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Machines on pedestals?

February 6, 2019

Do you like your machines on pedestals? Any downside? Are they hard to service? We are in the middle of planning a basement laundry remodel (finishing the unfinished basement laundry area) and originally I had planned to put a counter over the machines at regular height for a folding area, but with the GC’s plan it looks like we can fit about a 33” cabinet with counter beside the dryer. Given that, I am now thinking maybe put the machines on pedestals as it seems they would be more user friendly without all the bending. Thoughts? Does 33” seem like a big enough folding area? I could still do the machines at regular height with the counter in addition to the counter beside the dryer, but that gives something like 7‘ of combined counter which seems unnecessary.

I was thinking maybe put the short, deep over the refrigerator cabinets over the raised machines and then a bar over the counter area for hanging. The cabinets would have to be for infrequently used items as they would be so high, but that is fine, I have plenty of those! The sink will be in a little alcove on the other side of the machines.

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  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    I've had both. I do like the extra height of the pedastals for transferring laundry to the dryer, and unloading the dryer . I have only had the new machines with pedastals for four years, so I don't know about how repairmen feel about them.
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  • wysmama
    I love having the pedestals. My back appreciates it!
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  • jtc

    I have had a built in base, but with limited space I need a counter over top for a work area.

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  • kazmom

    JTC - If you had the counter space would you prefer the machines raised? Or would you still prefer the “extra” counter space on top of the machines?

  • jtc

    Yes, I still prefer the counter space which is useful in many ways. Keep in mind that I do not mind bending. It may be different for you.

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  • Cavimum

    I love our machines pedestals. My low back, knees, rotator cuff . . . all really appreciate the extra height. Especially my back. Actually, I could not function without the pedestals.

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  • mtnfever (9b AZ/HZ 11)

    My new-to-me house came with Duet front load washer and dryer already mounted on pedestals. I love them but I'm 5'7" with a bad back. My laundry room is next to the master bedroom, so I prefer to fold everything while watching TV in the bedroom.

    For service, I think it'd be easier with pedestals rather than harder as the extra height makes them easier to move away from the wall. We just had the water inlets/solenoids replaced and access was from the top and the top of the back. We have not (knock wood!) had to do any big part like a drum or counterweight so I don't know if that'd be different.

    We just installed a laundry sink and are now going to get cabinets installed. I too had looked at the over-the-fridge cabs since they're 24" deep and I thought they'd be easier to reach. But that created a problem with the cabs on each side since those are only 15" deep and taller: it seemed to become very complicated with including fillers for door-opening clearance and the different heights would bug me.

    So what I'm planning now is a normal 15" deep wall upper cabinet but with a pullout drawer on the bottom "shelf" (and also the middle "shelf" too) with Ikea cabinets. With the cabinet frame being 14 3/4" deep and the drawer 13 1/4" deep, the front of the full-extension drawer will be 28" from the wall. The front of my WD is 34" from the wall, so I'll be able to reach just fine. I do plan to check with one of their kitchen setups while at Ikea before ordering though, to be sure.


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  • Susie .
    I have a tiny laundry closet and I chose pedestals and no sink over stacked with a sink because my back can’t handle that much bending. I’m not that old, just have a weak back. I also fold my laundry on the bed while I watch tv. It’s my one guilty pleasure. Ok Houzz is a guilty pleasure, too! In our old house, the countertop was constantly cluttered with everyone’s junk anyway. Horizontal surfaces are like that.
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