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Wolf & Sub Zero appliances

5 days ago

Hello all,

curious on feedback for the sub zero Pro 48 and/or a wolf stove. Worth the money? I am currently building and looking to get a head start on the kitchen decisions. One of the frustrating things about Wolf/Sub Zero is that their prices aren't published. Also- has anyone installed a microwave drawer? They appear to be all the rage but I'm not completely sold on them.

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  • jkt107

    Actually, the MSRPs are on the Wof/Sub Zero web site.

  • ahreno
    personally I went with a cheaper brand Thor. I did a 36" and found a floor model for $2k. I love it. there's no electronics and if anything goes wrong everything is super accessible to fix myself. I didn't want anything fancy though and was looking for function and repairability over style.
  • HU-352205432

    Thanks for the reply. The repairability is one thing I was concerned about.

  • ryburns26

    Stick to the old school microwaves. I spent a long time in the appliance store when I was picking things out. I wanted a true handle so as to limit fingerprints and a really solid and tactile door close. I went with a really nice maytag and it’s awesome.

  • ryburns26
    You can kind of see it in this pic.

  • David Cary

    We are 1 month in with a microwave drawer. It has good and bad things about it. The height is nice but the door does take a little time to open and close.

    We have a Bluestar - better than our last range - Wolf.

    Subzero - they are fantastic. Our last house had one and we had no issues (other than minor ice maker stuff). 8 years. We did it again - is it perfect - no. But it is quality.

    Most fridges are junk. Subzero is not.

  • sprink1es

    Subzero - They are really nice. There are other great fridge brands too, but by me, the only fridge that gets an honorable mention in a "house for sale" add is "Subzero fridge". I think all have dual compressors (one fridge, one freezer) and they are accessible/replaceable if they ever fail.

    Wolf - They're nice but overpriced. Again, people love seeing them in ads and saying they have one. Nicer than standard Kitchenaid/LG/Whirlpool/etc big box units, but honestly just a little too much $. Not to say I don't like and recommend them though!

  • ccwatters

    My brother has a microwave-drawer that came with his house [in his island], I don't mind it, BUT I personally wouldn't give up the drawers in my island for it. Just my personal opinion.

    I don't have a range but have a cooktop and double ovens.

    I have a Wolf 36" cooktop I have used and LOVED for 15 years. It has only needed repair once and it was only on one individual burner. If I had to replace it I would get another Wolf cooktop, hands down/no contest. Of course...this is not 15 years ago so I don't know that the next one would be as reliable, but I am impressed enough with the one I've had and with the company....that I'm encouraged that it would be another great investment.

    In just the last couple days I decided to buy a Wolf double-oven. It's replacing a new Dacor [that replaced 15 year old Thermador]. The Dacor was a huge disappointment, which really bummed me out because it was a great looking oven at a great price point...but it literally failed in function several times in the first month.

    I did a ton of research and besides the Wolf's capacity, dual convection, etc , the other reasons I decided to go with the higher price point was:

    -Impressive warranty; 5 year limited warranty that includes the first 3 years as parts/labor and last 2 years parts only

    -24/7 customer service that is incredibly helpful

    -A certified repair tech/company nearby with short lead time (I don't do my own repairs and at this point in my life don't want to)

    -American company

    -My experience with my Wolf Cooktop being most reliable appliance I've owned

    -Very underwhelmed by the other double-oven options I researched (except Miele)

    Good luck with your decisions...it's a big decision on a big investment that can get really confusing

    Your best bet is to continue to do your own research, go to showrooms and take your favorite pans to see if/how they fit in ovens, make sure you like the setup of a range... instead of the cooktop/wall-oven option......and see about live/actual cooking demo's of the products you are considering.

    I really did like the Miele too, but convenience of available service and parts is a big concern for me.

  • wekick

    I would avoid any Wolf product that has a blue interior. They have had a 10 year problem with the blue enamel chipping. If you ask about it they will say they never heard of it or it is fixed or it just affects a few ovens. The M wall oven was designed to deal with this issue with a removable bottom and there are reports of the M chipping. Wolf does have excellent service for the two or three years you are under warranty but after that they are still very nice but you will pay through the nose because only their people can work on their products. The liner for the wall ovens usually breaks down at a quicker pace than the dual fuel ranges. Some of our posters here have been through at least three ovens. There are are some class action lawsuits over this. Some people with chipping were talked into buying up into a more expensive model only to have it chip. in my case I had a DF range and the liner chipped at 4.5 years, out of the full warranty and they told me the liner wasn't covered at all. They first tried to tell me it was cosmetic but shards of blue glass flying in a convection fan is dangerous and one of our posters got cut on a shard. After haggling back and forth they "gave" me a liner but the labor would start at $800 and go up depending on what they find. The sad thing is even if I would spring for repairs($800+ and I read as high as $2500), they would only guarantee the new liner for a year. Such confidence. I can only use the oven with covered dishes and no convection.

    It is a good oven and I was a big fan before this happened. We bought because of Wolf's reputation for standing behind their products but have been extremely disappointed. I do like the rangetop. It has a great simmer. The all gas Wolf does not have the blue interior.

    What type of cooking do you do? What type of cookware do you use? Do you bake or broil?

    There are so many options for burners and ovens. Have you considered a rangetop and wall ovens. You can pick the best of each. I would look at BlueStar. The burners are completely different than Wolf. Even though I like my Wolf burners, I might consider a BS rangetop.

    Do you plan on a 30" or? Grill or griddle?

  • HU-352205432

    I'm looking at the 48 inch with the griddle option. Even with a commercial hood, I can't see grilling steaks or anything else on the grill-top option.

  • Karen Rose
    I have a Jenn-Air range with a griddle - love it - gets a lot of hate though. It depends on how much you’ll use it. I use it for eggs every other day or so and pancakes on the weekends. Makes the best pancakes. As for the micro drawer, if you’re doing a high end kitchen I can’t imagine not doing one. I love ours. The complaint of it taking too long to open and close is baffling to me...it’s maybe 3 seconds? What, as opposed to 1 second? Strange complaints. Anyway just do your due diligence as it looks like you’re doing. I don’t think you can go wrong with your choices.
  • wilson853

    Something to consider with the Pro 48 is the lack of dairy and condiment storage on the door. After living with a SZ BI 48" for over 20 years, we upsized to a BI 36" all refrigerator specifically to get more door storage. The bottom two door racks are a bit shallower so are perfect depth for beverage cans and bottled water. Went with a 48" Capital Culinarian range top for the open burners and Miele ovens again in order to avoid the blue chipping issue. We barely use a MW so $300 GE MW is stored behind a lift up door in our upper cabinets - easily replaceable if it breaks.

  • mom2sulu

    Love my Sub-zero French door refrigerator. It was a splurge, but we love it.

  • wekick

    To determine if an appliance is "worth the money", the best value is one that fits how you cook, your cookware and how you use your oven. Some people just want the perceived status of a certain brand. Do you stir fry a lot or use other high heat applications?

    Built in griddles can vary tremendously or you can have an add on.

  • wilson853

    Eric your kitchen looks gorgeous!

  • elisamama

    mom2sulu, did you get the model with the internal dispenser? We are considering the 36" and would love to know if your happy with that feature. Also, which handles did you get?

  • jalarse
    HU, I have a Sub-Zero 48” and a Wolf 48”. (Sub-Zero owns Wolf). Wolf has 4 burners a griddle and char broiler. Commercial vent hood. I lucked out on that hood, husband is retired from commercial HVAC. Have had these appliances going on 19 years, and I still love them both. Wolf is all gas well actually propane where we live. No bells or whistles on the Wolf. Just wanted a good cooking appliance. The dual fuel seems to be really popular, but I’m not a fan of high heat and electronics. I use the griddle and the char broiler constantly, no problems with the hood pulling up the smoke. The charbroiler can really put out heat and smoke. Hood is 1200 CFM.

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