problems with peppers

Amy Wickett
March 11, 2019
last modified: March 11, 2019

Not good with growing peppers. Problems are that they're undersized (only with sweet bells, with hot bells, I get a decent size); other problem is cannot get them to fully ripen.

Growing season is very short, only 120 days for main season. Either doesn't get hot at all, or if does it's not hot continuously (cold, then hot, then cold). Know that peppers need not only hot weather, but continuously hot weather too.

Things I can think of that I'm doing wrong:

1.Fertilize too much (but I do know peppers need a low nitrogen fertilizer that is high in potassium and phosphorus, which I typically use).

2.Don't pinch off early buds/blossoms (I know that by doing this you get better yields, and bigger fruit).

3.Not watering enough, and watering inconsistently.

4.Using too small of a container (use an 18 gallon container for one pepper plant, but what I've researched says [supposedly] a 5 gallon pot for ONE plant is adequate).

Last problem is with growing purple peppers. When I try growing them, the shade of purple is so dark it looks black; I don't want this, I just want a pepper that is normal purple in color. What's causing this (weather too cool)?

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