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Help with gutter ideas!

Sandra V
October 1, 2018
last modified: October 1, 2018

We just added an overhang to our patio. We have 2 beautiful columns with stone on bottom. One side of overhang gutter can spill to side of house into existing gutter. The dilemma is the other side. The contractor wanted to run it down the column that spills into our grassy backyard. My husband and I Think it will be somewhat of an eye soar but its the best option Out of the rest? Other option was to have a gutter come down the house but spill into the middle of patio. I know the roof is small and wont create a lot of water. What if we had the gutter spill off from the top of overhang onto the grassy backyard? The rest of the house’s gutters are higher than the overhang. Ive included the unfinished overhang but you see the column that will have the stone base. Any thoughts?

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  • Geneviève

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    The gutter placement is crucial if you think that it will be an eye sore it all depends on the colour that you have chosen ,look at this picture for instance the gutter is white and blends in with the column, unfortunately these things cannot be placed where you want them they are suppose to follow the design of the house ,

  • Raye Smith

    Any possibility of going beside the house then continuing underground so water won't puddle next the the house? Does the yard slope away from the house?

  • Sandra V

    I think we werent trying to open up the patio to go underground. Does that method work well? Im not sure if the rest of the yard slopes away from house. Im hoping so.

  • Geneviève

    You can purchase an extension for the gutter that attaches to the existing one and runs the water away from the house to prevent puddles .

  • Sandra V

    We did that on the otHer side. The problem is the side that ends half way in the patio. Wanted to see everyone elses thoughts

  • Raye Smith

    I've gone the underground route, as long as your climate isn't too harsh with deep freezes it works well. It does get the water further away from the foundation which is always good. You can dig a trench beside the patio out into the yard to lay the piping. Your freeze level determines the depth and pitch it away from the house. Then put a screen and a bunch of gravel at the terminal end.

  • lindsey_9002

    Look up rain chains. There are many different patterns and styles. They‘re not an eyesore and you can let it run into a rainbarrel if you want to catch the rain water to water plants. There are also decorative shallow bowls that they can drain into. They can be hooked/bolted into the ground via a small concrete square with a grated drain and covered with river rocks.

    If you wanted to catch the rain water in a rain barrel, there are semi-circular barrels with a flat back so that it can be placed flat against something. You could place it flat against the pillar on any side. There are more decorative ones that are woven (think patio furniture material). The one I’m thinking of has a small slit on the top that keeps leaves and debris out - you’d run the chain through the slit.

    You could also also get a large decorative outdoor planter with the automatic watering feature and let your chain drain into there and let it water plants that are planted in the pot. Not exactly sure if that’s how the automatic watering planters work, though.

    There are many options! If you go this route, you still need a gutter. The rain chain just replaces the downspout. Hope this helps!

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