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Waterfall Countertop Advice..

Mitul Patel
January 12, 2019
Could you do a waterfall counter if you have an existing square edges countertop or do you have to replace the entire countertop ?

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  • tatts

    It depends on what your countertop is. We need a picture.

    In short, if it's a natural stone with streaks or movement, then, No. The point of a waterfall countertop is to look like the top flows down the side, and you don't get that feeling if the movement isn't continuous.

  • MountainView

    I'd think hard about that waterfall counter... They are a dated look that has come and gone, IMHO

  • pippabean

    Waterfall counters do not look dated in modern style kitchens. That's where they belong.

    People finally seem to have caught on that they look all wrong in rustic, transitional, traditional and "farmhouse" kitchens. So now people call them outdated...

    Ditto what tatts posted above.

  • missenigma

    @pippabean - Well put. To me it's a pretty simple concept - design what's architecturally and stylistically appropriate for your house.

  • missenigma

    Here's an old quote from the dearly missed Sophie Wheeler:

    "A waterfall counter in that traditional and slightly dated kitchen would be as sillylooking as the Queen wearing skinny jeans. Adding one ore two glaringly contrasting style features does not ''modenrize'' a kitchen. It introduces fad into it and makes the remaining elements look all the worse."

  • Mitul Patel
    I’ll update with a picture later ( not at home), but to give more detail the home/kitchen is modern. The countertop is a white quartz ..1 color, no variations...
  • Heather N

    Waterfall counters are definitely not dated. I regularly see them being put into very high-end new homes ($20M+ million homes in the Hamptons). I think this kitchen is stunning and very current without feeling too modern.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I love waterfall counters in the right space but we would need to see your space and also you will need to find someone to do this your old counter will need to be removed and have it modified to acheive the waterfall look and that will take a pro and quartz in the same color batch whaich IMO will be nearly impossible to get. I think probably the best is to get all new quartz for this project.

  • Sarah B

    Without pictures of the current kitchen and adjoining rooms for style it is hard to give you an answer...

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