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Need advice on reconfiguring kitchen space

January 11, 2019
At the edge of my kitchen, I have a fridge that is set back further than the rest of the kitchen countertops and cabinets... making it look awkward. It also currently buts up against a walk in pantry so both doors cannot be open at same time. I’m currently going through a renovation and looking for ideas to transform the space. The fridge sits in a 2ft deep nook. Open to any and all ideas as we have not begun any actual work.

I have created an entirely new wall on the opposite side of the kitchen that is a blank canvas. Whether that is used to make a new pantry and use the existing pantry space for the fridge etc. but currently there would not be any appliances moved to that side only cabinets.

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  • derekbrown2146
    Additional straight on picture coming in from front door.
  • T G
    If there were upper cabinets on both sides if the microwave, I don't think the recessed fridge would look so bad.
  • artistsharonva

    Can you remove the angled pantry closet? Straight out? Is that an option?

  • artistsharonva

    I would definitely fix that corner. That needs attention. If the closet has to stay as is, I would move the fridge to the new open wall.

    I would then do less deep storage where fridge was to fix the conflicting doors. If you do move fridge to other wall, check fridge door swing. Open fully, measure & design around.

  • artistsharonva

    Also, what's behind the room behind fridge?

    Maybe close the wall off in kitchen & make a closet in room behind that wall.

  • derekbrown2146
    Thanks for the responses! To answer some of the posts.

    The microwave uppers are missing because I repurposed those into the mudroom that was created on the opposite side of the new wall. Before that space was just an enclosed tight dining room so adding a new wall broke it up. Picture below.

    The closet could come straight out if that was the best option. Would probably need to figure out a creative design to incorporate a new pantry on other side. Additional picture of closet interior below.

    The problem with moving the fridge is that there is no plumbing on that wall and it’s a slab house. I also feel like that would be the most ideal option but not sure it’s possible for a reasonable price.

    To the person about the closet. Love the idea and after you said that I went to look at that area a little more. It looks like that actually was a closet at one point, which would explain why I have no utility closets in the whole house. I provided a picture below of what’s behind the fridge and of course it’s the electrical panel that must have been added during a previous owner Reno. Not sure of effort to move that... I also have a main breaker panel outside so the one inside is for like the appliances and addition.
  • Rachel Lee
    Pull the fridge out level with the cabinets and straighten the pantry as well. If the extra space is useable from whatever is behind the area, work that out.
  • Sammy

    Do you have an actual floor plan with measurements? That would be tremendously helpful. Also, what’s behind the newly created wall?

    Regarding water line for the fridge: That’s the easiest type of plumbing line to install/move, and therefore, not as expensive as you might think.

  • derekbrown2146
    Don’t have a floor plan to share unfortunately with measurements. Wondering if the best option may be to figure out how to move fridge over to other side. Would need to figure out where on that side fridge would look best. But then convert that nook the fridge is currently in to some type of pantry that would be flush with the countertops and cabinets... and then close off the current pantry door. Then I would create a new door on the other side hallway into the current pantry and just use that as a closet instead.
  • artistsharonva

    Thanks for posting more photos. Helpful.

    Slab floor, that's a challenge. If it were me, I get a quote to see how much to have water on open wall. Hopefully it's doable, so fridge can go there with a pantry cabinet.

    If it is outrageous cost, then squaring off pantry closet & changing it to a closet access on other side.

    To make up for lost pantry space, a pantry cabinet or 2 on new open wall will be great storage. Make sure to put 3" filler against adjacent wall so pantry cabinet doors can open past 90 degree to pullout, Pullouts.

  • artistsharonva

    Rachel's idea of pulling fridge forward & closing off wall behind is a good possibility, too. Yes, some space will be lost behind, but it would look better having cabinets line up in front across current stove wall.

  • artistsharonva

    If you keep fridge recessed, put a filler above cabinet then crown to close odd gap above.

  • derekbrown2146
    So here’s a picture of what the fridge looks like pulled forward. The only problem is the pantry wall is a little in front of the countertops so it won’t line up perfectly. But if I went with this... I would close off the pantry most likely and make it a closet on the other side. Would need a creative design to fill in all the space around the fridge though.
  • traci_from_seattle

    You’re planning to get all new cabinets, right? You should take the entire pantry out instead of trying to configure around it. Then post a floor plan and let others help you plan the new cabinet layout, including adding a pantry back in.

  • artistsharonva

    By squaring off pantry closet & shrinking it some, hopefully you'll have enough to do 3"filler+pantry+fridge+fridge panel. I would go to ceiling, too.

    Here's a sketch

  • derekbrown2146

    Here's the best I got for 3d design of layout. The fridge area is obviously not accurate but this should give you an idea of all of the other space I'm working with. I am pretty sure at this point that I am going to move the fridge to the other wall... like someone else said moving the line through the attic isnt as big of a deal as I originally thought. Then I will square off pantry and make it a hall closet on other side. The new closet will stick out a few inches past counter depth in the kitchen though, hope this looks ok. I plan to add a wall where the fridge was to close that recessed space and add cabinets/countertops all the way down to where I squared off the pantry since the fridge is no longer there.

    On the new wall I will have a 24inch wide and 27 inch dept pantry cabinet that will be flush with where the wall ends (wish they had bigger but they dont without doubling up on them) and I think the best spot would be to put the fridge right next to the pantry where the cabinets are in the picture below. And to clarify.. the wall that wraps around pantry not shown in pictures below comes out 28inches. With all that being said do you guys have any opinions on layout with what you see below?

  • traci_from_seattle

    Can you draw a 2d layout of your space? Including the entire floor plan, or at least the closet and area behind the closet. It’s difficult to see what you’re referring to in these 3d images.

  • artistsharonva

    Good job so far. Squaring everything out is going well. Hard to tell for sure by photos is the deep pantry out of the way of doorway ?

  • artistsharonva

    If you can post a Floorplan with measurements Houzzers more objective & someone might possibly do a 3 D layout.

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