flush. I cut a few to bring inside.

    Evelyn with the sun

    I ended up cutting some, and taking another photo indoors.

    Slope view, from opposite side as the previous slope picture.

    Mel’s Heritage covers half the slope with these gorgeous clusters.

    A few stems of Mel’s Heritage that I brought inside.

    Is that 10 pictures already? I guess so:). Lisa

  • rosecanadian

    Wow, this short little message wouldn't even submit. I'll try again. Grrrr.

    Darn, darn, darn!!! None of your pictures showed up, and after you took so much time to load them here.

    I'm going to go check out the other rose forum, and see if I want to stay there. This site is beyond pathetic.


    Lisa Adams thanked rosecanadian
  • maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10
    1. Carol - I'm not having any problems, either on desktop or my kindle fire. One defaults to houzz url, one to gardenweb. Has anything changed in how you access?
    2. Well one small problem..Where did those numbers come from. Can't make them go away either.
    Lisa Adams thanked maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10
  • maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10

    Lisa - everything is gorgeous. Sure wish I had room for Mel's Heritage. Was looking at older threads a few days ago and saw a photo that showed your slope in full perspective. Wow - I couldn't have managed that even when I was younger. You amaze me!

    Lisa Adams thanked maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10
  • Lisa Adams

    Oh no! Sheila mentioned on another thread a few minutes ago, that she couldn’t see pictures, either. I’m seeing mine, and the ones Sheila couldn’t see on the other thread. What a shame:(. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    I have a few more pictures but, I wonder if I should post them? That’s two people that can’t see the pictures. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    Thanks Mary. I’m going to need to do some big pruning on Mel’s Heritage this winter. He’d like to take over! It’s better than weeds or bare dirt on the slope, but I’m beginning to step on him to get to other plants. Just this morning, I nearly cut off Crepuscule’s new 4F cane, because I thought it was a piece of MH. I noticed in the nick of time!

    Crepuscule is finally growing and blooming.

    That IS a piece of Mel’s Heritage sneaking in.

    Flamingo Gardens Tea

    I hope you all can see the pictures. It seems Houzz is acting up for some. Lisa

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    I can see the pictures here now, Lisa! I love them.

    Lisa Adams thanked Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR
  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Lisa, I can see your photos, and very nice they are too! Millie is such a sweetie. Yes, I'd be concerned about the leaves on DdB too, especially after a deep watering, but what do I know?! All your roses look lovely, and I wish Grandmother's Hat and Mel's Heritage were available here. Love your scabiosa, and what a pretty shot of the delphinium. Perhaps you've bred a new, summer flowering strain of sweet pea?

    Lisa Adams thanked titian1 10b Sydney
  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    I can see all of your beautiful photos, Lisa, and have been following this thread faithfully since its start. Love it all--especially The Faun. Diane

    Lisa Adams thanked nanadollZ7 SWIdaho
  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    Just went back through this thread—-wow! Lisa, you are such an amazing gardener, and this post makes me wish you had a gardening show.

    I was researching Queen Nefertiti, and then reading this post reminded me about your sweet peas—-I ordered ‘Erewhon’ after your recommendation, and they are just now peaking up out of the soil! :-)

    Lisa Adams thanked Perma n’ Posies/9A FL
  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lisa, I ordered the Fawn because of yours and it is a rose that makes me smile . What a sweet little rose.

    Lisa Adams thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • Lisa Adams

    How neat to see this post pop up again! Thanks Perma. It makes me look forward to seeing everything in bloom again. My sweet peas are growing too, Perma. They have spread everywhere, but I’m unsure about what varieties are where. I’ll have to leave many alone until I see the blooms. ‘April in Paris’, Nuance, and Ereworn, are the three most common in my garden, but I add some new ones each year.

    Kristine, I’m glad you’re happy with The Faun. It’s such an easygoing rose, with adorable blooms. I’m happy to say that Sweet Mademoiselle is finally gone. Gone and good riddance! Everything else is growing gang busters. We had a little rain overnight, and hopefully more is on the way. It’s drizzling out right now, so no pictures this morning. Lisa

  • jjpeace (zone 5b Canada)

    You have a gorgeous garden Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa Adams thanked jjpeace (zone 5b Canada)
  • Lisa Adams

    Well, I might as well add some pictures from the past week or two to this post. Every time I get ready to go outside, it decides to start drizzling more heavily. It’s that on again off again type light rain.

    I’m amazed at the difference in colors some of the roses are showing now, compared to the summer pictures I posted above. Here’s a few for comparison.

    Mel’s Heritage November 2,2019.

    Mel’s Heritage color now that we’ve had cooler temps. Excuse the spent blooms. They’re very difficult to reach. They’re such a dark pink compared to the rest of the year. 1/19/20

    Cornelia shows many shades in this older picture from 5/24/18. (I have NO idea how I managed to get this picture labeled and dated. I wish I remembered how I did it.)

    Cornelia 10/26/19

    Cornelia 11/23/19; Cornelia’s blooms are getting a little deeper pink in the picture below.

    Cornelia 2/1/20; Cornelia’s blooms are now about as deep a pink as I ever see them.


  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I love seeing your garden and the photos of Millie from a few yrs ago. It makes me happy to think of how well she has done. She clearly loves her garden too and all the bugs she can catch there. Its her cool little jungle.

    Your photos always make me want to go buy new roses lol. My Mel's Heritage (inspired by your photos last yr) is doing so well and has so many canes!

    I have no clue how I orginally missed this post lol.

    Lisa Adams thanked sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)
  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lisa, it was your pictures of The Fawn that encouraged me to grow it. I absolutely adore that rose

    It is one that just makes me smile

    Pretty pink flowers that constantly bloom .I planted it at the base of my birdbath and can't wait until it fills in.

    I wish that I had room for Mels Heritage

    I will just have to enjoy seeing yours

    Lisa Adams thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • jjpeace (zone 5b Canada)

    I love the soft palette of your roses. They blend together very well and are harmonious. You have a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa Adams thanked jjpeace (zone 5b Canada)
  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Lisa I also got Mel’s Heritage because I was inspired by you. I planted her in the spring and in the fall want to move her and she sort of fell apart into two pieces.

    Both have survived and are doing well...I’m a little nervous about their size though. Fingers crossed it’s too cool here for them to get as large as yours.

    Also I LOVE your peaches and cream pic of Cornelia. No offense to the pink pictures but I sure hope mine is more in the peachy camp:)

    Lisa Adams thanked oursteelers 8B PNW

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