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Miele W1/T1 Washer & Dreyr

August 10, 2018

Hello - has anyone purchased the Miele W1/T1 washer and dryer and if so what are your thoughts so far? I did a search, but did not see any user experiences yet, unless I just missed it. Thanks!

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  • Jerrod

    C J I have not tried the Cotton repair but I saw it on the Miele Web site. I don't think I have anything for it to work on but it would be interesting to hear about what this stuff actually does. I think I read that it was to be used once or twice a year.

    HU-377495768 Interesting to hear about the increased water by that setting. I have used the max rinse setting and today I discovered that when you do the drum speed during the rinse increases and the tumble pattern changes. Without max rinse, the tumble during the rinses starts slow, picks up speed almost pining the clothes to the side of the drum so that they go around against the side of the drum and then then speed slows down a bit allowing the clothes to fall to the bottom and into the water. This pattern continues for the entire rinse. With max rinse set the drum turns extremely fast for the entire tumble creating a lot of water agitation and and then stops, and the clothes just stay in the water. I guess the tumbling is faster to deal with the amount of water in the drum.

  • daimler98

    Jerrod- which process do you think is more effective?

  • Jerrod

    @Daimler98 I think a version of this same machine is being sold in Europe and the cycle is named Allergy so Miele must think this amount of water is good to help rinse as much detergent away as possible. I have a known detergent allergy to Tide products but I haven't used them in many years. For me I think this setting would be good for certain loads, perhaps underwear and perhaps sheets. My monthly water and sewer bill is combined and it is expensive enough so I don't think I will use this setting on a regular basis. If my detergent allergies flare then of course I will use it.

    In the max rinse setting the water looks foamy from the intense agitation, but I did the bucket test afterwards and there didn't seem to be any leftover residue so I know the rinse is working. The tumbling on the regular method is good also. For underwear I've been using the baby clothes cycle because the main wash lasts at least about 40 minutes, defaults to 3 rinses and if you add and extra rinse you get four. So on the regular level setting this seems to be enough so far. I'll let everyone know if I start itching LOL.

  • Cal

    They've updated the operating instructions for the WWH860WCS online. They did not remove the 'heavy=prewash' and the ability to add multiple options from the updated manual fortunately.

    I haven't had a chance to compare, but at first glance the new manual advises to test water hardness with a test strip. This is similar to their dishwashers. They changed the photos of the ultraphase containers, but the dosage levels are still the same ml which is odd considering the new containers are supposed to have more wash loads per container.


  • C J

    I didn’t see any other change other than what you noted.

  • Jerrod

    The Normal cycle and water heating

    I washed kitchen towels this morning and decided to use the Normal cycle. This is the Cottons cycle that was renamed to Normal. I set the max rinse level on and used 3 rinses. The spins between the rinses were good. The estimated time was 1:30 which reduced to 1:05 after a few minutes. Good water in the wash. The first two rinses used the max rinse level setting, but the last rinse used the regular rinse level. I don't know if that happens if you don't select extra rinse.

    I selected 140F for the wash temp, then ran the water at the laundry sink to measure the temperature. It was 120F. The wash portion lasted 21 minutes. I captured the wash water in a bucket and measured the temperature which was 102F. It doesn't look like too much water heating takes place on the Normal cycle, because after all, it is the Eco cycle. I wonder what temperature the exit water would have been if I had not run water at the sink to measure the temperature before starting the load or if I had selected heavy soil? Hmm, next time I use the Normal cycle I will see.

  • malba2366

    I just set up my miele w1/t1 yesterday. The app shows 0% remaining in the twindos containers despite them being full. Is this normal?

  • Cal

    That happened to me, but after updating the firmware on the washer and also the app on my phone the level reporting was more accurate.

    If they are both new/full, you can also try ejecting the cartridges while the machine is on and inserting them. The machine will then ask you to confirm if you inserted new bottles. Maybe this will tell the machine the two bottles are new and at 100% level.


    I am not sure if it has changed, but when you a put the cartridges in and with the washing machine on, go into the app, click on washing machine, then click on the each twindos container picture and raise the fill level to 100%. Then it will track correctly. Miele tech told me to do that and it worked.

  • C J

    I have had problem after running the maintenance on the twindos using the cleaning twindos solution purchased from Miele. After completing the cleaning (successfully ,

    i think), the next time I tried using a wash with detergent supplied automatically by the twindos I received an error message which told me the container was empty, despite it being mostly full. Not sure why.

  • Donna-37

    Got my new set last week and have read and reread this discussion. I can not for the life of me connect to my WiFi. Any advice? Oh and I set the TwinDos like you all suggested at 18&13. Looks like it is working well at that level.

  • delray33483

    I am no IT expert, but I set mine up using the WPS setting on my router. WPs is usually a button on the router that allow the appliance (or anything else) to connect without using the password.

    i had the same set up issue that you did and tried the WPS and it worked

  • Cal

    I had issues with the dryer setup, eventually it remembered the settings and worked.

    Settings > Miele@Home > Setup again

    Setup using App

    Follow the instructions on the Miele App on your phone. You will definitely need to first register and create a Miele online account using the app. It should prompt you through the steps.

    Here's a video:


  • Jerrod

    I tried connecting with the app several times last week and all of them failed. After reading the post from delray 33483 I tired WPS. It worked the first time. Thanks much Delray. I know about the discrepancies with the Twin Dos levels. I think you can be told when a cycle completes. But what else? What else is connecting your machine to your internet supposed to do for you?

  • delray33483

    i haven't done it, but there are more possibilities for options - rinse AND prewash (instead of either or)

  • scottie mom

    I also followed the WPS instructions. Then someone else posted that if you load the laundry, turn the dial to Mobile Control, and then hit “Start,” you can choose your program from the app, which offers more options. And you can track the progress and see energy and water used. I also really like having it notify me when a cycle is done. Very useful!

  • malba2366

    You have to run the dryer for a cycle after connecting it to the internet otherwise it will lose its settings. I had the same issue and had to call Miele support. I don't know why they would make an odd setup like that.

  • Jerrod

    Thanks Delray. I remember now, that was one the advantage. I was able to check the firmware on the machine using the app. Mine was up-to-date so I didn't need to get an update.

  • malba2366

    We've had our W1/T1 up and running for a few weeks now and almost every cycle I have to run the dryer twice...even when using the extra dry setting. Are there any calibration settings to change the sensor sensitivity so that it'll dry fully with one cycle. The clothes are only slightly damp after extra dry setting.

  • Jerrod

    Check out the T1 thread. I think I read something about adjusting the sensor in that thread.

  • Christine

    Hi - silly question, but can anyone describe the scent of the twindo miele detergent? I ordered the W1 without twindo dispensing but after finding this thread I am going to call and upgrade to the twindo option given how many of you rave about it. But I did see one post about a smell someone didn't like. Is it a very strong scent? Comparable to tide or traditional detergents?

  • delray33483

    christine I really dont smell the detergent at all. i also add an extra rinse so that probably helps

  • Jerrod

    Like Delray33483, I can't smell anything in the TwinDos detergent I have. I read that comment and was surprised, but different people, different noses. I think they were going to offer a new scent that smelled like one of their fabric softener capsules named Aqua. I have used Acqua and there is little to no scent in it. What there was smelled very soft. I don't think you have to worry about any strong scents in Miele detergents. I have used their powders and liquid fabric softener and everything is scented lightly. It is not even as strong as tide or anything else I have used.

  • Donna-37

    I also can not smell anything. I do not like the Aqua scent. To me it is very loud. I am a fan of little to no scent so I can use my fragrances and have them shine through.

  • scottie mom

    To me, the scent seemed strong at first, but I think that might be because one or more of the bottles opened up in transit. The inside of the box was covered! Miele replaced them quickly and I really haven’t noticed the fragrance since. Love the Twindos!

  • luna123456

    @ malba2366

    Here is the relevant information from pages from the Miele TWI180 dryer manual. Please note that the settings on the US dryers have these same Drying Levels adjustments for both the Normal Plus and Extra Dry options.

    There is also an conductivity adjustment you can make if you have really soft water. This allows the dryer to better sense the residual moisture.

  • Christine

    Thank you everyone - they just arrived, so I’m off to do my first load :-)

  • Christine

    I must say I am loving these machines !

    I reread this thread a couple of times in it looking for help on a couple of questions :

    - does TwinDos release soap for cycles where windows is not recommended (eq sportswear)? I did a load, and then noticed afterwards that it wasn’t recommended, so now I don’t know whether or not they were washed with soap.

    - Is there a definitive answer as to whether or not TwinDos releases soap during a prewash?

    many thanks, Christine

  • scottie mom

    Oh I'm glad you're liking the machines! Lots to learn, but it's kind of fun, no?

    I had a similar question about if (and when) the Twindos is released. I just replaced the Phase 2 cartridge for the first time, and I wasn't sure if the last load I ran (Sanitize wash) actually got any detergent. I just go by evidence of suds, which has been a bit of an issue for me, since the water is very soft here.

    When you set up your wash program, you should see "Twindos" lit up if it's going to deploy. And it will say 1 or 2, based on the recommended profile for that wash. If you want to bypass it with your own soap, just tap the "Twindos" and the light should go away. And I think the chart in your quickstart guide will tell you which programs use Twindos. The Woolen cycle definitely does not use it, but "Normal" or "Extra White" definitely will. It's relatively intuitive. I had the machines for a few weeks before the cabinet was built around them, so I attached the quickstart guide to the side of the machine with a magnet. Keep it handy somewhere--I refer to it a lot!

    Enjoy :-)

  • scottie mom

    @luna123456You're brilliant, thank you! I had the same problem as Malba, and I tried changing the Conductivity setting. Works like a charm. The only thing is that the dryer makes more noise than it used to--kind of a high-pitched whine. Anyone experience that?

    For reference, my water is 1.51 gr/gallon or 26 mg/ liter, according to the City.


  • luna123456

    @scottie mom

    I would say that is VERY soft water. 150 micro siemens is equal to about 8 grains per gallon of hardness. If water is softer than this (a lower number) then it would be beneficial to set the conductivity setting to low for best drying results.

    It would have been beneficial if Miele updated the manual to state conductivity in grains per gallon. Unfortunately the USA is one of the few countries that use this imperial unit for water hardness. Which is probably why whomever wrote the manual in Germany did not use it.

    Micro Siemens (as listed in the manual) is used in most scientific fields as a measure of water "hardness", or rather the resistance to the flow of electricity between two probes when inserted into a liquid medium. There are even relatively inexpensive meters that can be used to instantly display the electrical conductivity of water. They are geared towards industries that rely on measuring frequent changes in water conductivity. Such as when adding fertilizer to water (to verify concentration) in the horticultural industry, water treatment, sanitation, etc.

    As to the "whine", I am not sure why it would do that. All I can think of is that maybe a separate circuit is used when low conductivity is enabled. This would sort of make sense. See the following video on how "perfect dry" works. With very soft water the ability for perfect dry to detect mineral content would probably not work properly. The dryer would fall back on the older electrical conductivity method that did not measure mineral content at the beginning of the cycle.

    Measuring mineral content at the beginning of the cycle allows the dryer to adjust the scale for electrical conductivity as the clothes dry. Clothes with a higher mineral content will be properly dry when the electrical conductivity is higher. It may be that the perfect dry system doesn't work with very soft water and so the low conductivity setting engages the older system. This is all just speculation on my part.

  • Jerrod

    I think Twin Dos will release detergent on every cycle as long as you have not touched the display to turn it off. You have to touch it every time you don't want to use it. When using you select either white or colors to control the concentration mix of both detergents for that load. Touching white will cause more peroxide to be released. Also as you see above many have adjusted the recommended amount so that it is correct for their water conditions.

    I did a test using a prewash and as many others say here it didn't seem to release detergent. From the manual it seems like it should but mine certainly did not. You use a liquid in the prewash side(right side) of the dispenser. For me I just add a little bit of detergent and it seems to work.

  • luna123456

    TwinDOS does NOT work for pre-wash not does it work in the woolens or downs cycles. These cycles require different detergent. Remember in the USA Miele does NOT officially support using any twindos cartridge other than the ones they sell. Miele only offers one type of detergent in the TwinDos UltraPhase 1 cartridge. That detergent will damage Wool and Down textiles.

    So so if you select Woolens or Downs TwinDos is not selectable.

  • daimler98

    Have you all noticed that after the last Miele@home update, there are more options available when the app is used to start a program, i.e., Eco, quick rinse, etc. Delicate is now also on the option list in the app.

  • Jerrod

    I noticed by accident that the app will told me what stage the program was in and how long until it ends, without even logging in or selecting mobile control. I only noticed this because I decided to see what might be new in the app, so opened it while in the middle of a wash.

  • K

    I've been researching the newly released W1 classic washer (WWB020 more budget friendly option). Features of higher models that it doesn't have include wifi, twindos, and some cycle options include no ability to add an extra rinse. You can increase the water level on the rinse in the programmable options (has to be done manually to each cycle in the exact same way as the higher level models). I personally love persil and don't need wifi to make things more complicated for me so other than the loss of ability to add an extra rinse, the classic machine has everything I need.

    Miele provided me with a chart of the default rinse cycles included in the wash cycles on the dial which I thought might be useful to some on here that are contemplating the lower end washer or having trouble adding a rinse when pre-wash is also selected on the higher end models. This way you can choose a cycle with a higher number of rinses as a work around.

  • Jerrod

    Thanks. I think this is a list of all the cycles that the Twin Dos machines have and the Classic seems to have some of them too. I will sometimes use the baby clothes cycle for cottons because it has 3 rinses by default and adding an extra one will give you four.

    I have the 860 model and last week I downloaded the user manual for the Classic from the Miele web site so I could read it. Reading the user manual is the first thing I do when thinking about getting an appliance or comparing them, since it gives you a better idea of what to expect.

    I think the list you have provided can certainly be used as a cheat sheet. No more guessing!

    Thanks again.

  • Jerrod

    I just noticed the number of rinses for QuickintenseWash says 1. On the W1 860 it does a rinse and then a rinse with fabric softener as the last rinse. You also get two rinses with Quick rinse.

    Don't think there is a rinse with Drain- it just drains and then spins.

  • daimler98

    Thanks to the app. Very cool :)

  • whirlpool_trainee

    Are these options also available on the washer itself? They should be. Well, at least they are on the Euro models. Maybe there's an update available?

    I am excited to see the Water Plus option is finally available. Over here, you can set it in four different levels, each adding one extra cm to the water level (I think).

  • daimler98

    All options in the app menu are not on the machine itself. For example, Water Plus, Eco, are not on the machine. Also, on the machine, only one of the options in the submenu can be selected per cycle. On the app, multiple options may be selected.

    Water Plus seems to always be pre-selected.

  • luna123456

    Water plus has been there all along. It is called “allergy” on the USA machine. It is enabled in the settings menu. Just like cottons program is renamed normal. Eco is also there, but why bother? Cycles should do what they say and not skimp on water or heat.

    If you don’t use the app then you wouldn’t notice that it was there.

  • whirlpool_trainee

    On the models outside of North America, Water Plus merely adds more water to the wash and rinse cycles - adjustable in four steps - while Allergy adds a steam phase after the main wash. Water Plus doesn't alter spin profiles or temp holding times, as some say the Allergy option does.

    For those who are interested, here's the UK manual for the Passion model (aka fully featured).


  • Jerrod

    Have not seen allergy in the settings menu, but there is a max rinse setting that raises the water in every rinse if you turn it on.

    I tried this using my app and water plus shows as enabled for every program I select. You can turn it off though. I don't have max rinse setting enabled on my machine yet water plus shows as the default. I guess this might mean that you can get max rinse level just for one run without going into the settings menu.

  • daimler98

    I have not seen “allergy” or “water plus” options discussed at all in the current USA-lineup instruction manuals, except for the Little Giant. I think Max Rinse Level in settings is addressing allergy concerns and that Water Plus serves a different function, and is not referenced.

    From Miele UK from WWV980 WPS Passion


    From Miele USA H860 WCS TDos&Int.Wash WiFi

  • Jerrod

    As far as I know, Miele has up until now never referenced the term water plus in its North American models or manuals, but it has used it throughout Europe and Australia too. The term is not in the manual but is found in the app perhaps because the app might be used in other countries, or maybe Miele is giving the function to North America too.

    My previous Miele bought in 2003 had a button labeled sensitive and pressing it gave me an extra rinse. A few years after I bought the machine I discovered that the same model was being sold in Australia. The model had some cycles named differently and the sensitive button was labeled water plus. While reading the AU manual I discovered it contained an additional section not included in the North American version. The section described how to program different functions on the machine. One of those functions was how to program the water plus button which had several options.

    You could program it to give an extra rinse

    You could program it to give more water in the rinses

    You could program it to give more water in the wash and rinses

    You could program it to give more water in the wash and rinses, and give an extra rinse too. As delivered my button was programmed to give only an extra rinse. I re-programmed my button to give that last option so I got more water in the wash and rinses, and an extra rinse.

    In the Au model water plus could add water and also change how and when it was used. As delivered to North America it only did one thing which was add an extra rinse, so the word sensitive was used on the button while extra rinse would have been OK too.

    On the W1 as the manual says Max Rinse Level is on the machine for people(like me) that can have allergic reactions to different detergents and I am so glad it is. In the case of water plus perhaps it raises the water in the wash and the rinses but the levels are lower than Max Rinse Level. In any case, I am glad we have more functionality on the W1 than any other model of washer Miele has recently sold in North America. I wash towels on Friday and will use the app so will see what happens.

    Damiler98- have you tried deselecting water-plus and if so does it lower the wash water or rinse levels?

  • daimler98

    I haven’t ran a cycle with water plus deselected.

    I have noticed it stays selected even when remote control isn’t used. It still shows in the app when checking cycle status after starting the load from the machine.

  • Cal

    Something else I ran into with the washer...

    If you manually select Pre-Wash as an option for a cycle, then press TwinDos (colors/whites) button twice, the machine will instruct you to add 1/3 detergent into Slot I, and 2/3 into Slot II. I guess that's kind of strange considering TwinDos is on, I'm not sure why they want you adding more detergent into Slot II (Main wash compartment).

  • C J

    If you press TwinDos once, doesn’t it turn it on, and pressing it a second time turn it off?

  • Cal

    Normally yes. However, if you have Pre-Wash enabled under options, pressing TwinDos twice will show a display about adding detergent to the drawer.

    Looks like Ultraphase Sensitive cartridges are finally out in the German store. Nothing in the UK yet. Hopefully this means in a few months they will appear in the US.

    Miele Germany - Ultraphase Sensitive

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