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Kenmore dryer: leads on thermal fuse stuck, cannot disconnect - HELP

May 14, 2019

My dryer is not heating so I'm trying to test the thermal fuse, even bought a multimeter. But I can't get the leads off. Every article on this repair talks about it as if it is a trivial matter, but I cannot do it. Any repair people on here know a tool or trick I can use? See pictures for the what the connections look like.

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  • Lawrence Sprowls

    Grab the wires at the indicated locations with pliers and pull the connectors and their attached wires off the spade terminals that are attached to the fuse. Don't pull on the wires alone.

  • Jakvis

    ^^ What he said^^ you want a tight fit here for a good electrical connection. Get some needle nose pliers and wigggle a bit side to side as you are pulling up.

  • mrb6228

    I think that thermal fuse stops all operation, not just heating. If the motor runs, this fuse is likely good.

    Here is a Diagram that may help you.


  • AM

    Thanks! Good advice, managed to do this just as you suggested.

  • dadoes

    Whirlpool-made dryers typically have two thermal fuses.

    One is on the heater box and functions as a fail-safe for the high-limit thermostat, which keeps the electric element or gas burner from overheating if airflow is impaired or other such problem occurs (or if an electric element shorts to ground and heats when the dryer is Off). The machine will run but not heat if this fuse blows. The high-limit thermostat and blown fuse should be replaced together. The cause of the overheating should also be investigated and corrected to avoid the problem recurring.

    The other fuse is on the blower housing and is a safety for the operating thermostat that controls the air temperature (high, low, or whatever temperature is set for a given load). The machine may not run at all if this fuse blows. The fuse and operating thermostat usually are replaced together.

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