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Repotting New Aeonium

Crenda 10A SW FL
February 18, 2019

I saw this Aeonium zwartkop at Home Depot. A few people were fussing over it, complaining that the long leaves looked terrible and were turning black, they were crispy, why would they try to sell a plant that looks like it was dying. On and on. So I silently willed them to put the plant down - - so I could snatch it up and give it a decent home!

First order of business - repot. And I was in for a bit of a surprise! All of that stem below where I am holding it was buried in the peaty soil. You can see it is pretty green from lack of sun. Luckily, there was no rot.

So after removing all of the soil from the roots, it now has a nice home in gritty mix. There are a lot of rocks for top dressing at the moment. I needed help to prop the plant until new roots stabilize it. After only 3 days in full sun (after getting it acclimated), it is a dark beauty.

There are at least 8 heads on this plant. And yes - that is green duct tape holding the rim on that plastic pot! LOL

I am so glad the other folks didn't know what they were looking at!

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