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Cheap storage organization ideas needed....

5 years ago
Welcome to the Twilight Zone....

My MC ranch has this wonky attic access that I need help with organizing and using for storage. Who better to ask but Houzzers?

Some caveats:

It needs to be movable in case attic access is needed. (Rare, but I don’t want to disassemble shelving to do it.)

Cheap is preferable as I have been spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. (No disrespect meant to the members of our armed services....)

If there is some install, I am capable if not expert in screwdriver, using a level and swearing.

The neighboring areas of the house feature hardwood floors, cream or caramel walls, bright white trim. Am heading more toward a cottage esthetic than MCM. Not that storage needs an esthetic.

Since having attic insulation added, it is no longer cold, so wine/root vegetable storage is out.

I don’t NEED a ton of storage, just hate to see space go to waste.

TIA for your patience with this long post.

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