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aloe vera.... spreading out...

L Evve
February 17, 2019

is there anything I can do to make the aloe vera plant go straight up as opposed to have the leaves spread out and collapse as if it didnt have enough strength to keep up with its weight?

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  • Crenda 10A SW FL

    It needs more light. Mine are outside in direct sun all year long. I know this is not easy for those who must bring their plants indoors for the winter. What is your growing zone and approx. location?

    Placing the plant near - not several feet away or across the room - a south facing window helps, but there are some things to consider with the windows. Energy efficient windows can significantly cut the light, and screens will do the same. If that is where you'd like the plant to stay, try lifting it with a plant stand or small table so it doesn't get shaded during the day.

    Hopefully more indoor growers will chime in with some advice. In general, your plant looks like it is doing pretty well.

  • Matt z5b GH 9b

    It's hard to have them on a ledge when the leaves are long and awkward like that. I have one doing something similar not too terrible, It will fix it's self by April- May when it goes back outside. Without grow lights or it being in direct sun for say 5 hours+ nothing will change. Like Crenda said, it doesn't look bad for being indoors.

  • dbarron

    This isn't the answer to the question you asked, but a suggestion. Grow miniature aloes, they stay tidier :)

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    Any chance of a small piece of furniture onto which you could place the plant to raise it higher, making it more level w/ the window height? A small end table or the like? That might help it get more light.

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