Happy Father's Day-----Still more scapes

Happy Father's Day to all! wherever your father is.

The last of garlic scapes from the garden. Make SV rib 1 1/2" thick rib eye steak.


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  • morz8

    That really looks wonderful. I so wish I could make pretty food ;0) I saw spring garlic scapes at Whole Foods last week, the first time I've noticed them offered at a store. They would have been an experiment for me, I've never eaten or cooked them and they weren't going to fit into a busy week so I passed, reluctantly.

  • happy2b…gw

    very prettty. If you are not a professional, you should be.

  • nicole___

    Did I miss it...? What are the little squares? Sooooooooooo pretty!

  • foodonastump

    Pickled watermelon rind? That’s my guess. Dcarch likes pickled watermelon rind. :)

  • petalique

    Very nice.

    I have about a dozen dried, sprouted garlic cloves. If I stick these in garden soil, will I get garlic scapes or garlicky green chives?

    Q for anyone. How does one best store garlic heads? I would think a darkened cupboard, perhaps in a porous jar or bag. But my garlic keeps getting dried and spouting. I don’t care for it with green core.

    dcarch — do you pick your scapes just prior to using them? Does harvesting the scapes impact the garlic (that I assume you will want to harvest later)?

  • dcarch7 d c f l a s h 7 @ y a h o o . c o m

    Thank you everyone!

    Yes, those are pickled watermelon squares, as FOAS indicated.

    It's always fun to try different foods and different combinations. I enjoy the pairing of garlicky scapes and sweet and sour pickled watermelon.

    petalique, garlic scapes can be picked before cooking. They can be kept for a long time without wilting. People cut the scapes off so that the bulbs can grow bigger.

    One way I use garlic for cooking is to peel all the cloves and pickle them in salt. They will be good in the refrigerator forever and whenever you want to use them.


  • petalique

    Thanks, dcarch.

    I want to reduce my sodium intake, so won’t be able to use your preservation method that otherwise sounds excellent.

    I bet those combination of watermelon rind with the garlic scapes is very good.

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