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Very happy with Granadero!

Festiva Maxima (MD 6B)
August 21, 2018

This is the first year I'm trying Granadero, and I'm very impressed. We had the wettest July on record (almost 17") and some of my neighbors ended up pulling their plants.

Granadero is still healthy in my 100% organic, no-spray garden. Not one case of BER.

The fruits are very thick-walled, meaty, good for sauce and slicing. The only drawback is that birds love them, too...

Comments (7)
  • vgkg Z-7 Va

    Very Nice!, mine and my neighbors tomatoes have been devastated by the wettest months on record here too. I planted 6 late tomatoes out in mid June for some fall tomatoes and even they are dying a slow death of blight and related moisture loving plant diseases, we had a full week of cloudy rainy weather and that got the ball rolling on them,. All the early ones are shot. It's Autumn crops planting time now. Happy Saucing!

    Festiva Maxima (MD 6B) thanked vgkg Z-7 Va
  • Festiva Maxima (MD 6B)

    Yup, last year I grew mostly Orange Banana. The sauce was heavenly -- the best I've ever tasted. DH is still asking about it. But I ended up throwing out about 50% because of BER, and the plants started dying in August. No more heirlooms for me, unless we move out of the Mid-Atlantic...

  • TheyCallMeDave

    Nice tomato plants. Most of my tomatos have slown down and started dying... It hasn't been very hot lately... so maybe they're just getting old or it's the way I bent the stems downward because the plant was getting bigger than me.

    Festiva Maxima (MD 6B) thanked TheyCallMeDave
  • marcantonio

    yeah here on long island its been terrible with all the wet weather, septoria leaf spot is rampant. even the stronger cultivars are giving in, big beef and beefy boy. forget the heirlooms. i definitely have to try stronger varieties.

    Festiva Maxima (MD 6B) thanked marcantonio
  • marcantonio

    are these tomatoes sweet ? they seem like a good sauce tomato.

  • hairmetal4ever

    Septoria appears to be my main issue. Do these seem prone to that?

  • marcantonio

    i have a big problem with septoria, the heirloom sauce tomato ten fingers of naples held up well and still is as of today. but i'd like to add a slightly larger plum to the mix hoping granadero is sweet enough.


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