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Add a master bath and closet or not??

May 19, 2019

We are an empty nest couple trying to decide if it's worth it to add a master bath and closet to this attached layout. We want to keep this a four bedroom house for resale. There is currently a jack and jill bath for our adult daughters to share when they come home, and a full bath with tub that adjoins the current master bedroom. That bath is open to the hall so the fourth bedroom (guest BR) can access. We are thinking of 1) Making the master bedroom (the BDR that is 17'1x15'2) the current guest room (BDR that is 15'2x15'2), and carving out a small master bath where the 2 closets in the room (and the closet in the hall, and the window seat, which you can't see in this pic but basically we'd be able to build all the way over to the 10'2X14'8 BDR, next to those three closets we'd use for the new L shape MBR). We would then take over the closets from the current master and add a smaller closet to that new guest room, making the guest room an ensuite room (it would then have the current master bath). 2) Add a master bath and closets over the garage next to the MBR. Not sure if the current garage (2 car) footing is adequate yet. 3) Leaving it alone and upgrading the small current MBR with nice finishes and not worrying about the resale. (40 - Something else! LOL). We will be there at least 10 years. Thank you - all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  • Helen

    You have another post in which you want to do significant remodels of the ground floor.

    Why are you buying a home that is so unsuitable to your wants and needs?

    Unless there is some reason for purchasing this specific home, I would move on since your contemplated renovations - moving kitchens; putting bathrooms in new places; adding master bath are expensive.

  • HMT4ever

    Hi Helen, Good observations; however, we love the house and it's a highly desirable neighborhood. We're prepared to put the money into the house and got it for a very good price.

  • PRO
    Sabrina Alfin Interiors

    I would leave the MBR where it is, but close it off to the hallway. Then, instead of leaving the jack & jill bath where it is, swap the location with the adjacent closets with an entrance to the hallway. That way, all three remaining bedrooms on that floor can use the 2nd bath without having to go through another bedroom. By closing off the master bath to the hallway, you can reconfigure the space for a more spacious shower and probably a double vanity.

  • Helen

    Understood - I live in Los Angeles where these kinds of remodels on what were originally fairly modest homes are standard but in most localities, it doesn't make sense which is why I asked whether there were exceptional circumstances.

    Do you need a formal dining room? It seems as though combining the kitchen and what is now the formal dining room would enable you to expand your kitchen with the least disruption.

  • rinq

    Just a quick idea. There's plenty of space to create an extra bath. And plenty of other ideas, but it's bedtime over here.

    Technically every idea should have a reality check. Will the joists allow the weight? Where could the soil pipe go? An extra window or not?

    With resale in mind, I'd suggest a not too tiny bathroom with tub and access on the landing instead of ensuite, great for families with little kids.

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  • HMT4ever
    I’m thinking we would like to keep the jack and Jill bath as is and want to concentrate on the master vs. the guest room as our girls grew up with a jack and Jill and will like sharing that bath when home on occasion. Does anyone have any thoughts about the value of having a third bath built in to the closet area or just continuing to share the bath with the master?
  • Kristin S

    What about something like this?

    I shifted the closets upward in addition to changing their orientation so that the master would be the larger room. I shifted as far as I could given the windows, but if you're willing to change the window location in the upper left bedroom you could likely gain even more space for the master. I put the master bathroom in the location of the current closets. This is one possible arrangement, but I think there are others that would work, too, depending on your priorities (I went with larger shower and single vanity, but you could probably do double vanities, or a separate toilet room, or something else depending on what matters to you). I would keep the guest bathroom with access to both the bedroom and the hallway, as that gives you the most flexibility. For example if your adult daughters get married and come back with spouses they may not like sharing the jack and jill quite so much, in which case one could use the hall bath.

    I forgot to show it, but I would also probably carve a linen closet out of the smaller bedroom closets. Those are really bigger than needed for guest bedrooms, and they both have areas that aren't easily accessible with the current doors. Move the doors and make a long linen closet out of the leftmost few feet of each. You could also think about putting a laundry closet there, as I imagine that the only laundry is in the basement, and I'd want something on the floor with the bedrooms.

    And yes, to me it would be worth it to lose closet space but gain a bathroom, especially since it means gaining a private bathroom for the master.

  • HMT4ever
    This is great Kristin S and exactly what I was envisioning for the third bath if we go that route. Thank you so much for the sketch this is super helpful. And what a great idea about using the other closets for the linen closet - I was wondering how to solve that dilemma!
  • rinq

    Can I ask if my comments show up on your side of the big pond?

  • HMT4ever

    This comment is the first of yours to show up on this post. Thank you.

  • HMT4ever

    rinq your comment just appeared when I double-checked - wonderful advice thank you loads!

  • rinq

    Thanks for the feedback! I thought it got lost somewhere on the web.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Both plans have potential, barring structural complications. I like the idea of stacking laundry and linen in the hall side of the J&J suite. Rinq's idea looks to involve the least amount of tear-out and do-over, leaving every room a closet already in place. Add Kristen S's laundry/linen idea and you're set.

  • HMT4ever

    Yes I am all set. Thank you to everyone! I posted a facade picture and if anyone is interested to give me advice about the changes to the exterior and landscaping, I’d most welcome and appreciate it!

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