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July 11, 2019

I am sad. Looks like my daylilies are sick this year, most of them. They started out fine, and the foliage looks good, not like in 2012 when it was so awful.. so I don't know what to think. The bud drop is excessive, some are down to 2-3 buds per scape, they also have some brown scabs on buds and they either open deformed or can't open.. And too many are blotchy, even light colored ones.

I have most of them blooming already lol The season is so short they don't care about E M L, they are either a bit earlier or later and all done in a month.

Here are a few from today:

one of the seedlings I like, sorry about the spots, at least it opens, also nice and big, Man of Sorrows x Red Friday

One of the best blooms so far on Cosmic Struggle and by that I mean it's at least somewhat open and not extremely blotchy

Beautiful Edgings FFO

Forever Redeemed

Ruby Spider

Lavender Heartthrob

Dream Legacy, which I was going to move out last year but then decided to leave a few fans.. I should be more ruthless! But it's so hard!!

Wild Horses FFO

Deliverer, one of the bullies, I have a lot of huge clumps but some are gigantic like D

Xon Valdez FFO

That's 10 I believe, more in comments..

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  • nat4b

    Tim Kornder - such a pretty bloom, they especially look nice from a distance

    Here is how many of them look like though (( Poor things

    No More Tears

    Willow Dean Smith FFO

    Linda's Magic

    Rainbow I tried to take a pic of

    Thanks for looking!

  • Brad KY 6b

    Nat, I am so sorry to hear how poorly many of your daylilies are doing. Are you in the US or Canada? In the US there are often county extension agents who can look at your problems and diagnose them. I would think there'd be something similar if you are in Canada.

    In spite of that you sure posted some great ones. My favorites are Tom Kornder, Deliverer, Forever Redeemed, Lavender Heartthrob, and your seedling.


    nat4b thanked Brad KY 6b
  • mantis__oh

    Splotchiness and bud drop have been problems here too, but the bloom in general is fantastic. Give it some time. Be glad that Deliverer isn't splotchy. Tim Kornder is indeed pretty. Willow Dean Smith is usually a later bloomer; surprised to see it in this group.

    nat4b thanked mantis__oh
  • lilykate7a

    What an amazing clump of Ruby Spider! Wild Horses looks good too as well as your seedling! I hope your season improves- I know I have had some lilies like that in the past. Very disappointing.

    nat4b thanked lilykate7a
  • shive

    It looks like some sort of insects got to them - maybe thrips or those bugs Kate had. When I first see blooms start to look like that I spray with Ortho Insect Spray for Roses and Flowers or Captain Jack's Bug Dead. I'm so sorry so many of your blooms have these problems. A lot of the ones you posted look great. That clump of Ruby Spider is a wow! Your pretty seedling only has minor damage. I love Tim Kornder, Willow Dean Smith and Wild Horses. I had no idea Deliverer was such a bully. LOL


    nat4b thanked shive
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Nice seedling! Performance here has been up and down here. Some look fabulous with huge blooms and great color and some aren't going to bloom at all. We have an established clump of Forestlake Point Lace that has performed excellently for years and this year isn't blooming at all. I guess it's just been a tough year weather-wise.


    nat4b thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • nat4b

    Thanks, everyone!

    Thanks, Brad! Yeah, it's sad. I need to google that, check where they are. I am in Iowa btw.

    Thanks, Mantis! Haha Deliverer is splotchy, I just picked a good flower. Several of the registered lates bloom early for me.

    Thanks, Kate! Very disappointing indeed.

    Thanks Debra! Insects was my first thought too, I have some spray I use on my rose, sprayed with that but don't think it helped. I'll write those two down, thanks.

    Thanks Nancy! I think the weather is pretty normal, don't know what happened, have never experienced anything like that yet.

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