Complete bath 9 x7 Remodel. Need help with layout.

Katy Richard
3 years ago
We are finally remodeling our horrid and outdated bathroom. It's the only one we have. It measures
9' 8" long x 7' 1" wide. There is a 28" window centered on back wall. And we will be installing a 28" pocket door in the original 32" opening which is at right front corner as you enter bathroom. The wall space from door to corner is 49".

I have eclectic tastes. Going for a modern/antique mix. I have a French antique side board (42" long x 17" deep x 33" high) that i'll be using as a vanity, with a white vessel sink and a very large antique mirror,
32" x 52" rectangle. Would prefer to hang vertically.

Our new tub is big: 72" long, 36" wide 21" height.

We have chosen a shiny, white 6" x 9" subway tile featuring a beveled and raised border.

The plumbing can be moved, etc. we've taken it down to studs. It used to have a huge closet in it and a water heater box? that were both wasted space. Will opt for a smaller, modern closet to hold linens, vacuum cleaner and maybe toiletries. I needs new electric wiring too, so lighting will be updated.

As of now we are planning to use same layout as was: Tub on back wall under window, with shower combo, moving toilet slightly forward for more space between it and tub, close on left as you enter room, vanity on right. But I'm having second thoughts. Was hoping originally to have a separate shower from bathtub, but don't know if it can fit comfortably. We don't want to compromise on new larger tub. Was thinking of maybe putting closet on left then tub/shower also on left. Vanity on right, then a privacy half wall then toilet as in photo below. But moving plumbing is more time consuming and complicated. My husband is a carpenter and contractor so he is doing the work, so keeping same layout would be easier.
Closet must house vacuum and linens. Can be built in or installed.
Large tub already purchased.
Window stays in place.
White tile as pictured on walls and tub surround.
Can get a different mirror.
Using Vanity already purchased.

Will add more photos in follow up.

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