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Crimson Glory Vine

March 4, 2019

I was considering planting Vitis coignetiae (Crimson glory vine) over a large pergola that I just built. Is anyone growing it in the Portland area (I live in Vancouver, Washington)? I was particularly interesting in knowing if it is messy or produces any grapes. I have found conflicting info online.

Comments (4)

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    It can produce fruit although unikely to do so much in our cool PNW summers. I would not consider it messy :-) But it is a big, rambuncious vine so make sure you have sufficient room for it to develop properly. Pretty stunning in fall!!

  • passionvine

    That is great news, thanks! I realize that I will need to prune it every winter. The photos I have seen are beautiful.

  • Embothrium

    As mentioned it's not really a plant for a small area - when not pruned it can grow all over a typically sized second growth native conifer, as do fuzzy kiwi and Chinese wisteria when allowed to.

    And its often 12-in.wide leaves will make a structure look small even when the climber is heavily restrained by annual pruning. Try to visualize such an effect before deciding this is the plant to put on your new creation.

  • bluesanne

    We are up in the hills northwest of Portland and grow this vine. I highly recommend it, and growing it on a pergola sounds ideal. Be sure it has full sun to get the most spectacular color. And if you have any small children or pets, tell them not to stand still beside it or it will wrap them in its tentacles! Seriously, it will latch onto other plants, furniture, garden art, etc. We have had no problem with staining or other mess and I have seen no fruit.

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