Blueberry Frustration

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I live in southern Maine and have 7 blueberry shrubs that are early mid and late season. I would say for 6 to 8 years they have not fruited/ flowered. They have been moved 2 times and this year I made room to put them in full sun. The bushes are about 3 feet high and still have 3-5 thin branches. Soil ph is around 5.5. So to kick start these i need some help.

1. What type of mulch do I need?

2. What type of fertilizer and how much per shrub?

3. What type of soil acidifier and how much?

4. How much water per week?

5. How do I prune them at this point?

Would it help if I cut them to the ground to

encourage new growth?

6. Any other old tricks that might help?


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