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Speaking of Normans

John B
November 29, 2018

Speaking of Norman's, I just ordered a new and wonderful nodosa x cattleya x schomburgkia. Francis Fox ‘Sun Spots.” I was lost when Carter and Holmes sold both of their divisions of Keowee ‘Newberry’ to individuals neither of whom were me. This one is an acceptable replacement.

Comments (5)

  • jane__ny


  • John B

    Yes, she’s a glamor-puss.

  • myermike_1micha

    John, WOW! That is one nice looking plant there. How will you grow it? In a sunny window sill? Under lights?

    Does it have a strong fragrance? Good for you


  • John B

    Actually a little annoyed with myself. I saw the Bc parentage and noted the resemblance of the flower to a Bc I had earlier, which had a nodosa-like growth habit, i.e., upright and compact. The photograph widely used of the flower with a couple of leaves in the background seemed to support these expectations. Having since explored the other parent, Myrmecophilia, have discovered that this species is quite large. The cross may be scaled down a little but with standard labiata-type parentage on the Bc side (dowiana and warcewiczii), I’m not hopeful. Nor does it seem particularly floriferous. Possibly some fragrance. I may call Normans and ask them to substitute another plant.

  • John B

    Myrmecophilia tibicinis, that is.

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