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Mara des bois strawberry zone 10

I've been hearing great things about this variety but I notice all places say its zone ranges from 4 to 8. I'm in zone 10. Can it not handle hotter temperatures or why else do sites not extend its zone recommendations to 10?
I know with other fruits like blueberries and peaches and such, zone distinction is important due to minimum chill hours necessary to allow fruiting.
I would love to try it but not if it has a high failure rate here. Thanks.

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  • 5 years ago

    It fruited for me in 9 b San Jose ca

    ahappy camper zone10 thanked Kevin Reilly
  • 5 years ago

    Because USDA zone recommendations ONLY apply to winter cold tolerance - if it survives a zone 4 winter, it will obviously survive a zone 10 winter!! The upper limits often printed are useless and can be ignored as they have no viable application. If you have concerns about this plant's suitabilty for growing in a warm climate, particularly one that is nearly frost free, you need to look at other information.

    According to the Sunset Western Garden book, which does take under consideration a whole range of factors other than winter cold tolerance, it is appropriate for anywhere in CA other than high desert locations (Sunset zones 10-13)

    btw, this is not a wild strawberry but a regular garden everbearing strawberry variety developed in France and becoming widely recognized for its intensely sweet but small berries produced in abundance over a long period of time.

    There are a number of organic farms in SoCal producing these berries for somewhat limited sales opportunities to restaurants and farmer's markets but the berries have become so popular that I think you will see them showing up more frequently. They should do fine for you.........CA produces 80% of the commercial strawberry market for the country!!

    ahappy camper zone10 thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • 5 years ago

    Thanks a bunch gg and everyone.

    GG, that's great to know about the 80%. Do you think that san diego can grow basically any strawbery variety? I'm obsessed with strawberries and want to grow tons....the more the varieties the better because I just want to see what works best. I see so many varieties it's insane! I would love to try as many as possible.

  • 5 years ago

    Floral, thanks for the info .efinitely will try some. I guess I just wanted some assurance because I see the same strawberry varieties being pedaled by the nurseries and I figured there must be a reason why? I want to try out the more uncommonly named ones that arent chandler, sequoia, seascape and the usual go to ones here but I can get really get crazy and just go complete overboard on lesser known varieties around san diego. I would hate to do that if there was a good reason tto avoid the lesser named varieties. Moderation is clearly something I need to work on

  • 5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    Here in high desert SZ10, Mara de Bois strawberries lived but were not happy. I got one half of a strawberry in the 3 years I had them (a bird got the other half). I gave a plant to my mother in coastal California (San Francisco Bay Area) and a couple of months later she said it was her most productive plant (and with a unique delicious flavor) and sent me a photo where the strawberries were so numerous that they touched each other all the way around the 12" pot. So it doesn't need cold winters. It seems to need a cool moist growing season.

    ahappy camper zone10 thanked noseometer...(7A, SZ10, Albuquerque)
  • 2 years ago

    Just because something may grow in a non-native climate if you make it, it doesn't mean it should. Taste strawberries grown in Ontario and compare them to California strawberries. California strawberries taste like... nothing. They are tasteless.

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