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Trees damaged by fire

January 9, 2019

I need some advice this summer my brother lost his home in a wildfire in northern Ca. In the fire he lost a few bloodgoods but he and I had a small garden that actually made it through. All the trees were severely stressed by heat and lack of water for 12 days in 100+ degree temps. Nearly all the trees lost all there leaves and a small percentage of their branches. But all put on new leaves just before they dropped in fall. So my question is my brothers trees had to be dug up and brought to my house because if no way of watering them. When I dug them up the soil he had them in wasn't very good basically native soil very rocky and hard. I need to redo the soil and make it more container growing friendly but I'm worried about stressing theses trees out even more. Normally with my containered trees I start to repot and almost bareroot and root prune in February but this is new territory off me. Should I leave them be for another season or should I give them a better soil mix for their containers which they'll be staying in indefinitely?

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