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Kitchen design dilemma: refrigerator near beam

5 days ago

Do you have any recommendations for improvements to this part of my kitchen design? Not all details are correct here as far as appliances (color will be black), wall color (will be gray), countertop/backspash/door hardware/etc ... but, structure, cabinet size/design and layout is very close. There are some specific issues I'm having with the layout/design noted in the second picture.

These are the issues I'm having with the current layout/design:

Unfrotunately I can't easily get around the beam - though I supposed it could be removed and pushed up into the ceiling joists (floor of second floor) ... at a cost. I'm wondering if there's a way to move the regerator under the beam and still get a decent looking result since the cabinets above the refrigerator would then not be the same width or centered with the frig.

The third picture is where that wall is in the context of the entire kitchen. FYI - oven/microwave/more drawers in the island ...

Thank you for your suggestions!

Comments (17)
  • PRO
    HALLETT & Co.
    You have to have at least three inches between the side of the fridge and the wall (verify with the specs) so the door will open all the way. The gap above the fridge can just get a filler ripped to width. As to the symmetrical- it’s fine. Symmetry is great but some things just don’t allow it in a kitchen.
  • chispa

    Vent hood?

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Unless you get a fridge that is builtin they need air all around them so the gaps are fine , the symmetry is also the best you can do in the space

  • jhmarie

    Consider switching sink and range. It is much easier to properly vent a range on the wall and a sink facing a wall is not ideal. I would rather face outward when cleaning and prepping then when actually at the stovetop. I rarely spend much time in front of the range even when cooking - I go over to the range for the occasional stir, or stand there 5 min to stir fry or make gravy, but it is not the spot that I spend much real time.

  • ci_lantro

    Check your refrigerator installation instructions for the space required for adequate ventilation. A little extra breathing room isn't a bad thing, either. Your refrigerator may reward you with a few extra years of service if you allow plenty of space around it so the heat can be readily dissipated.

  • ci_lantro

    And it looks like this kitchen is short on storage space. I would reconsider how the island is configured. I would eliminate the counter seating and install cabinets on the front side of the island instead. You will gain a lot of storage by doing that. And a lot of floor space. The cabinets need to be only 12-15" deep (15" preferred) so the island top won't be as large and you'll gain the space that the seating would require, too.

    I would swap cooker and sink, too. With the stove on the back wall and proper ventilation over it.

    What is in the alcove on the right side of the kitchen?

  • PRO
    Sabrina Alfin Interiors

    If you have an overhead beam, do you need that wing wall next to the fridge? I'd be inclined to remove it and just have a finished end panel for the fridge cabinet. And yes, @Hallet & Co is correct re: the clearance for the fridge door swing.

  • lisapoi

    Maybe consider doing a pullout under your sink, and then stealing space from your currently assigned garbage pullout to increase your 15” drawers to at least 18”. The remaining small sized cabinet could then be used to house baking pans. I didn’t have room for a separate garbage pullout in my kitchen, so I put one in under the sink, and I love it! I can fit a lot of things in that pullout, with easy peas access to all of them...and the cabinet is only 24” wide!

    The above photo is my prep sink cabinet...only 12” wide, but very useful!

    For some reason, I can’t add a photo of my pullout garbage. Hmmm. Not sure why. I’ll keep trying to add it...

  • David
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Thanks for all the commenta so far!

    Aa far as swapping the range/sink (actually a cooktop/builtin oven in the design - I'll add a picture), I've heard the same comment from many many people: this is merely personal preference and in fact the sink is in the current island and I actually have to move plumbing to make the swap
  • David

    It looks like my last post got chopped up... Sigh

  • kaseki

    Filler over refrigerator may want to be held on in some easily removable way, such as magnets. The top of the refrigerator will get dusty no matter what you do. Access to condenser coils will be needed for intermittent cleaning. If the refrigerator changes height between rolling mode and standing mode, filler removal will be essential.

    As crispa noted, the layout needs a hood, just as the real cooktop will when it is used. And the hood's ducting is why a wall located range is often easier to integrate into a residence. If your island cooktop location is under an attic, then the impact is mainly visual, although hood size will need to grow somewhat and air flow rate and MUA requirements with it.

  • iamtiramisu
    If the plumbing for a sink is already located in the island why would you spend money to move the plumbing to a back wall so you can put the range in the island where you don’t have a hood/ventilation for the range and create a new problem? Save the money and leave the sink in the island, put the dishwasher in the island, install the stove/range on the back wall so you can put in proper ventilation.
  • David
    Personal preference. I never use the ventilation that I have now - I don't need it (not required by code) or want it. Again, personal preference - I spend very little time at the sink and want a clean island look (both before and immediately after meal prep - no dirty dishes, no drying rack, no need to do the dishes immediately)... If I had my ultimate preference, I wouldn't have the sink or the cooktop in the island, but I don't have the space.
  • Marci

    I have a 33" Kohler 8 degree sink with an offset drain. Because my plumber pushed my plumbing to one side of the cabinet under the drain I had my choice of drawers or a full sized pull out trash (one trash one recycle) under there. That might help?

  • David
    Marci - that sounds promising... Do you happen have to have any pictures you could share?
  • PRO
    Anthony Perez

    depending on the space you have under the sink you can do something like this for the waste/recycle (picture)

    depending on the plumbing location, your sink will have to be there and does not allow for symmetry, if flexible you can adjust accordingly

    The filler left of the refrigerator has been address above,

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