Kitchen addition and renovation question

Jo S
3 years ago

I am doing a small addition to my kitchen/dining room. We are opening up the wall between the two rooms and going out into my backyard. The first design is a 4 ft addition across both rooms and the second is a 7 ft addition for the kitchen and 5 ft for the dining room. I know the difference in cost for the addition is not much going the few extra feet, but I sort of prefer the smaller addition because the room feels like a nice size to me. With the smaller addition the dimension will be 17x25 across both rooms. My husband things the island needs to be oriented the other way. In order to do that and keep a 7 ft island the kitchen needs to be at least 19-20 feet, hence the second option. It just seems so big a space to me. I would love an opinion about the island and whether is=t is a design no no to face the sink inmy first drawing? Thanks so much.

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