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Has somebody used Barker Modern Cabinets ?

February 9, 2019

I am in the process of planning our kitchen remodel with a limited budget. I have been looking at Ikea, which fits my budget but is too limited when it comes to sizes.

While searching online, I found https://www.barkermodern.com. They are different than Barker and less expensive, but it is the first time I see them, so I was wondering if somebody has worked with them and how the quality compares to Ikea's.


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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Go to their site and read carefully what they do and do not cover and IMOa 5 yr warranty is joke why not go Ikea they give you 25 yrs and you can save big by putting them together yourself , it is actually kind of fun and after the first 3 you have it all figured out.Be careful about waht a company figures is custom, usually cabinets come in sizes with increments of 3” at a time . I have done Ikea kitchens for over 20 yrs and have always been able to work with the cabinet sizes they offer to get a nice custom look.

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  • MAdkins

    lg222: I have Barker Modern cabinets in Oregon Pine on order. I was originally going with Ikea after reading many of Patrica Colwell's great reviews about Ikea cabinets and heartened that she loves them so much; so do I. But then I priced out the same sizes with Barker and found that the price wasn't that much more than Ikea. ($7500 for Barker vs $6600 for Ikea not on sale) I caution that going the Barker route has been A LOT OF WORK. I started with a basic design that one of the on-line cabinets companies helped me create for free. Then I took that design to Ikea to price out their cabinets. Then I watched EVERY video that Barker has. Even so, I spent a lot of time with emails to Clayton (very responsive) and making adjustments to my plan: Things like sight-lines, cabinets skins, refrigerator cabinet, adjusting panel sizes for scribing to account for uneven walls, floating floors, appliances etc had to be dealt with and figured-out in order to make my kitchen look custom and not DIY. I did not use software for the Barker Cabinets; just grid paper and LOTS OF PLANNING. I ran into a hiccup when the electrical was roughed-in and Evan (Production at Barker) saved the day and was able to adjust my order. I am having a cabinet maker install my cabinets and also used his expertise to help me plan a bit. My cabinets should be here mid-March. I am considering Flooret Modin in Sutton for my flooring because it has green-ish undertones like the Barker Oregon Pine textured laminate I chose for my Barker Modern cabinets. Unless you have a ton of patience for detail, I too recommend that you use a company that will help you plan and order properly. While the Barker warranty is only 5 years, I live in Oregon and was able to visit the Barker facility in Tualatin twice. I also prefer to use an Oregon company with plywood made in Oregon. The doors and cabinet skin material is made in Italy and has a particle board core. The Barker facility gets the material in full sheets then cuts and does the banding. I absolutely love how the textured Oregon Pine looks and my cabinet guy was happy with the quality of these RTA cabients. My process was to plan, tear out my old kitchen, measure again, adjusted my plan, then order my Barker Cabinets. I should note that I have never done a kitchen before so the learning curve was HUGE. It's a long process..6 weeks to get the cabinets and I've been without a kitchen since Christmas. So, know that going my route takes a long time... I'll post how it goes once I receive my cabinets, put them together and have them installed. Sorry for the crazy long post...

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  • Ig222

    Thanks MAdkins for this long email. It gives me a lot to think about. I am on the East coast, so visiting Barker is not an option for me. I am at the very beginning of this project and will not start before early 2020, so I would be interested to know if the cabinets satisfy you.

  • Ig222

    Thanks, Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Thanks for your answer.

    I am used to Ikea and have been using their furniture for 30 years now, so I like the idea of using them. I was just somewhat concerned because we have a very small kitchen and sometimes, having a 27" cabinet or a 33 "cabinet would make life easier.

  • MAdkins

    lg222: I'm glad my long email was helpful. There is so much to love about Ikea kitchens; the design of the cabinets and options, design help both in-store and from a number on-line companies, design software that chooses everything needed, great warranty, etc. I was ready to go with Ikea but 4 things stopped me: 1. Ikea's 3rd party installation assistance was all or nothing and I'm a DIYer so I wanted to do as much myself as I could. Their installation fee was high ($5k for a galley kitchen with no uppers) 2. A local cabinet maker was willing to help with my install because he was curious about Barker's quality and he charges much less than Ikea. 3. The neighborhood I live in is not Ikea friendly. The residents are older and an Ikea kitchen would have hurt resale value which is an issue because I may not stay here forever. 4. I live in a housing co-op so purchases are cash and generally only older residents can afford to buy here. I will post pictures of the process as I move ahead. Here's are some images for those interested. Below is a PDF of the design I came up with in Planner 5D software.

    And my original kitchen below.

    Then my demo'd space at the bottom. Sorry for the bad photo; a filthy camera from demolition dust.

  • MAdkins

    lg222: My Barker Modern cabinets arrived two days ago and and I've unpacked them. I am SOOOO HAPPY!!! They are lovely; from the beautiful plywood drawers with smooth dovetail joints to the Italian laminate for the skins and drawer fronts. The entire shipment arrived extremely well packed on 2 big pallets and 1 flat pallet for the long stuff. I went with Barker Modern so the plywood frames have grey laminate interior and exterior and my doors/skins are Oregon Pine color. THEY ARE STUNNING. I am a geek for the details so I had the patience to watch all of the Barker videos before putting my first one

    together. I emailed Clayton (customer service manager) with questions but actually figured most of them out on my own. This is not a task when time is of essence since contact with Clayton is via email; though he does respond promptly. I'm giddy I'm so happy. Here are some photos of the drawers and two views of the first cabinet I finished yesterday.

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