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What to wear to fall clean up

zkathy z7a NC
November 10, 2018
last modified: November 10, 2018

I guess it depends on what you’re cleaning up. Here I am in full chainsaw protective gear with my mighty sword!

And I noticed this Blue Ivory which had been moved from a clay pot to a plastic one a month ago.

i think this proves my theory that Blue Ivory doesn’t like to be crowded. It’s edges are pretty pristine for November and I’ve been careful to keep it from brushing up against other hostas. It was completely missed by the tree that came down near it.

Comments (9)
  • zkathy z7a NC thanked windymess z6a KC, Ks
  • Babka NorCal 9b

    Somewhere between St. John and REI. Sweet!!!


    zkathy z7a NC thanked Babka NorCal 9b
  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    you look very professional!..I would hire you!..

    zkathy z7a NC thanked nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
  • cearbhaill (zone 6b Eastern Kentucky)

    I've had multiple freezes and my Blue Ivory is still growing strong.

    That's almost how we dress when working out in the tick-y woods- hazmat suits and all.

    zkathy z7a NC thanked cearbhaill (zone 6b Eastern Kentucky)
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Kathy you look so ready to tackle the job. Limbing up those trees will make such a difference. Will you have a big bonfire?

    BI is in really good shape for any time of year.

    zkathy z7a NC thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • FrozeBudd_z4

    Good on you for taking proper precaution with wearing chainsaw pants, helmet, eye protection and gloves, probably ear protection and heavy boots as well I assume. I also ALWAYS do the same and usually wear a heavy jacket, though that's not so comfortable when it's warmish out, though I don't like taking chances! I once had met a fella who sustained a major chainsaw injury to his face, sure did mess up his handsome good looks!

    zkathy z7a NC thanked FrozeBudd_z4
  • zkathy z7a NC

    So what is with these hostas not responding to a freeze? It was 23F yesterday when we woke up and I was expecting piles of mush, but look at Venetian Skies which I planted earlier this fall. Lots of hostas are still green.

    I was so tired last night I couldn’t even respond. Anne, you should hire me, I worked like a Trojan yesterday. This is as hard as building the garden was, and after this I’ll have to build it again.

    Diana, thanks, I always try to dress for the occasion, The soft focus of the chainsaw helmet hides the wrinkles so well I’m going to look for a fascinator with a face veil to wear to the next party I’m invited to.

    Laurie, yes, big pile of brush up in DH’s field. I’m thinking New Year’s Eve bonfire. I’ve done a number on several trees, trying to make it safe for the guys who are coming to drop the ones that are still lodged in other trees.

    Basically a gust out of the north blew a stripe of trees down right through the middle of the garden. So a third of the garden to the east and a third of the garden to the west were untouched and the middle third is pretty much trashed. I always knew I’d eventually lose all those pines, I just didn’t think it would all be in one day.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    Kathy..come on over lol!..my neighborhood needs a careful hard working lumberjack like you!..the people my neighbor hired dropped a tree on their nice wooden swing set..they were just glad that it wasn't their house..or a person..it must feel good to get your clean up started..I don't know the answer but my Junes and First Frost still look decent after some cold nights..I saw some still green Junes from the kitchen window this morning..

    zkathy z7a NC thanked nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    I didn't know you were going to tackle this job with your own chainsaw! I like your helmet. Looking good! I bet that was some good exercise, too.

    zkathy z7a NC thanked sandyslopes z5b n. UT

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