Best way to identify a plant.

Md Arshad Ali
last year

Hello guys, I started taking care of plants on my terrace 3 months ago. But I am still not so good at raising them{(few are like half dead). So, I decided to identify the name of the plants and learn how to grow a plant to its best form. I used Google lens in my smart phone to identify 15 plants till now (I just visually compared the photos to my plants.(I am not sure if my jasmine is Jasminum Auriculatum or multiflorum. I am not sure if my other Jasmine is a Star Jasmine....) Also, I thought I could figure out how to grow them after a few months of experience but its not working for every plant.

Finally, my 2 questions are

1. How to identify a plant accurately?

2. Where can I find a reliable guide or manual to grow a plant?

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