Rock Garden Mess --- Help!

last year

Please help me figure out this landscaping problem. Mostly the property is woods, but close to the front door some order is needed.

Photo 1: April 2019 - you see overuse of Alabama Sunset, a beautiful gravel but colorful and informal. The whole area is an undifferentiated mess......and this is before the weeds start taking over!

Photo 2: current (June 2019.) I planted dwarf boxwoods (Winter Gem) along the wall to the left and filled in with mulch. Then used existing fieldstones to build little rock walls around the hostas, adjusted the Fon du Lac stepping stones, and dug out the Alabama Sunset gravel and river stones, washed them and set them aside.

Plan: I was thinking of laying 5/8 minus light-colored gravel around the Fon du Lac stepping stones to coordinate with the colors of the limestone wall. In the foreground was going to put back the Alabama Sunset and river rocks, but now that they're gone it looks much better without them!

So I thought maybe fieldstones trailing off left and right of the big rock for kind of a creek-like effect, then filling in the foreground with a much smaller amount of the Alabama Sunset and river rocks. I don't think I want plants in the foreground - the whole property is woods, seems like the house needs to be anchored.

Anyway, I'm stumped. What would you do?

Thank you for any advice you can offer!


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