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Fall Dahlia blooms

November 5, 2018
  1. Spartacus 2. Snowbound 3. Dark side of the sun 4. Unknown burgundy

The first 3 were new dahlias to me this year. I'm thinking of adding for next year labyrinth, cafe au lait rose, maybe Wynn's moonlight sonata? Any fun dahlia pictures from your gardens? I would love to see or hear about them!

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  • CA Kate z9

    Beautiful. I love dahlias, but rarely grow them successfully.

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    Your Dahlias are lovely! Mine are all finished and already cut down for the winter.

    Back in August...

  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b

    Thanks Kate and HoovB. I'm a newbie at dahlias, but am loving them more and more.

    Beautiful blooms HoovB, I love the warm colors. Thank you for sharing. I should get mine cut back soon, I'm just holding out a bit longer. Mine were late bloomers this year, so I'm just now getting Snowbound and Spartacus blooms. There look to be only a few more left and then I'll cut them back. It's fun to plan for next year too though!

  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b

    I had to post another of Spartacus. He just fell over from the weight of him, but it was a good excuse to bring him inside. He's his own bouquet!

  • Sillyglue

    when do you start planting these in southern california? do you mostly plant in pots (how big?) or in the ground? thanks! - dahlia newbie =)

  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b
    Hi Sillyglue! I'm a dahlia newbie too and definitely learning as I go. So we are in it together! Mid March seems to be a good time to get them in the ground here in San Diego county. I made the mistake last year of getting a few tubers in too late ( late June) and they just had pretty plants but no flowers.

    I have mine in raised beds mixed in with lots of other veggies, herbs and flowers. I think pots would work fine too, I think the size depends on how tall your dahlia is expected to be. I have some 4 footers, that I have to stake up and would need some pretty large pots, but there are tons of smaller dahlia plant options too! I think I don't want anymore over 3 ft. in the future, they get too floppy. It's all fun stuff! I hope you post pictures of your growing adventures next year!
  • Sillyglue

    Thanks for the advice, tiffandrew! Do they die every year and need to be replanted? Where do you get our tubers from? Can't wait for spring!

  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b
    Hi Sillyglue, in southern CA. and other mild winter areas, you cut back the dahlia plant to the ground in November and then leave them in the ground (or pot). You hold off on watering the area ( although mine just get whatever rain happens) and they emerge again in the spring! They also multiply over time, so you get more plants! After a few years you have to dig them up in the fall to divide tubers that have multiplied, but for now you don't have to worry about it. They are a great plant to grow here because they come back every year without any work involved except cutting back in fall.

    I have ordered online with success from Swan Island Dahlias and Eden brothers. I just placed an order from Bear Creek Farm as well. I read good things about them!

    Keep us posted on your dahlia journey! All the best! Tiffany
  • Sillyglue

    thanks for the tips! now the problem is narrowing down the dozens of dahlias i have in my cart!

    Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b thanked Sillyglue
  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b

    I know what you mean! It's a fun hobby though. I'm blown away at how happy I get when I see something I put in the ground grow and bloom. Flowers are joy makers!

  • Sillyglue
    Lol. I just ordered $200 worth of bulbs from bear creek. Once I got on the site to check it out I just couldn’t help myself!
  • Tiffandrew-So.CA/9b
    Well, all of the glorious blooms that you have this summer will make it all worthwhile! The pictures from Bear Creek website had me hooked too! I can't wait to see photos of your gorgeous blooms next year! Is there any one (or all) that you are most excited to see bloom? I'm most looking forward to Wyn's Moonlight sonata...

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