Sago palm bloom?

Ben Cook
last year

So, I live in Syracuse NY and about 12 years ago I bought a 2' circumference sago palm in Florida. Obviously, it is something that I bring inside every winter - which is a bit rough because when it decides to flush inside, the fronds stretch because of the artificial light even if I hang a light directly over it. It now has a small trunk and have re-potted it several times over the years and it probably needs it again but I feel I am creating a monster that I'm afraid I eventually won't be able to keep mobile and then I don't know what I'll do. (I have this problem with quite a few plants actually - A grapefruit tree, several palms and several banana plants.) Anyhow, the sago is quite healthy and now has two or three pups I need to remove that are probably 1-1/2' long (which will be tough to get at since it is in a pot.) But now, the plant is growing what appears to be one frond out of the middle, when usually it grows 16 to 20 at a time. So I'm assuming it is blooming??? But I read that they won't bloom in a pot - or at least an expert online commented that they had never seen one bloom in a pot.... Then again I have beaten the odds before as my potted grapefruit tree has bloomed (and actually have one grapefruit hanging off it now and it was actually grown from a seed from a store bought fruit, by the way), my potted pineapples have grown fruit and my potted passion fruit vine has also bloomed and grew two fruits. So either my Sago is oddly growing one frond, or it is blooming against the odds. (In a pot - and in Syracuse NY!) If it is a bloom, it's obviously a male. But I thought I would post the picture here and maybe someone who lives where these grow and knows what they look like will have some insight and advice for me:

PS: Those little things are just leaves that fell onto it from my enormous and constantly shedding Weeping Willow tree.

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