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Before and after dream home

Katie R
November 27, 2018

Okay, I am terrified to post these, haha. But these boards have been such a huge help I really wanted to say thank you. We averted some major mistakes and we are so happy with the end result. We bought our dream home 18 months ago - a perfect for us house built on a ravine and in excellent shape. Hadn’t been touched since the early 80s so needed a style overhaul to make it feel like it was truly ours. We used designer input here and there, we took lots of advice and ignored other advice and rules based on what we thought would work best for us or because we ran out of money, lol.

Here is is staircase before

staircase after

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

Family room before

Family room after

Comments (48)
  • bgs990

    Really pretty! Well done!

    Katie R thanked bgs990
  • Mona

    Gorgeous!!!! I love the staircase!! That's an amazing transformation. Were there wood floors under the carpet?

    Katie R thanked Mona
  • Katie R

    @mona - thank you! no, we had to install all new floors. We were able to address several things that weren’t to code (like bannister height) and a tonne of behind the walls work to bring electrical up to code so the house is truly in peak form!

  • Katie R

    We still obviously need to paint the kitchen, but I’m so excited to have Things put back together again I couldn’t resist posting!!!

  • wendyrhoe
    Congratulations! It is beautiful. May I ask what countertop you have in your kitchen? We are in process of building and I'm looking for countertops.
    Katie R thanked wendyrhoe
  • Katie R

    @wendyrhoe they are Caesarstone “Noble Gray”. A closer look (those white dots are from my pendant light bulb - I had a minor heart attack thinking it was a deficiency until my H turned the light off ). I loooove the counter so much

  • cat_mom

    It’s wonderful! Full of charm and life. :)

    Katie R thanked cat_mom
  • Karen Rose
    Gorgeous! You done good kid!
    Katie R thanked Karen Rose
  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    You should be very proud of yourselves! You did an awesome job!

    Katie R thanked Norwood Architects
  • Matt

    Curious, are those all new windows in the living room or did you paint the frames of the originals?

  • Katie R

    @matt we just painted the frames and took out the wood inserts. Same windows!

  • RedRyder
    That looks amazing! Hard to believe it’s the same house, but you did what you set out to do - update a solid house in a great location. Pat yourself on the back!
    Katie R thanked RedRyder
  • ilovecomputers

    That sound you hear is my jaw dropping to my chest. Very, very nice!

    Katie R thanked ilovecomputers
  • AnnKH

    What a difference! Your home is just beautiful. Congratulations!

    Katie R thanked AnnKH
  • Katie R

    Thank you all, it's been so amazing seeing the house come together over the last year and a half and I can't believe we've finally got it where we want. one more thing I forgot to mention - those are the same floors in the kitchen, I can't get over how much richer they look with some different counter contrast and better lighting!

  • wilson853

    It's all beautiful! Was that a pantry behind the kitchen that you joined to the kitchen? Great job. Enjoy your new home!

    Katie R thanked wilson853
  • Katie R

    @wilson853 no it was a very small dining room. We had A formal living room and a large family room and converted The living room into the dining room to give us more space and functionality. With the wall gone we have a much better storage situation in the kitchen, the house is brighter and we are all in the same room together spending time instead of having the kids eating in a different room while we worked in the kitchen. It’s transformed our whole dynamic!

  • Jamie Ludwig

    You took an OK house and made it great. What a difference! That stair case is stunning and I love the new paint in the family room. Everything is so bright and fresh looking, Looks like you built a new house!

    Katie R thanked Jamie Ludwig
  • tiwall

    What a wonderful transformation! Congratulations on your reno. May I ask what the paint color is in the living room?

    Katie R thanked tiwall
  • beachem

    Well done. It’s all lovely.

    Katie R thanked beachem
  • Katie R

    @tiwall its Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore - I love it!

  • kmg11

    Love that staircase and painting out the trim! Looks so classic. Did you re-stain the floors as well?

    Katie R thanked kmg11
  • PRO
    Studio NOO Design

    Much, much better !

    Katie R thanked Studio NOO Design
  • PRO
    EBL Construction

    Excellent job! Enjoy your new lovely space.

    Katie R thanked EBL Construction
  • tiwall

    Thank you Katie R. I believe I have found the color for my bedrooms. It really is lovely.

    Katie R thanked tiwall
  • PRO
    Katie R thanked Lion Windows and Doors
  • Katie R

    @kmg11 - in the kitchen? No, those are the same floors. Amazing what a difference some contrasting cabs and updated lighting can make!

  • luscious111

    WOW!! Love it! I'm hoping my staircase redo will look as good as yours!

    Katie R thanked luscious111
  • Kendrah

    Stunning stairs.

    Katie R thanked Kendrah
  • Fsal
    Oh my gosh this is awesome!! Enjoy!!
    Katie R thanked Fsal
  • Jen B
    Beautiful transformation! I love everything, especially the staircase. Congrats and enjoy your gorgeous new spaces.
    Katie R thanked Jen B
  • Tracy
    That family room is drool worthy, lol. I love the windows and the paint colour on the wall. Your kitchen is stunning too, well done!! Enjoy :)
    Katie R thanked Tracy
  • anomoley

    Beautiful; love it all!

    Katie R thanked anomoley
  • Katie R

    And she’s finally painted!! Just waiting on a cork board to hang next to the chalk board and one more pendant light that cracked in shipping and we’re done renovating!!! (Until we determine a plan for the basement - our final frontier )

  • PRO
    KT tile

    Looks much better! You did a good job!

    Katie R thanked KT tile
  • PRO
    Lion Windows and Doors

    Wow! So brightened up. Great work.

    Katie R thanked Lion Windows and Doors
  • Mona

    What color did you use? I like it!

    Katie R thanked Mona
  • Katie R

    @mona we used Ben Moore Silver Half Dollar

  • Nelida Mejia
    That is a beautiful renovation. Love it.
    Katie R thanked Nelida Mejia
  • threebyfivebt

    Fabulous!!!!! So inspiring. Did it take a million years to paint all that trim Katie R???? I am in the process of doing that to our 1996 home.

    Katie R thanked threebyfivebt
  • Katie R

    Haha @threebyfivebt we brought in a fabulous painter. I know my limits!

  • PRO
    Michels Homes

    Beautiful work. The updated spaces are modern and inviting!

    Katie R thanked Michels Homes
  • PRO
    M&R Custom Millwork Inc

    Fabulous job! Love the kitchen cabinetry!

    Katie R thanked M&R Custom Millwork Inc
  • teresale2013

    I think it is sensational!! So beautiful

    Katie R thanked teresale2013
  • Toyah

    I love your staircase!!!

    Katie R thanked Toyah
  • PRO
    CAGE Design Build

    Fantastic transformation for all areas of remodel. Nice work.

    Katie R thanked CAGE Design Build
  • PRO
    Designer Drains

    You have great style & it really shows in the before and after pics. Great work!

    Katie R thanked Designer Drains
  • Toyah

    Would you mind sharing the manufacturer and style of your pulls? So lovely!

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