Good or Bad? Walmart Mini Roses

I was recently at Walmart and I went to the garden center. I was on the “mission“ to see if i could find one of those “body bag” roses on clearance in order to try to ‘air layer’ one (im not going to pay $6.98 for a ’bare root’ rose that spent 2 months under artificial light without being watered than was then placed outside-that have gone through 3 snow falls and have been in full sun ,not watered, for at least two weeks). As I was heading to the ’body bag’ shelf, I saw wooden shelves with what first I thought were dahlias, so I went to take a look. Once there I saw that these were not dahlias but were instead Miniature Roses. The selection was quite amazing (many of the pots had two or more types of roses in them) and the price shocked me. $3.74! Thats cheaper than any “body bag”/ rose in general that I have seen My question is, is this a ’deal’ (I thought it was, but I want to know what others think of them).

^ I just HAD to get this one

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