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Databases of your own

Rob Blomquist
2 days ago

I am curious if any of you keep databases of your plants. I use one, and am developing another. They need not be fancy. For the first, I use Google Keep Notes on my phone and on my computer. I have one note in it that is just the latin names of all my plants. This is great to have when shopping so I don't buy 2 of the same thing. Also I have other notes on care of plants and all sorts of other data that I need easily.

My second database is an index card database, organized by latin name and containsd information such as when purchased, price, store, date died, why died, plant care and sp on. It just takes awile to develop, but I think its going to be useful.

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  • Gabby C (TX 8B)

    I keep a lot of that same information but I have been using an excel sheet and I will include pictures. I haven't found tags I like yet so the pictures I need to match weird/specific hybrid/cultivar names to the individuals.

  • stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

    I go old school and have index cards, sorted by Latin names and have from whom I got the plant and date purchased. On these I jot down dates watered, fertilized, any insecticides I've used, when they've been repotted, and whatever other info I feel like.

    When a plant kicks the bucket, I throw out its card, otherwise I'd end up with a huge card file :-)

  • robinswfl

    Like lazydog, I too go old school. I keep essentially the same records and track the same information, but I do it in a loose leaf notebook. That way, I can more easily keep track of my Sans, my Gasterias, my Aloes etc.

    I keep a master list of all plants on my computer, generating complete info on the plant, its correct name, where I bought it, price, condition it was in, what I repotted it into, info on roots, use of insecticide if needed etc. I print each page to go into the notebook. I tend to do my plant care by group. All my Sans are potted in plastic pots and in mixes of C/S soil and either perlite or pumice. They are watered infrequently and usually within a few days of each other. All my Haws are in clay pots and in some form of gritty mix, so they are attended to more frequently. When a plant dies, I just remove that sheet of paper from the notebook (and its corresponding page on my computer) so I'm only tracking what I have managed to keep alive.

  • geoforce

    Strong proponent of Excel. I keep databases of about everything from plants indoor and outdoor, auto milage, daily blood pressure, coin collections, library books and tapes and CDs, etc.

    Plant data is Scientific name, acquisition date, source, and notes on flowering etc. for indoor plants. Outside plants also have location data referencing yard maps.

    Gabby - I'm using tiny labels plastic 1cm wide 5 cm long which I insert nearly totally in mix so only tip shows. Writing with extra-fine tip Sharpie. Can easily check if needed, but not obtrusive.

  • Gabby C (TX 8B)

    I had a problem with the plastic tabs snapping

  • ewwmayo

    Excel and Google Sheets! I have too many plants now. They are reasonably accurate/up to date.

    All my sharpie plastic labels faded even when tucked in. Been procrastinating to write them in pencil for a whole year now.

  • stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

    We have a label maker I use to print out labels, which I then stick to plastic stakes. Works really well and hopefully won't fade like marker. And it's easier to read than my writing :-)

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