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Upgrading entrance door

Jay Walsh
4 days ago

We have a builders grade entry door that is pretty hideous and we are looking to upgrade. Our rough opening is 68"x 96" Should we go with a double door that is 64"X96" or would a 42" door with a 12" sidelite & a transom on top be a better look?

One of the contractors we spoke to said that the double would be too small (with the 2 32" doors) vs an upgraded 36" door or the 42". The double comes in about 1k cheaper as it doesn't require sidelite's/transom.

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  • PRO
    HALLETT & Co.
    Photos of the existing house would help us make suggestions.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I happen to like double doors but without seeing the house hard to know .

  • Jay Walsh

    Here is a picture of the house.

  • gthigpen

    I don't think a double door would look right with your house. I'm not a fan of them anyway. I'd keep the single with the two transoms.

    Jay Walsh thanked gthigpen
  • ninigret

    each panel of my front door is 27 1/2, i think you'd be fine with your 32's.

    ours doesnt feel small going in and out, although generally i carry groceries in a different door.

  • mimimomy

    I prefer double doors but your entry way is only about the size of the overall door opening, so I think it would look out of scale. I think what you have looks in scale with your porch/stoop, and will continue to look best with a sidelights on each side.

    That being said, what is hideous about your existing door? From the picture it looks fine and I would paint it a nice bold color. If you're looking to add glass, you could have glass inserted in the door top to bottom quite economically. Just a thought...

    Good luck with your decision!

  • chiflipper

    Your home (minus the garage) is symmetrical, and the current entry completes the look. IMO a single door with one sidelight would spoil the balance.

  • PRO

    Not at all a fan of double doors. Only one is typically ever used and then it is narrow. Go with a good solid wood single door and sidelights. It's a nice classic house. Keep it that way.

  • kmg11

    I like what you have, wouldn't change anything except color.

  • PRO
    Jeffrey R. Grenz, General Contractor

    42" x 96"if possible & I always recommend a single with sidelites as they are more stable & secure than a pair.

  • strategery

    Single door with 1 or 2 sidelights depending on widths.

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