peculiar looking tree death in progress

July 12, 2019
last modified: July 12, 2019

I've seen crabapples and cherries stressed out after wet springs, but usually that's an allover leafspot type of look. I've never seen quite this look before:

Some branches are fine and some are gonzo. I think this is a crabapple or maybe a hawthorne. This was it May 23:

I took a closeup of the flowers because I once had tried to ID the tree and didn't have flowers at the time. I thought flowers would help me ID it in the future.

It just dawned on me I should probably go look to see if it has crabapple berries. Oh but do hawthorne's produce berries too?

There was a thread somewhere about the ID with better pictures of leaf and branch form, but I can't find it.

But regarding the brownout... do you think it's knocking on heaven's door? Any prognosis?

not my tree... it's a few doors down in the neighborhood

and it was a wet rainy spring. A kwanzan cherry a few doors down in the other direction had significant shothole and leafspot, but seems to gotten through the worst of it.

Comments (3)

  • Jim Mat

    Looks like fire blight

  • Embothrium

    Yep - crabapple with a serious blight infection.


    Nathaniel Hawthorne has an 'e'.

    Hawthorn tree does not.

  • WendyB

    Thanks. That was quick. Gardenweb is sooooo great.

    I referenced my disease book (Diseases&Pests of Ornamental Plants 5th Ed. Pascal Pirone) for fireblight information under Malus. It mentioned it, but ironically, re-directed for more information under Crataegus. Unfortunately, the information didn't really give a prognosis.

    Do you think this is a terminal (no pun intended) disease?

    I'm not sure if the condo association will pony up the money to have dead branches removed and possibly spray for further control. I could encourage that if warranted. There are several nearby crabapples that should possibly be sprayed for preventive purposes. The disease is quite contagious according to my reference. However, it sounds like the disease spreads during flowering season by bees, so it may be too late.

    Thoughts on control?

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