Rooting in the winter

Rachael Cowgill
December 7, 2018

Hello all, Newbie here!! Fell in love with Plumerias 10 years ago when I spent 2 weeks in Maui, fast forward to today finally I have a few sticks that I recently acquired. I hear this is a terrible time of the year to start rooting I know, I know. But I love a challenge.

My journey began in early October & I must say this is a true test of my patience. Something I have very little of... I feel like spring will never get here & my little sticks are just dormant.... or are they. I did not think to start rooting them in a clear container, though now I wish I had. It would be like looking at an x-ray almost showing me whats happening in that container & just might get some extra entertainment during my daily gaze. I watch every little spot on them without moving them around, I inspect for sign of wrinkling or rotting. Gently squeezing at the base & tips ensuring its not soft since I hear that's not a happy sign. I have not been watering them since there are no leaves, But I have put a sip in the ones that are already rooted. But only a sip. I hope they all survive till spring, I'm a really nervous since these are my first babies that I am trying to root. Let alone me trying to find out if I could possibly have a green thumb now after years of just avoiding the black thumb.

I now have names for all of them at this point... not sure if that's normal.

1 Rooted Typhoon (Suebee) (BB&B)
1 Fascination 2 tip (Veronica) ---Not really sure if its Fascination or not just what I believe it may be based on flower color & smell (Cuttings were taken from my MIL house she had no idea it what it was)
1 Fascination middle v no tips (Woody)
2 Fascination 2 tip twins (Thelma & Louise) these 2 both had inflows when I cut them (I clipped the inflows and put in a vase they lasted a full moth of blooms)
1 Fascination 1 tip (Slim)
1 Rooted Puu Kehea 2 tip (Poo-kie) (EP)
1 White noid 1 tip little guy (Froto)

I took pictures of all of these sticks when I first took the cuttings and I know for sure how they were all shaped. Now on to the cool stuff.... at least to me a total novice (professional in only reading knowledge). I understand that when you cut a branch, it forms new branches..... I wondered where this would happen on woody since I cut both sides for symmetry. 1 of the sides started to rot so I was forced to take off about 2 inches from one of the sides about a week ago. I put cinnamon the cut end checked again last night. Looking good. no more rotting look & now...... at 2 leaf scars the wood is SWOLLEN. like really swollen looking. I think Woody is trying to shoot out his new tips from there. Too cool. The other side has a swollen area too... but not like this side.

I will try and post pics later. & I will update. Any suggestions. I do live in central Fl. So our temps are mild & winter is short. But its not over yet............

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