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Matt Toenjes
June 24, 2019

Hey all,

I’m looking for ideas to improve my bathroom closet. Right now it’s a 36” opening with two 18” doors that swing open at the center. The issue is that it’s adjacent to the entry door. The entry door has to be closed in order to open the closet doors. It would be great to install some bypass doors, but I’m having trouble finding doors that will fit that size opening. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    What ???? You better post some pictures . Why would you have a bathroor closet opening not from the bathroom?

  • msmliss

    Is it floor to ceiling doors? If so, and if there are builtin shelves, you might consider cutting the upper half od the doors and have an open access to the upper shelves.

  • Matt Toenjes

    It’s obnoxious.


    You could remove the doors and just have open shelving for towels etc. or you could have a curtain instead.

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  • shirlpp

    Is it possible to change the swing of the entry door so that it opens to the other side of the bathroom?

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  • Matt Toenjes

    I would definitely prefer something to cover all of the towels and various bathroom items and I don’t think a curtain will hold up much better.

    I’ve thought of mortising the jamb on the opposite side so that the entry door swings outward. That would help, but the closet doors would still obstruct movement while open.

    What I’m looking for is something similar to the ikea doors linked below, but in a 36” size. I wonder if anyone has tried removing the door jamb stop and mounting two 18” doors on sliders. The doors would also need to be thinner than the standard 1 3/8” I think.

  • Mrs. S

    I don't even see the problem. You shut the bathroom door. You open the closet door.

    It's a great thing to have that much storage in a bathroom. If it wasn't there, you'd probably be eyeing that space to do what's there.

    Sliding tracks take up space on the outside of the wall---more space than the doorknobs you have on those closet doors. Plus, they have to have stoppers and a track that extends far over to the left of the closet. Why you want to do that to your bathroom? In order to....what? Not have to shut the bathroom door to access the closet? You will still have to do that. Even I can see that.

  • Matt Toenjes

    I don’t think a barn door style sliding door will work and you’re right, we will still need the entry door shut access the closet. I was looking for a pair of bypass sliding doors that are inset into the jamb.

    The main aim issue is that when someone leaves the closet door open and you go into the bathroom, the entry door will swing open and bang into the closet doors. Bifold doors will probably have that same issue.

  • ldecor54

    By pass doors will restrict access, it seems the opening is too small for them. I get your issue,it would be annoying

  • Mrs Pete

    I understand your problem: we have the same issue with the closet in one of our bedrooms ... and although our walk-in bathroom linen closet has a hinged door, it is hinged on the "wrong side", so we have to pass the door, turn around, and open it after we're fully "in" the bathroom.

    If your space were mine, I'd remove the doors, make sure the shelves are pretty, and "stage" the space with baskets, pretty folded towels, and glass jars for toiletries.

    Or just put up with it; though it's an irritation, it doesn't impede function.

  • Mrs. S

    The main aim issue is that when someone leaves the closet door open and you go into the bathroom, the entry door will swing open and bang into the closet doors.

    Ok, now, I see you have a problem which some kind of hardware or a special hinge will help. What you need is for those closet doors to shut on their own, so all you need is new hinges: google soft-close hinges, self-close hinges, or something like that. Youtube instructional video for installation. Problem solved.

  • AnnKH

    We have a similar setup in both the bathrooms in our house. The storage in the bathrooms is fantastic; the inconvenience of having to close the bathroom door partway to open the closet is minimal.

    The main aim issue is that when someone leaves the closet door open and you go into the bathroom, the entry door will swing open and bang into the closet doors.

    I'm thinking this can't happen too often - don't you have to close the closet door to open the bathroom door, before you can leave the room? That's the way it works in my house.

  • Matt Toenjes

    The other fun feature of this bathroom is that it has two entryways. If someone leaves through the opposite door, they can leave the closet doors open.

    I think I have an idea and I’d like to know if anyone has tried anything similar. I was going to buy a 36”x 80” bifold doors, take the hardware off (hinges and knobs) and hang them on overhead mounted bypass tracks.

  • AnnKH

    The second exit does present a problem.

    It seems to me that automatic closers are your best bet. Search for Hinge Pin Door Closer at Amazon.

  • Mrs. S

    Again, I'm going to ask, why go to all this trouble for different doors if new hinges will solve your issue, without taking up any more space?

  • schauncey53

    I see your problem. There really is no way to put any doors on the closet that would open without having to close the bathroom door first. I wonder if you could change your bathroom door to open out, instead of in to the room? Would that work?

  • Matt Toenjes

    The entry door in question is off a hallway, adjacent and across from bedroom doors. opening outward would solve the bathroom closet door issue, and most likely create an annoyance in the hallway. Because the bathroom has two entrances, we often use it to go through to the other side of the house, so the doors are usually open.

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    Following, I have similar issue

  • Karenseb

    How deep is your closet?

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