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Miele W1/T1 Washer & Dreyr

August 10, 2018

Hello - has anyone purchased the Miele W1/T1 washer and dryer and if so what are your thoughts so far? I did a search, but did not see any user experiences yet, unless I just missed it. Thanks!

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  • luna123456

    I would also like to say that Gain Botanicals works well too. It is less Sudsy than Purclean, but there is a scent and it has fewer enzymes. It's is VERY cheap and doesn't have the terrible, overpowering regular gain smell.

  • malba2366

    @luna have you tried the US Persil? It looks to have all the same enzymes as the Miele ultraphase 1.

  • luna123456

    We won't use Persil because ALL of their offerings in the US have optical brighteners in them, even the sensitive version. It is one of the reasons why I have not purchased more of the Miele UltraPhase 2. UltraPhase 1 does not have optical brighteners, but you must have something in the Phase 2 bottle (even if it's water) or the TwinDos function does not work. Until they release the sensitive version without the Optical Brighteners we will just use hydrogen peroxide and manually refill the ultra phase 2 bottle with a funnel. I don't have much problem with the UltraPhase 1 other than I would like them to have a scent and dye free formula.

    Right now in the USA your options for liquid detergents that are free of optical brighteners, dyes, etc. except a fragrance are: Tide PurClean, Gain Botanicals, Dreft Purtouch (All of these are P&G brands), Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, Ecover, BioKleen, and few lesser known brands. The P&G brands are the only ones with multiple enzymes in the formula. So that sort of limits what we will choose. The fact that if you use coupons and shop at the right place you can purchase PurClean cheaper than the regular option is a bonus as well.

    If you don't care about those things or they don't cause allergies for you, then Persil, Regular Tide and a few others would work great too. Just have to make sure to not get the ultra-concentrated versions that might be too thick.

  • M Miller

    Very helpful post Luna! Thanks!

    What about turning down the dosage setting for Phase2 to as low as possible? You’ll get a very tiny bit of OB, but it seems better than plain water which will dilute the cleaning power of Phase1. Not sure what hydrogen peroxide would do.

  • luna123456

    It can be turned down to 1ml, but if your not using phase 2 then it doesn’t matter if water is in the bottle or not. 20 or so ml is about 2/3 of a tablespoon so it’s such a small amount that it’s not making any difference with dilution.

    Miele ultraphase 2 uses hydrogen peroxide as the main bleaching agent. The other ingredients primarily play a water conditioning role. The optical brightener sticks to your clothes. It absorbs UV light and emits blue which our brains think looks white. It is there to cover up stains so we do not see them. It serves no cleaning purpose. It is also considered a pollutant in many areas along with being an allergen for some people.

    On dark colored clothes it can make them look dull and washed out.

  • malba2366

    Is there any way to make the machine only dispense the ultra phase 2 in certain cycles and not others?

  • C J

    Does it get dispensed when you use the dark clothes cycle?

  • scottie mom

    Malba and CJ,

    If you set it up to use Twindos, most cycles it will show "TwinDos" and you pick white or dark. But for a cycle like wool, it doesn't come up as an option. They give you a chart, but it's pretty foolproof. What's nice is that someone who doesn't know your laundry routine (say a guest or cleaning person) can just shove the sheets in and hit "start." I like it, personally. But I'm experimenting with the detergent itself, as well as the dosing.

  • Jerrod

    I think it uses more Phase 2 for whites, and less for colors and, and it may not use it at all for certain fabric types but I don't know which fabrics. probably doesn't bleach darks or wool.

  • Jerrod

    To those that have the phone app:

    Do you know if you are able to select a spin speed when using the Normal cycle. On the machine the speed is set to 1600 rpms and you cannot change it. I understand why it is this high as a default, but there are some things I don't want to spin that fast. Of course there are other cycles that do the same as the Normal cycle and are even better than that cycle, but it would be nice to be able to lower the spin on the Normal cycle too. Can you do it on the phone app?

  • HU-377495768

    Glad I finally found this thread. Been having to read threads for similar European machines since buying my units back in September.

    I cannot not for the life of me find the Allergy setting in the settings menu. Although the app does show water plus.

    Also, I read earlier that 1 tablespoon Persil or Tide is sufficient for our washers. Since I bought the entry level unit, I’m having a hard time figuring out dosing levels.

    -We have a stockpile of German Persil powders, Miele powders and liquids, etc.

    -Generally small to medium loads

    -Hard Anaheim water

    Most times clothes seem nice and clean, but sometimes they just don’t seem as clean as before. So I am sure I am messing things up.

    Any advice is appreciated

  • whirlpool_trainee

    The TwinDos detergent should only be available on cycles where the detergent is suitable - so not on wool, silk etc.

    The mixing ratio is 50/50 for whites, while colored clothes get 2/3 ultraPhase 1 and 1/3 of the bleach.

  • Cal

    @Jerrod. Nope, on the mobileapp for Normal your options are either 0rpm or 1600rpm.

    PS - Thanks for the baby clothes cycle suggestion, this cycle is working really well for some older items that still have detergent build-up over the years.

  • scottie mom

    I forgot about the Baby Clothes cycle! I need to try that one. Thanks for the reminder.

  • kelleyhendrik
    In addition to the baby clothes cycle, I’ve found that the wrinkle free cycle has right amount of rinses (3) and can also add an extra rinse in the options. For my kids clothes that are a dirty I add the heavy soil button. I’ve found the Wrinkle Free cycle to work better than the Normal cycle to get clothes clean, smelling clean, and no detergent residue. I’ve used it with both Twindos on (lower than default) and off using Tide or Persil (1T). I also ran a load with a separate rinse cycle to see if there was detergent residue/extra suds and there wasn’t. Might want to try this one and see if it works for you as well. :)
  • Jerrod

    I think the baby Clothes cycle also does 3 rinses because when I use it I keep forgetting that and add an extra rinse. Then I get 4 rinses which is too much for me, but really great for babies. Next time I use it I will try a prewash. If the machine gives me that I will get the prewash and extra rinse people have been looking for which is really good for baby clothes and items that we adults trash with soil.

  • kelleyhendrik
    Adding the Heavy Soil ( T-shirt button ) gives you a prewash automatically. This way you can have a prewash and extra rinse, should both be needed. I use this with cleaning rags and dirty stuff.
  • Jerrod

    Oh. I thought further up in the thread I read that there was no Prewash with a water change. I don't really know since I Haven't tried that yet.

  • C J

    While you can press the T-shirt icon for heavy soil and it will illuminate, if you have also selected extra rinse as an option, the pre-wash will not execute and the machine will immediately proceed to main wash. You won’t be able to tell that your pre-wash has not occurred unless you stand in front of the machine and watch it immediately go to main wash.

  • luna123456

    CJ is correct. The main wash will be extended in time, but a pre-wash won't occur if you have the "Extra Rinse" selected. The only way around this is to use the App and select all the options there. When using the app the washer WILL perform the pre-wash, main wash (with heavy), Extra Rinse, etc.

  • kelleyhendrik
    I think it’s the terminology and what the display says that is confusing. By selecting the heavy T-shirt it adds a “prewash” to the main cycle. If selecting Prewash under extra options, you get a prewash on display. Does it do exactly the same thing? I don’t know. Probably a good school science experiment. The manual says for the heavy soil icon it adds a “prewash” and we see the extra time added. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that with extra time it is doing the extra washing as the manual suggests. I am able to add an extra rinse in the options, both remain illuminated, which to me indicates they are both working in that cycle.
  • kelleyhendrik
    Also, it depends on which (1) extra option you select last on the machine. If you select extra rinse, then prewash. It does the last one selected. It doesn’t default to only doing the extra rinse. Hopefully that will change with an update.
  • minimalist183

    Has anyone connected their Miele W1 washer to "cold water only" using a Y adaptor ?

  • C J

    According to Miele Technical Services, only one option can be engaged at a time, meaning despite what the manual says, you cannot do a pre-wash and an extra rinse in the same cycle (irrespective of whether you try to engage the pre-wash with the t-shirt icon or with the options keys). This is a programming flaw that they do not have plans to fix, at least for now.

    So it‘s not a terminogy issue, it’s a programming issue.

    Others have noted that you can work around the programming bug by using the app, although I have not tried that myself.

  • Jerrod

    How about using a program that defaults to 3 rinses anyway. What happens if you select Pre-wash on those programs?

  • C J

    I wasn’t aware that some programs have more rinses than others..,

  • luna123456

    A prewash is different. It dispenses detergent from the pull out drawer slot that is designated for a pre-wash. It is Designed to remove protein/organic based stains that may be set by a hot wash.

  • malba2366

    @luna....looks like Miele just raised the prices to the Ultraphase to $20. Have you noticed any cleaning difference using the Tide Put Clean, and there straight peroxide bleach?

  • Cal

    Did anyone else notice the change between the old Ultra Phase bottles and the new ones?

    New Ultraphase 2 - 63 loads, 47.34oz

    Old Ultraphase 2 - 50 loads, 50.72oz

    interestingly they both say the maximum dose for soft water is 36ml

  • malba2366

    Looks like they reduced the size of the bottle from 1.5L to 1.4L and raised the price by $1. This is almost a 12% increase in cost per load.

  • Jerrod

    I see them at $18.99 on the USA Miele site. I ignore the dosing suggestions on all detergent bottles and use what is best for me. That takes a little time but in the end you end up with clean clothes. Plus a lot of Persil's and Miele's suggestions for detergent doses are based on German and European water hardness so they might not apply to the area you are living in.

  • malba2366

    @jarrod. What dosing are you using?

  • Jerrod


    I currently have the dose set to phase 1-18ml and phase2-9 ml.

    In the past I have alternated detergents between Persil Megaperls for whites and Megaperls for colors, Miele detergents for whites and colors and Persil 2n1 liquid. I plan to use mostly the twin dos but continue to work in both persil Megaperls. I get a rash from Tide so any Tide product is off the list for me.

    With Megaperls and Miele powders I used 2 teaspoons for regular soil and would pre treat items with heavy stain. If I had an entire load that was heavily soiled I would increase the dose to one tablespoon and also increase the temperature of the wash. Extra large loads would get dosed a 1 tablespoon. Extra large loads having many items stained would get 2 tablespoons with some of it placed into a prewash.

    With Persil 2n1 liquid I used 29 ml for regular soil and again would pre treat and increase the dose to to about 31 ml for heavy loads. I have not tried the powders in the W1 yet so the dosing may have to change since the tumbling is more aggressive in that machine.

  • scottie mom

    @jerrod Didn't you say you had very hard water? If mine is 1.5 gpg, maybe I should try lower doses. Why did you choose 9ml for Phase 2? Curious!

  • malba2366

    @Jerrod. at mielestore and other online sellers it looks like the price is $19.99 per bottle. If this is true and the size has decreased to 1.4L (from 1.5L) as another poster said that equates to a 12% cost per load increase regardless of dose. Ill probably still use twindos due to the convenience. I like the system since these machines will be in my master closet so there is no mess from pouring detergents/powders.

  • Jerrod

    @scottie mom

    I am still experimenting with the dose so I don't know if this is the final amount or not. I do know that the suggested dosing in the manual is too much for my water quality. I started with 29ml of phase 1 and 17 of phase 2 because I was using 29ml of Persil 2n1. I saw in the manual that phase 2 was 12 ml below phase 1 so that's where I came up with 17 ml for phase 2. Everything was clean but I thought there were too many suds in the rinses. I read on here and another laundry site that people were using 18 with good results so I decided to try that. When it came to phase 2 I thought 12 ml less than 18 was too low to do anything meaningful so I increased that dose to 9.

    I tried this on a few loads but won't be doing major laundry including whites until next Saturday so I still don't know if this is the correct setting for me. I can say the rinses are good. Keep in mind that the machine will increase the dosing from your set amount if you select heavy soil but I don't know how much of an increase. Also from a post above more of phase 2 will be used on whites than colors. The reasoning behind combining phase 1 and phase 2 is to add the hydrogen peroxide bleach to the detergent, so using too little of phase 2 may defeat its usefulness.

    So 9 ml for phase 2 is my guess for this week lol, until I see the results on heavy soiled whites.

    The dosing instructions on the actual bottles of phase 1 and 2 are more comprehensive than what is stated in the manual because they list amounts to use if you only wash small loads. I am not going to add that confusion to what I am doing, but there are lower amounts stated on the bottles than that mentioned in the user manual.

  • scottie mom

    @jerrod Hah! Glad someone else is fiddling with the numbers. And it's very helpful to compare notes, so thank you! I was on the phone with a good friend in Germany who iniitally recommended these machines for me. He agrees it's just a process of experimentation. Overall, I like the idea of automatic dosing so much. Once it's completely figured out, I'll never really have to think about it again.

    Stupid question: when you do a pre-wash, I assume Twindos adds whatever is required twice, right? And if you're adding your own, do you just put the same amount in both bins? I did a Sanitize wash today and wanted to use the LeBlanc Linen Wash. I realized too late that I didn't have anything in the second bin. Do you know how that works?

    And one more question: on my app, both Ultraphase 1 and 2 have always appeared at 0% filled. When I put new cartridges in (which should be soon,) is there a way to make it register what's left? Easy enough to open the little door, but I thought I might be missing something.

    Thanks again!

  • malba2366

    @jerrod...if you are using 18ml of Ultraphase 1, you should try 13-14ml of ultraphase 2 which is the same ratio of ultraphase 1 : Ultraphase 2 that is set by default (1 : 0.75)

  • Jerrod


    Thank You very much for your suggestion I will change the dose to that.

  • Jerrod

    @scottie mom

    Lol I have only had my machine for 2 weeks so I haven't tried the prewash yet. The manual says it is 26 minutes long which is long for me. I had a previous Miele that had a 15 minute prewash which was done in cold water and then heated to warm, so I have experience with that, but not the W1. This week I am planning to do the prewash when I wash whites next Saturday.

    I am hoping I get Twin Dos dosing in both the prewash and main wash I mean why not? The manual gives a tip that suggests using Twin Dos if you want to do a prewash so it must work.

    If you are not using Twin Dos I guess it works like my old machine. You put detergent in the right side prewash cup and the machine runs water only through that cup to fill. It does the prewash and then for the main wash the machine runs water only through the left cup to remove the detergent. One thing I do not understand is why a prewash cannot be done with powder detergent. The water is going down the same shute in the back so what's the difference, unless the machine takes the detergent,mixes it and sprays it over the clothes, or the machine uses cold water like my other one and heats it, I don't know.; guess I;ll find out. I have a natural gas tankless water heater so I can tell when hot water is taken so we'll see.

    I haven't downloaded the app yet. I had read in this thread that people had done updates to their machine, then later they found that they could not do a prewash and extra rinse. I decided to leave off the internet connection at the beginning to see if the updates where causing the issue. It isn't; out of the box the machine removes the check mark if both are selected.

    The manual says that the twin dos level can be corrected with the app, but I don't know about that yet. I think I read that on the machine it will show the amount left as long as you do not remove the cartridge.

  • luna123456

    Pre-wash does NOT use TwinDos. TwinDos is only dispensed during the main wash. Powered detergent is not recommended by Miele in the pre-wash slot because that slot is only flushed with water once during the pre-wash. Due to the single flush of this slot it is possible that not all detergent will be dissolved. The main wash detergent slot is flushed several times during the main wash and also during the rinse cycles. This means any remaining powered detergent would be fully cleared from the main wash detergent slot.

    You probably COULD use powered detergent in the pre-wash slot. Miele just recommends against it due to the potential for some detergent to remain in the slot.

    Use the update firmware function in the app. It is located under More->Settings->Module Updates. Once the firmware says "up-to-date" close the app and re-launch it. The volume remaining TwinDos capacity should show properly after that. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate of how much is left. The washer doesn't have any sensor other than being able to tell when the cartridge is fully empty. The washer just deducts the amount dispensed from 1500ml (when a new cartridge is put in) and then keeps a running counter. It is not uncommon for it to show 10-20% left and then have the washer say the cartridge is empty.

    TwinDos correction in the app does not work in the USA models. I am pretty sure this was designed for the Euro models that allow "fill your own" cartridges. The would allow you to fill an empty bottle half full with your own detergent/softener and then adjust the remaining amount accordingly. This would be common when you only have half a jug left and put that in the empty bottle, but it would not fill the bottle. In the US models Miele expects you to purchase new full bottles of their detergent so every changed bottle is expected to be a full one from them. If you try to use the set remaining amount function it will give an "incorrect model" or some such error message.

  • Cal

    Same issues for me regarding the twindos levels. The firmware update definitely helped however, but I have not been through a full bottle of the 'new style' twindos bottles yet so I'll wait to see.

    Did anyone else notice on the Mieleusa website they are planning to introduce a Classic W1 in 2019 model listed as WWB020 WCS ? https://www.mieleusa.com/domestic/product-highlights-302.htm

    Pulled up the owners manual on their website...quite a reduction in options.

  • Jerrod


    I am confused about the Prewash. I was going to do one and then realized that I was out of Liquid detergent. I opened the manual on page 32 to confirm that I had to use liquid. That was confirmed, but then below the instructions to use liquid was a tip that says if you want to do a prewash, use Twin Dos. So is this another case of the machine acting differently than described in the manual?

  • zenhar24

    @Cal: That new W1 Classic washer that you mention may be a lower priced model than what Miele currently offers in the US market. Glad to see that the new companion T1 heat pump dryer model will also be using 120 Volts.

  • Jerrod

    I've been confused about the prewash on the machine and whether it will use detergent or I have to furnish my own. I want to use a prewash on my laundry this weekend so I decided to test my machine using two programs, Baby Clothes and Normal. I did a Quick Rinse in-between these two cycles. My washer drains into the laundry sink so I put a bucket under the drain pipe and got a thermometer ready so I could measure the temperature of the prewash water. My incoming cold water is 43F. I used four dirty items so that I could wash two in each run. I have a tankless natural gas hot water heater so I can tell when hot water is running because I hear the flame ignite and burning while the water is running.

    Baby Clothes: wash temp at 120F or hot. Extra was a prewash.

    This was a cold fill. No hot water was taken in. The prewash lasted about 20 minutes.

    Detergent was dispensed and the water was foamy with only 2 items.

    Drain temperature was 87F.

    I wiped the suds out of the drum and ran a quick rinse to help remove the suds.

    Normal Wash: temp at 120F or hot. Extra was prewash.

    This was identical to the Baby Clothes cycle, cold fill, detergent dispensed, lasted about 20 minutes and the drain temperature was 87F.

    My previous machine was 220V and it also did a cold fill for a prewash and heated the water before the main wash, so I wasn't sure a 120V machine would do too, but the W1 did use a cold fill. This is good because hot water will set certain stains so with the cold fill and detergent there is a good chance to help remove some of the stain before super hot water hits it.

    One thing is different from my old machine. The old machine would do a quick spin after the prewash and before the wash. The W1 did not; it went directly into the main wash by filling with hot water. Would rather have the spin but I am happy with the water heating so I will shut up about the spin.

  • luna123456

    So are you saying that TwinDos is active for a pre-wash or that detergent was dispensed from the pre-wash slot in the pull out detergent drawer?

  • Jerrod

    I selected TwinDos and never opened the detergent drawer so I guess TwinDos dispensed the detergent into the prewash. I made sure to use clothes with visible dirt and clothes that have been washed in the machine before. Before this machine the clothes were washed in my previous Miele machine with Persil Megaperls, so the suds were not left over detergent. I'll try this again with a full load over the weekend.

    I picked Normal and another program to see if they would both heat because Normal is the cycle Energy Star uses to run it's tests. Heat was applied to both cycles but the water level was lower in the Normal cycle. Also I didn't run complete cycles; instead I canceled the cycles after the Main wash started.

  • Cal

    According to their press release, the classic W1/T1 should be out in April and will cost $1,199 each.

  • H Seattle

    Very appealing price points . I wonder why they launching a very basic model this late since their w1 debut ?

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