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Barbara Davis
5 days ago

Hi there, I am desperately looking for the manufacturers of the bed, chairs, and mirrors from this master bedroom. Thank you So Much!!!

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    The chairs are easily found on DWR the bed looks like a custom headboard with a fabric covered platform bed and the mirrors also custom but easily done. Why not take this as an inspiration and do something you like instead.

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  • Angel 18432

    3rd posting on this bedroom.

  • Barbara Davis

    Thank you so much Patricia!!! I wish that I had the talent and time to do that. I love on Houzz that you can see everything put together and pick the pieces that you like. Have a Great Weekend and Thank You Again!!



  • pennydesign

    Is this a houzz photo? Where did you find it?

    I could help, but I'm just an average nobody, so....

  • Olychick

    Penny, the NERVE! Designers only! ;-)

  • Angel 18432

    Would this be some kind of discrimination?

  • PRO

    So. You want the "designer/custom" $$$$$$$$$ bedroom, in a package, ready to go. Not Happening. That is a CUSTOM headboard, done via some carpentry and a very good upholsterer. Probably a velvet. Probably a 6 to 8K bed minimum. The bedding, duvet, pillows, faux fur etc.....also custom I am sure.

    Get your piggy bank going. The chairs you know the answer. But be prepared to use the photo as your inspiration only, Unless you HIRE a designer, and say: Get Me A room That Looks and Feels Like This.........: ) !! Because the designer who created the room is not going to share her sources or anything else unless hired to create YOUR room.


    But be aware that what you are loving in the photo is not any of those individual items.........it is the sum total of the look and the way they are put together, and that includes the making up of the bed itself, and all the pillows, faux fur duvet, the sparkle of the mirror.......etc.

  • Karen Rose
    Looks very similar to Restoration Hardware.
  • IdaClaire

    Now, Penny, we are ALL "interior designers" here. Remember what we've talked about? ;-)

  • pennydesign

    Now, what are all you peasants doing on this thread!?

    Let us begone I say!!!! Immediately!!

    Peace out, OP :)

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    The architecture of that room speaks more loudly than the furnishings.

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  • Barbara Davis

    Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I agree, our builder is doing similar ceilings.

  • PRO

    Hell. Because the TOTAL effect of the room decor was so great, I noticed not one thing about the ceiling.

    Which only goes to my point. Sum of all parts. Not just a "bed"

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  • Barbara Davis

    Dawn Martinez

    Thank you, Now I have found all three items. I think that I will check about having the bed custom made as I agree the footboard looks sloppy.

  • Dawn Martinez

    Best of luck Barbara, please post a photo of your final look!

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